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Ubuntu Ultimate CD Edition 1.4 released

The version 1.4 of "Ultimate Ubuntu Edition" is now released, and it is the first time it comes in a sigle CD, this one is based on Feisty Fawn

Solving the Microsoft doldrums: Time to break up a company with too many balls in the air

There's a worldwide initiative to push out the de facto standard for the storage of word-processing documents, Microsoft Corp.'s ".doc" file format, and replace it with Open Document Format, a supposedly universal and open format. This kind of sniping will never end as long as Microsoft is Microsoft. Maybe it's time to seriously think of breaking up the company into smaller companies.

Ocean Blue Wins Order to Develop Software for Toshiba 'Donau' "System-On-Chip" IC's

Ocean Blue Software is to release its advanced TV software suite on Toshiba's TC9040x 'Donau' series of processors. The new Linux-based software will allow for fast development of reduced component count consumer electronics products, such as set top boxes, integrated digital televisions, personal video recorders and combination hard disk/DVD recorder systems.

Motorola Z9 leaked

The Boy Genius Report has uncovered the sliding kin to the RAZR 2 family. It’s called the Motorola Z9, and seems to be destined for AT&T service. It will brandish Motorola’s relatively new Synergy Operating System, which is based on Linux.

Girls get grounding in gigabytes

It is well known to many parents that the only people in the house capable of programming the VCR are their children. The 30 girls sitting in the Harrington Learning Center at Quinsigamond Community College yesterday were far past VCRs, however. The group of 10- to 14-year-olds was busy installing and configuring the Linux operating system on computers they had finished building.

Returns on open source VC investments

Matthew Aslett reports that VC funding to open source startups rose more than 33% in 2Q07 vs. 2Q06. Matthew estimates that a total of $2.05B has been invested in open source startups since 2000. For VC investments in OSS to track with the historical 57%, the $2.05B invested would have to be worth $30.7B. Wow. Is there any way that OSS vendors are worth that much today? My gut says it's closer to the $12.5B to $19.6B.

Sun's OpenDocument filter for MS office is finished

Under the name Sun ODF Plug-in for Microsoft Office, Sun has released its import/export filter for the OpenDocument format (ODF), which the ISO has recognized as a standard, for versions 2000, XP, and 2003 of Microsoft's Office suite. The 30 MB installation package adds a document type to Word's file dialog so that users can access ODF files directly and use OpenDocument as a standard format.

Ubuntu "Feisty Fawn" on my Compaq V3000

This weekend I decided to take the plunge and install a Linux distro on my notebook PC. The reason I not done so already is because this particular notebook is well documented as being problematic under Linux, particularly the WiFi card as it is completely proprietary with no Linux drivers being available. The following is a guide as to how I got Ubuntu “Feisty Fawn” running with full functionality on a Compaq V3000 model notebook.

Linux Rolls On

Know some of you saw this in last week's post, but I wanted to be clear that Dell does have plans to offer Linux to more consumers in additional locations outside the United States. More details to come later this summer. We will also offer Ubuntu to small business customers in the future. As soon as we have more details to share, I'll blog about both topics here.

Writing a Linux driver for Harmony remotes

For the last few months I've been on-and-off trying to write a Linux driver for my Logitech Harmony 880. Today, one of the people who have been following my efforts sent me a link to Paul Cutler's blog post offering a bounty for a Linux driver. Neat! Well - as I said in an email to him, I'll gladly give up the bounty in lieu of some pressure on Logitech. This is my official request for all of you interested in Linux, Harmonies, or open standards in general, to put pressure on Logitech to release communication specs for the Harmony class of remote controls.

Amarok 2 Jingle contest

As Amarok 2 will be quite a different beast compared to the 1.4 series, it will need a distinctive new first run theme. Since none of the developers are up to this task, we have teamed up with and to host a competition for the very best new jingle. The details can be found here.

Installing ModSecurity2 On Debian Etch

This article shows how to install and configure ModSecurity (version 2) for use with Apache2 on a Debian Etch system. ModSecurity is an Apache module that provides intrusion detection and prevention for web applications. It aims at shielding web applications from known and unknown attacks, such as SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting, path traversal attacks, etc.

LXer Weekly Roundup for 08-Jul-2007

LXer Feature: 08-Jul-2007

The big stories this week include Microsoft's attempts to distance itself from the effects of the GPLv3, Part 2 of Carla Schroder's Adventures in Digital Photography, using Live Linux distro's for online banking, Massachusetts decides that XML is ok and the BSA ups the ante on getting people to "Blow The Whistle". All this and more await you in this weeks LXer Roundup.

How to Create Many to Many Relationships in Ruby on Rails

This quick guide will make it easy for you to create many-to-many relationships between tables.

High Performance - On a budget!

As some of you may already know, I've been in the process of setting up a new server to host my sites. My old VPS just can't handle the load anymore. Since I'm not really making a lot of money off the sites (Maybe $100 a month, if that), my budget is definitely tight. Here's how I setup a server, capable of supporting over 4,000 static requests per second, and over 1,000 PhP requests for second (Using a Joomla installation with SEF enabled). Oh, and I only spent $800 on hardware, and $50 a month for a datacenter with 100mbit up link to the internet (billed on monthly transfer). The server is great for hosting a few sites (lets say up to 20 or so), but could be setup to serve thousands of sites. So, here's how I did it.

New FCC rules may impact Linux-based devices

New U.S. regulations went into effect today that could change how vendors of devices with software-defined radios (SDR) use open-source software. The new rules could impact manufacturers of mobile phones, WiFi cards, and other devices that use SDR technologies.

Upgrade your Feisty Fawn to Gutsy Gibbon

You can (at your own risk) upgrade your Ubuntu Feisty Fawn to Gutsy Gibbon, as described in this article, just remember Gutsy is not stable yet.

Nokia Skypes its N800 Linux tablet

Nokia has released updated firmware for its Linux-based N800 Internet Tablet. The fourth Tablet OS 2007 release this year -- "4.2007.26-8" -- brings a Skype client, Flash 9 player, and support for 8GB SD memory cards, while Nokia's own VoIP service beta installer has been removed.

Are Microsoft’s patent lawyers really this dumb?

Are Microsoft’s patent lawyers playing possum? Or are they really as clueless about what makes open-source software tick as they seem?

Common roadblocks to Linux adoption demystified

  •; By machiner (Posted by machiner on Jul 7, 2007 4:08 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Debian
An attempt to explain some of the biggest things standing in the way of the home user adopting Linux for their desktop operating system.

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