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Google revamps Summer of Code for 2007

Google's Summer of Code (SOC) will be back again this year, and this time, Google plans to take advantage of lessons learned to improve the program for everyone involved.

Install and Configure Auth Shadow on Debian/Ubuntu

Auth Shadow or mod-auth-shadow is a module for apache (and apache2, sort of) that enables authentication against /etc/shadow. The benefits being that any system user with a password can be authenticated for web_dav, subversion or simply an https server. The only other way to do this is with PAM. That method is dangerous because the apache user (www-data in my case) must be able to read /etc/shadow. Obviously, not a good idea. Auth Shadow accomplishes this safely by using a intermediate program called validate. This works because validate can be owned by root but executable by everyone. In the event that your server is compromised through apache, your password file will not be readable.

Mandriva opens West Africa office

Popular Linux distributor Mandriva yesterday announced plans to open an office in Nigeria in an effort to expand its market.

Free dev tools support Renesas chips, Linux hosts

An India-based development services provider is offering Eclipse plugin-based GNU toolchains for Renesas processors, and an Eclipse-based IDE for Linux- and Windows-based development hosts. KPIT Cummins says its "KPIT Coronoa" IDE and KPIT GNU toolchains offer state-of-the-art features, and are suitable for commercial product development.

SimplyMEPIS 6.5 Beta 6 Screenshots

  • (Posted by lqsh on Feb 23, 2007 10:59 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux; Story Type: News Story
Beta6 of SimplyMEPIS 32 and 64 is available for testing. Now users can opt-in to choose the NVIDIA 1.0.9746 driver. Ntfs-3g improves Windows filesystem compatibility. NVIDIA legacy version 1.0.9631 is available for Beryl support with older chips... The Beta 6 iso also uses the ntfs-3g driver for reading and writing NTFS partitions from user space. For those who want it, the new NVIDIA 1.0.9631 legacy driver may be installed from the MEPIS package pools. Hibernate support has been improved for laptops. - DistroWatch. Screenshots of SimplyMEPIS 6.5 Beta 6 are available at

Open-source Alfresco shifts to GPL

Alfresco, a start-up that commercializes open-source software for helping customers keep track of their digital documents, has adopted the General Public License in an effort to attract outside programmers.

This week at LWN: Who wrote 2.6.20?

Time recently published an article entitled Getting rich off those who work for free which, among other things, talked about free software this way: "Open-source, volunteer-created computer software like the Linux operating system and the Firefox Web browser have also established themselves as significant and lasting economic realities."

Perl script to monitor disk space and send an email alert

This article explains how to write a perl script that can monitor your disk space under UNIX or Linux and send me an email alert to admin. There is a nice perl system routine called Perl df or Filesys::DiskSpace. This routine displays information on a file system such as its type, the amount of disk space occupied, the total disk space and the number of inodes etc.

Linux Mint 2.2 Screenshots

Many thanks to the Linux Mint community from which we managed to gather precious ideas and feedback. We've brought a lot of changes into Bianca and we hope you'll like it. Here are the main changes: Minty Artwork and a brand new desktop... We've put a lot of efforts into Bianca and started writing our own applications and our own packages. A new repository was added to Bianca for users to be able to get the latest innovations through APT upgrades. It is also possible to upgrade from Bea to Bianca. - DistroWatch. Screenshots of Linux Mint 2.2 are available at

Fedora Devs Say Goodbye To Eric Raymond

LXer Feature: 23-Feb-2007

When Eric Raymond announced his departure on the Fedora Core developer mailing list, the developers returned with some interesting responses. Is Raymond really disappointed with the Fedora distribution, or is he simply making the change to Ubuntu for his new boss over at Linspire?

Q&A: Why Union Bank scrapped AIX for Red Hat

As Linux establishes itself as a mainstream operating system, and open source tools and applications prove their enterprise readiness, a growing number of organizations are talking publicly about their open source deployments and direction. Recently, Mok Choe, CTO at Union Bank in Monterrey Park, Calif., spoke with Network World Senior Editor Jennifer Mears about the financial institution’s decision to scrap proprietary Unix systems for commodity servers running Red Hat Linux.

District to save money by switching computers to Linux

Anyone who has used more than one personal computer understands that a system seems to become obsolete sometime after the purchase but before it's first boot. For a school district, this issue is compounded by the volume of computers it has to maintain. However, Dr. Anne Hyland, director of curriculum and instruction for Bexley City Schools, said the district is switching to a new operating system that will save the taxpayers a lot of money.

Microsoft Responds to Alleged Ballmer 'Threats' Against Linux

Comments made by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer last Thursday to an analyst conference for the most part went unnoticed until stories this morning cited excerpts from a freshly published transcript of that conference. In one such story, an excerpted partial sentence was interpreted as part of a statement that Microsoft may yet exercise its option to sue manufacturers of Linux operating systems other than Novell for infringement of patent.

Commercial Linux router distro goes Debian

A commercial supplier of open-source routing and firewall software has transitioned its community-supported firewall/router Linux distribution to a Debian base. Vyatta Community Edition 2 (VC2) is based on Debian, runs on commodity x86 hardware, includes excellent documentation, and supports numerous enterprise features, including serial T1/E1 cards, VLANs, RIP, and OSPF.

Big Debian Linux Payday For HP

Who said you can't make money by supporting free community-based Linux distributions? HP is making $25 million by supporting the free Debian GNU/Linux distribution in what may ultimately turn out to be a challenge to commercial distributions from Novell and Red Hat. HP announced in August 2005 it would be offering support services for Debian, which has been one of the most popular and widest deployed community-based Linux distributions since its inception.GNU/Linux.

Boost PHP Performance with Opcode Cache

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Martin Streicher (Posted by IdaAshley on Feb 23, 2007 5:52 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: IBM, PHP
PHP is an easy to use scripting language often used in Web applications. PHP code is parsed and translated to opcodes every time it executes, but there is no need to translate the same PHP code each time. An opcode cache eliminates that rework, making PHP applications faster.

Zimbra and OSS answer college's prayers for cost-effective enterprise apps

St. Vincent's is a Catholic liberal arts college in Latrobe, Penn. With budget constraints typical of many small private educational institutions, the school is taking deliberate steps to use more open source software. Recently it ditched Microsoft Exchange in favor of Zimbra.

Ubuntu, Kubuntu, & Xubuntu Benchmarks

With Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Xubuntu each deploying a different desktop environment (GNOME, KDE, and Xfce respectively), how do each of these distributions compare performance-wise? We have taken two systems -- one with dual Intel Clovertown processors and the other an AMD Sempron -- and tested out each of these distributions in some of our commonly used Linux benchmarks to see how the performance truly stacks up. In this article we will be presenting part one of our results.

Sun's top Solaris sellers bail out

A pair of Sun's top Solaris executives have scurried right on out of the company,The Register can reveal. Solaris VP Tom Goguen will leave the company for "personal and family reasons," and Sun's director of Solaris marketing Chris Ratcliffe has also departed for "family reasons." Those damn families sure do take a toll on the executive lifestyle.

News: Nokia Seeks Application Ideas For Linux-Based N800 Tablet

Nokia is now scouting about for new application ideas around the N800, its latest Linux-enabled tablet. At the same time, though, the company has no plans to stray from its choice of an essentially Debian Linux-based platform, or from its concept of the N800 as a device geared to on-the-go Internet connectivity. Jacqueline Emigh reports.

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