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Nokia 770 Internet Tablet Now Shipping

  • RealTechNews; By Michael Santo (Posted by tuxchick on Nov 5, 2005 9:19 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Nokia is now shipping its Linux-based 770 Internet Tablet in Europe...It is available in twelve countries, and Nokia isn’t charging the same for it in all of them. The price ranges from 349 Euros to 369 Euros...According to the website Internet Tablet Talk, which is devoted to the 770, it will be released on November 10 in the U.S.

Windows Software CEO Opens Up To The Linux Community

Interviews are one thing. Lobby4Linux has done our share of them and we enjoy the work. However, what we present to you here is much more than an interview. It is the Chief Executive Officer of a Major software company talking to us. Talking to you from his heart. Nothing held qualifiers, simply open dialog with the Linux Community. There are some suprises within the following text...things that will suprise you about how Xara has developed their code. It is worth the read for that alone.

Online stock trading warning issued

  • Security Focus; By Peter Laborge (Posted by tuxchick on Nov 5, 2005 6:29 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
The Securities and Exchange Commission announced a warning yesterday for online stock traders to be careful in their online dealings.

This is the first warning of its kind from the SEC, and one prompted by an onslaught of complaints over the last few months. Just 6 months ago, this was not a concern for the SEC, Susan Wyderko told USA Today in an interview. A page has been created outlining how to protect yourself and what to do if you encounter a problem.

[Ed.- the article contains a number of excellent links, and the SEC's page is very good.]

Massachusetts seeks freedom from Office suite

  • News Tribune, Tacoma Washington; By Mark Jewell (Posted by dcparris on Nov 5, 2005 5:31 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Community
Mark Jewell writes: "Similar proposals in Oregon and Texas have been shot down. But officials in several states including Rhode Island and Wisconsin express interest in moving to the new data standard, said Jack Gallt, assistant director of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers."

Linux is Being Called Upon…Who Will Answer?

We have a shot at something good least I am told it's good. From all the aggravation and gnashing of teeth I have witnessed, this is indeed a good thing.

Intel® Linux™ versus Microsoft® Windows

Recently, I had a chance to vet information from a leaked document. The process usually involves verification of the original source through a number of techniques. I often find vetting leads to more discoveries which lead to more and more.

I call this last adventure an eye-opener. You might see it the same way. But let's keep this a secret between us. We wouldn't want the press to find out about it because they would certainly bury it.

5 point program to beat the Mac

A beautifully written article giving 5 Steps needed to beat a Mac in the Computer market.

AJAX and scripting Web services with E4X

E4X is an extension of JavaScript that adds direct support for XML to the language. So what is direct support and why is it valuable? Get an introduction to ECMAScript for XML (E4X), a simple extension to JavaScript that makes XML scripting very simple.

Internet Explorer is dangerous

4 out of 5 Internet users use Microsoft Internet Explorer as their web browser. Internet Explorer presents a critical security risk to systems that use it, allowing malicious websites to hijack their computers, infect them with viruses, and conduct identity theft. It is in the best interest of all Internet users to stop using Internet Explorer as soon as possible! There are free alternatives that offer quality as good or better than Internet Explorer. The following article will explain in greater depth the problems with Internet Explorer and what the alternatives are.

[Ed.- This is an excellent comparison and analysis that compares aieee I mean Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. It even has pretty graphs comparing the number and severity of vulnerabilities and time-to-patch. Very good even for non-technical users and decision-makers.]

Firefox reasserts popularity over Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer still dominates the landscape with a recorded global usage of 85.45 per cent. In contrast to Microsoft's browser, however, which saw a 1.18 percent decline since the end of April, the open source browser saw its usage share increase, up 2.82 per cent.

