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It's not just Linux: Open Source has arrived

Open-source true believers have been saying forever that open source is the way to develop software. It turns out they've convinced most programmers that they're right. According to a newly released IDC study, open source isn't just hype; it's now the way most developers make software.

As venture dollars flow to OSS companies, CEOs urged to be picky

It's no secret that the open source business model is attracting the attention of venture capital dollars. The list of companies that have received millions in funding recently includes JBoss, SugarCRM, SourceLabs, Hyperic, Zenoss, and Digium, to name a few. Still, if your OSS company is hoping to catch the eye of a venture capitalist, don't just jump on the first offer that comes in, say the experts.

Review: LixSystems LX8100

It’s here. As some of you might have noticed from my personal blog, the machine which was kindly sponsored by LixSystems arrived on Friday. Plus we found another sponsor, who prefers to stay anonymous, and who kindly donated an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ EE plus 1Gig (2×512MB) of DDR2-667 RAM, made by German chipmakers MDT.

Debian Weekly News - September 5th, 2006

Welcome to this year's 36th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter for the Debian community. Alexander Sack called for people to test upcoming security updates to the Mozilla packages for sarge. Ben Hutchings has managed to upload the final files for DebConf session videos. Three documentary videos filmed by Biella Coleman fill follow later.

Cold War makes for intriguing gaming

Pssst! Hey, you over there. The one running Linux. Maybe you can help me. I'm a freelance journalist by the name of Matt Carter. It's 1986, at the height of the Cold War, and right now I'm stuck inside the Kremlin with a Soviet secret agent by the name of Grushkov. If we don't escape, we'll be killed. At least that's the story as I got it from Mindware Studios and LGP.

The changing face of charts in

The charting component is probably the least satisfactory part of A few minutes with the issue tracker shows that, since 2.0 was released, 62 issues have been filed for charting. By contrast, the bibliography component and the formula editor, two other problematic subsystems that are comparable in size, have nine and 27 issues files against them respectively. Work has begun on many of the issues about charts, but complete relief is unlikely to come until the final release of Chart 2, the rewriting of the charting component that is due to be part of the as-yet unscheduled 2.6 version of the office suite.

Review: Can Linux-based Collax Replace Microsoft Small Business Server?

Page 1 of 4 With the release of Collax Business Server (CBS), Microsoft's Small Business Server 2003 (SBS) is starting to look a little like France in 1940, with Germany amassing troops on the border, readying invasion. Collax has made it no secret that it intends to battle Microsoft for the small business server market and is aggressively seeking soldiers in the form of solution providers.

New book introduces Open Source ideology and business models, entertaining and in layman terms

'Open Life: The Philosophy of Open Source' is a newly published book about Open Source ideology and business models.

PCLinuxOS .93A (Big Daddy) Review

  • ExtremeTech; By Jim Lynch (Posted by devnet on Sep 5, 2006 2:47 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Linux
Plenty of Linux distributions are out there to play with, and sometimes one of the good ones slips by. I haven't paid too much attention to PCLinuxOS in the past, and it turns out I was quite remiss in not doing so.

Fluxbuntu Linux nBuild1 Alpha is here!

Quoting the website, "Fluxbuntu is a Ubuntu-based derivative that uses FluxBox as the desktop environment (window manager). It is lightweight, swift and efficient compared to Gnome or KDE. These features makes Fluxbuntu suitable for vast range of computers, from low-end to high-end."

Online word processors: A hands-on comparison

The last year has seen the first appearance of online word processing applications such as ajaxWrite, ThinkFree Online, Writely, and Zoho Writer. Online office applications are an unproven product in a new market. To see how worthwhile they were, I compared their interfaces, basic and advanced features, and their document export and administration capabilities. The results is not only a summary of the four applications' strengths and weaknesses, but also an indication of how far online word processors still have to go before they can match their desktop counterparts.

The Path to Linux Success

Tech Analysis: rPath's tools ease custom Linux development, allowing ISVs to offer the best OS environment for their enterprise applications.

MTU Simplifies Design Workloads and Cuts Admin Time in Half by Using DataCore's Virtualization Software and VMware

MUNICH, Germany, Sept. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- DataCore Software today announced that The Machine and Turbine Union (MTU) Friedrichshafen, a leading worldwide manufacturer of diesel motors and engines, has deployed DataCore's SANsymphony software to manage and virtualize its growing storage network. The solution currently manages over 60 terabytes of production data supporting various data bases, SAP R3 and advanced computer aided manufacturing and design applications.

The Emerging ODF Environment, Part V: Spotlight on IBM Workplace

When IBM's "Hannover" release of Lotus Notes ships next spring, users of Open Document Format (ODF) compliant tools will increase by more than two orders of magnitude. In this fifth in-depth profile of ODF-compliant products, IBM's Ken Bisconti, VP Workplace, Portal and Collaboration Software tells how using ODF in IBM's Workplace (and Lotus Notes) will help give "knowledge workers access to a roles-based environment where information, business process, workflow, and collaboration with fellow workers are all done “in context.”

ClearHealth developer publishes AJAX book

  • GNU/Linux And Open Source Medical Software News; By Fred Trotter (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Sep 5, 2006 10:38 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: GNU, Linux
I recently picked up Understanding AJAX byJosh Eichorn. Josh is a core Clear Health developer with Uversa. I am about halfway through it and it is an excellent reference for any web-based EHR developer. AJAX holds the promise of making a web-based EHR just as interactive as a thick-client application.

KOffice: Summer of Code students deliver the goods

Under the KDE umbrella, the KOffice project took part in the 2006 Summer of Code with four participants. And not only that, but the Dutch Programmeerzomer, sponsored by Finalist, also selected a KOffice project.

Google eyes filing cabinets

Google has revealed plans to help convert the world's paper filing cabinets, in Tron-like fashion, into mere nodes in the great hive mind. The firm will be using an optical character recognition program called Tesseract that was found gathering dust in Hewlett Packard's garage.

Oxfordshire County Council Chooses Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat and IBM, today announced that Oxfordshire County Council is nearing conclusion of the installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux on IBM System x and IBM BladeCenter systems across more than 282 of its remote client systems in the county's schools. The system is used to deliver local web caching within the County's schools system, to improve response times on the "safe" schools' Internet.

Top 10 Things You Could Be Doing Instead of Attending Ohio Linux Fest

Don't miss Ohio Linux Fest. The biggest Linux party in the Midwest is coming up September 30 in Columbus Ohio.

A third of dodgy emails are phishing attacks

The lazy, hazy days of summer witnessed a continuation of the ongoing shift from large-scale virus outbreaks toward phishing and more targeted attacks, according to a study by net security firm MessageLabs. Online criminals are developing sophisticated new phishing attacks and Trojans that exploit widespread vulnerabilities, such as the much publicised MS06-040 vulnerability.

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