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Linux Format uploads interview archive

  • Linux Format; By LXF (Posted by VISITOR on Feb 27, 2006 2:17 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Interview
The complete 2005 archive of Linux Format magazine interviews are now available on their site. They include face-to-face discussions with notable personalities in the Linux scene including Michael Robertson, Alan Cox and Mark Shuttleworth. Topics include the GPL v3, running as root in Linspire, the Ubuntu vs Debian debate and much more.

Project Higgins for user-centric ID management

IBM, Novell and Parity Communications today announced that they are contributing code to an open source initiative -- code-named "Project Higgins" -- that will spawn a new generation of security software, giving people more control over their personal online identity information. Project Higgins builds upon a concept developed by Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

SC Magazine Selects SSH as Finalist for 'Best Security Company USA' and 'Best Security Solution USA' Awards

  • PR Newswire; By Press release (Posted by tadelste on Feb 27, 2006 12:43 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Press Release
Company Nominated for Best Company Category, and Its SSH Tectia(TM) 5.0 Client/Server Solution Nominated for Best Solution Category

Dvorak: Will Apple Adopt Windows?

  •; By John Dvorak (Posted by tadelste on Feb 27, 2006 11:55 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial
This would be the most phenomenal turnabout in the history of desktop computing. There's just one fly in the ointment.

Linux: Kernel Build Errors and Warnings

Jesper Juhl summarized a recent experiment of compiling the latest Linux kernel 100 times with various configurations, resulting in 82 failed builds and thousands of warnings. Most of the builds utilizedmake randconfig which generates a random .config, and further inspection revealed that a significant percentage of these builds failed due to known configuration issues. Regarding warnings, Adrian Bunk pointed out that for most normal configurations things are much better, "not that our current situation [is] perfect, but the number of warnings in .config's people usually use isn't that bad."

Jesper acknowledged that things aren't as bad as they first look, but went on to explain that he's trying to motivate more people into helping track down warnings and build errors, "there's a lot of focus on implementing new features - and that's great - but there's little emphasis on fixing the problems we have and already know about - I'd like to see that change, and my post was mainly an attempt at making that happen :)" Adrian agreed that this is a good goal, then pointed to thekernel bug tracker noting that most build errors are known, "and in these cases, the bugs in unmaintained areas of the kernel like APM or the floppy driver are the worst ones."

What happened to fire on Linux Today?

After years of going to "Linux Today" for news regarding Linux and, especially, for insightful comments regarding these, I have come to realize that the site is not what it used to be.


[Ed: Popular article reposted -tadelste]

Using Wikis and Blogs to Ease Administration

This tutorial on TWiki and WordPress shows how wikis and blogs can be useful for system administration and documentation.

Fedora Weekly News Issue 35

  • Mailing list; By Thomas Chung (Posted by tadelste on Feb 27, 2006 10:10 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Fedora
Welcome to our issue number 35 of Fedora Weekly News.

Using SQL-Ledger in a small business

Recently, I helped set up a small co-operative preschool. One of the many things we needed was an accounting software package. Our ideal application would be easy to use, cost little or nothing, and allow users to work with it remotely. We wanted to keep the records on site, but not require the treasurer (me) to come in repeatedly. An analysis of the costs and abilities led us to choose a free solution. SQL-Ledger, which is licensed under the GNU GPL, fits the bill. We chose it for its ease of use and for features like emailed PDF invoices.

KDE at FOSDEM 2006

Last weekend, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting took place in Brussels. KDE was present there with a lot of developers, a devroom and several interesting talks. Among the speakers were Jonathan Riddell from the Kubuntu Distribution, Sebastian K├╝gler from the KDE's Marketing Working Group, Bart Coppens from the Krita development team and Raphael Langerhorst & Sander Koning from the KOffice teams. Bart's Krita talk

Firefox Grabs Enterprise Linux Title

The Mozilla Foundation's Firefox 1.5 blew away the competition to take the top award in the Enterprise Linux category in the Datamation Product of the Year 2006 awards.