Breathalyzer company refuses to turn over source code

  • Newsforge; By Stephen Feller (Posted by tuxchick on Nov 5, 2005 9:31 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
The case has received a lot of attention in the open source and technology communities, in many ways because it is being seen as compelling evidence that devices with the potential to affect individuals' freedom or liberty - such as breathalyzers used in DUI cases and electronic voting machines in elections - should utilize open source software and be available for any citizen to review. And while open source software would prevent the need for a court order, the case is really about knowing that software is doing what it is designed to do.

..."If you're going to have a computer program that says somebody committed a crime, we get to know how its coming up with that answer."

Nokia launches OSS website

Cell phone giant Nokia has launched a portal to manage its open source software projects and promote community involvement. features Nokia open source news and links to all of its OSS projects.

An Arabian Night

Arabian Linux 0.6 beta 4 was released on or about September 4, and at the request of a reader, Tuxmachines downloaded, burnt and test drove this lovely installable livecd tonight. As the name implies Arabian is primarily designed for Arabian speaking users, however it does have support for English as well. Since this latest release is two month old, some of the packages are going to seem a big dated, but it none the less is worth a look. Great looks, stability, and imaginative customizations make Arabian a worthy contender in either language. In fact, Tuxmachines was quite impressed.

Firefox Takes the Good With the Bad

  • TechNewsWorld; By Jennifer LeClaire (Posted by tadelste on Nov 5, 2005 6:41 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story on Wednesday reported that the open-source project's browsers have a total global usage share of 11.51 percent. The total usage share of Mozilla increased 2.82 percent since April 2005. Microsoft's Internet Explorer still dominates the global browser market with a global usage share of 85.45 percent. [Ed: These are the kinds of erosion we saw beginning in the mid 1990's, only it was Microsoft chipping away at other's market share. - tadelstein]

Linux on cell phones moves up the stack

  • Network World; By Phil Hochmuth (Posted by tadelste on Nov 5, 2005 5:54 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Those who follow the development of Linux as an operating system for running mobile phones, voice-enabled PDAs and other communications gadgets should keep an eye on LiPS.

Linux Lab sets its sites on the Linux desktop

The Open Source Development Lab (OSDL), which employs Linux creator Linus Torvalds and strives to be the "center of gravity" for Linux, is preparing to aggressively move its Desktop Linux Initiative forward. Architects from over 20 key desktop-oriented Linux projects will gather Dec. 1-2 at the OSDL's Portland, Ore. headquarters to set strategic directions and standards, and find synergies amongst Desktop Linux organizations, the OSDL says.

The meeting, which comes hot on the heels of the Desktop Linux Working Group's recent Linux client survey, will focus on analyzing Linux desktop deployment case studies, and discussing technical and architectural strategies to help accelerate world-wide adoption of Linux as a desktop platform.

KOffice Meets the Users

Are you using KOffice? What are you using KOffice for? Why did you decide to use KOffice? What are your main problems? We want to know who uses KOffice and we are especially interested in companies and people using KOffice applications in the course of their business. We have done usability testing with OpenUsability on some of the KOffice programs and will be working more with them. Now we want to reach our users directly and ask them what they think.

Comment of the Day- November 5, 2005 at work I support NetWare, Windows, Solaris, and linux servers...

"... at work I support NetWare, Windows, Solaris, and linux servers, in order by count. In order by time to support per server, Windows, Windows, Windows, Windows, Windows, NetWare, linux, Solaris."

From the Why do people switch to Linux? thread.

Linux Today's Editor's Note: Helping Save the World

  •; By Brian Proffitt (Posted by tadelste on Nov 5, 2005 2:44 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Linux is saving the world.

Yes, you read that right. I wrote "is saving." Not "will save" or "has a chance to save."


Is. Saving.

Nokia debuts Linux-powered Internet tablet

Nokia demonstrated a compact, handheld tablet device powered by Linux at LinuxWorld in New York this week. The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet has a WVGA (800x480) screen, and is intended to offer convenient Internet browsing and email through built-in Wi-Fi, or via a Bluetooth connection to a compatible mobile phone. It will ship in Q3, 2005 to select European and American markets.

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