U.S. Army Laboratory Makes Major Linux Computing Cluster Move

  • ComputerWorld; By Patrick Thibodeau (Posted by tadelste on Feb 27, 2006 9:07 AM EDT)
A U.S. Army supercomputing center with a legacy that dates back to the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC) launched in 1946 is moving to Linux-based clusters that will more than double its computing capability.

The Army Research Laboratory Major Shared Resource Center (MSRC) in Aberdeen, Md., is buying four Linux Networx Inc. Advanced Technology Clusters, including a system with 4,488 processing cores, or 1,122 nodes, with each node made up of two dual-core Intel Xeon chips. A second system has 842 nodes. In total, the purchase will increase the MSRC's computing capability from 36 trillion floating-point operations per second to more than 80 TFLOPS, Army officials said.

IBM, Harvard linking up to challenge Microsoft

IBM will also use the new framework, code-named Higgins, to create an identity management system, a counterpart to Microsoft's InfoCard, that would work on Linux computers, he said.

Ubuntu goes small

The family of operating systems based on the Ubuntu platform continues to expand – this time to the ever-growing embedded world of small, light devices like PDAs and Internet tablets. A new Ubuntu project, Embedded Ubuntu, hopes to bring Ubuntu down to size.

LinuxWorld Conference & Expo-Boston to Showcase Latest Technologies

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 27, 2006--IDG World Expo today announced details of the conference program for LinuxWorld Conference & Expo(R), which will take place April 3-6, 2006 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. The world-class program will feature in-depth conference sessions focused on Linux as well as the broader range of open source technologies. Led by recognized experts in their respective fields, the conference sessions will offer attendees the opportunity to see the latest developments across the entire Linux and open source marketplace, and learn how to capitalize on the business value of these fast-growing technologies.

Linux: 2.6.16-rc5, Tracking Regressions

Linus Torvalds released the 2.6.15-rc5 release candidate kernel summarizing the changes since -rc4, "there's not much to say about this: people have been pretty good, and it's just a random collection of fixes in various random areas. The shortlog is actually pretty short, and it really describes the updates better than anything else." Read on for the shortlog.

Adrian Bunk followed up with a list of 6 known regressions in 2.6.16-rc5 as compared to 2.6.15:usb_submit_urb(ctrl) failed on 2.6.16-rc4-git10 kernel,Oops in Kernel 2.6.16-rc4 on Modprobe of saa7134.ko,saa7146: no devices created in /dev/dvb,S3 sleep hangs the second time - 600X,2.6.16-rc[34]: resume-from-RAM unreliable (SATA),total ps2 keyboard lockup from boot, andpsmouse starts losing sync in 2.6.16-rc2.

CLI Magic: Getting into Motion

Want to keep an eye on what's going on in your home or office when you're not there? You can turn a Linux box into a motion detector by using an old webcam and Motion -- software for monitoring a Video4Linux device. User Level: Intermediate

How not to treat your customers.

We recently bought a Linux gaming console at work as a prize in a draw. Not thinking too much of it I packed it up and sent it off to the winner. A few days later I got an email claiming the device didn't work. So I emailed the parent company complaining that the instructions were less than clear and this is their reply.

What IT managers can learn from software developers

There are various practices associated with software development that can be of great benefit to an IT department, but since few IT managers follow what goes on in the software engineering field, and even fewer come from a software engineering background, most managers are unaware of these ideas and technologies. This is unfortunate, as there are so many tools and techniques employed by programmers that could be put to good use in IT.

Google Hacking: Ten Simple Security Searches That Work

  • The Ethical Hacker; By Johnny Long, Ed Skoudis (Posted by tadelste on Feb 27, 2006 6:07 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Google has become the de facto standard in the search arena. It's easy, quick and powerful. For those same reasons that the general user has gravitated to Google, so have the hackers. And as we all know, if the hackers use, the security professionals need to utilize it as well. And it doesn't hurt to have Johnny Long (with help from Ed Skoudis) showing you the ropes.

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