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Training & careers - The case for educating security practitioners

Today, just about any company can web-enable its business by having a static “billboard” web site on the Internet. As the business progresses, the static web site may then evolve to dynamic web sites with database-driven, interactive content. However, not every business has an adequate regard for the need for Internet security, even as they rush to create static or dynamic web sites.

Michlmayr: QA brings together the cathedral and the bazaar

In the last two years, Martin Michlmayr has gone from serving as Debian Project Leader to studying for a doctorate at the Centre for Technology Management, University of Cambridge. His dissertation, tentatively titled "Quality Improvement in Volunteer Free Software Projects: Exploring the Impact of Release Management," is sponsored by Google, Intel, and other companies with an interest in free software development.

Open source blamed for malware development

Sauce for the gooseMalware authors are adopting open source development models to develop more potent threats. It's well known among security experts that botnet clients such as SDBot are written in a modular framework that allows hackers to add features that, for example, facilitate its spread through IM networks or add more potent attack features.…

Report: Securing Your Asterisk Server, Part 1

If you're using Asterisk for your voice over IP needs, you'll need to lock down your Asterisk server, and that begins with secure passwords.

ns-2 network simulator: Free, yes; friendly, no

The open source network simulation tool ns-2 is an invaluable tool for researchers working on wired or wireless networks. I came across ns-2 while working on my thesis. I needed a network simulator, and since my college lacked the brand-name heavyweights, I had to look for an alternative that was free but could do the job. While ns-2 is free, it's also pretty unfriendly.

The Free Standards Group Unites Linux Printing Initiatives

The Free Standards announced, the de facto standard repository for printer drivers on Linux, is merging with the FSG's OpenPrinting workgroup and will be integrated and supported in the Linux Standard Base (LSB). The result will be easier and standardized printing functionality on Linux and an ease of support for Linux and printing vendors and makes the Free Standards Group the central organization for printing on Linux and open source Unix.

Debian Weekly News - July 18th, 2006

Welcome to this year's 29th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter for the Debian community. Harald Welte announces the availability of a root filesystem based on Debian sarge and a corresponding kernel plus instructions for EZX phones. Raphaël Hertzog has the impression that the Debian project is merely trying to keep packages up-to-date and that the project is not making any significant improvements.

How to restore a hacked Linux server

Every sysadmin will try its best to secure the system/s he is managing. Hopefully you never had to restore your own system from a compromise and you will not have to do this in the future. Working on several projects to restore a compromised Linux system for various clients, I have developed a set of rules that others might find useful in similar situations.

Red Hat's Gary Jordan appointed to Wake Tech Board of Trustees

Gov. Mike Easley has appointed Gary Jordan to the Wake Technical Community College Board of Trustees. Jordan is senior director of Global Learning Services at Red Hat. In this position, he manages technology training organizations in Europe, Asia, South America and the United States.

Dim3 v2.0: open-source game engine

Klink Software has released dim3 v2.0, an update to its free open-source 3D game engine.

The license is a very simple non-copyleft, free software license.

Open source powers Welsh e-theses project

A newly launched electronic theses deposit system, the Repository Bridge, allows theses produced at Welsh universities to be automatically and electronically added and stored at the National Library of Wales thanks to open source software.

Press Release: Germany records highest Firefox usage rate among ...

Germany records highest Firefox usage rate among major European countries, according to WebSideStory

[3/4 more than one - so are they saying nearly half? - dcparris]

Open Source Software to Grow Fastest in Government Sector

Open source software will gain momentum faster within government sector than it will in other market, said a study conducted by IT research firm IDC. Government Insights predicts government IT will most likely see the most substantial growth in the use of open source software over the next five years, with rapid growth in the five to ten year time frame.

New Companies Join Linux Phone Group

Several companies including Texas Instruments (TI) and ZTE have joined the Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) Forum, the group announced on Monday.

Open, programmable humanoid robot runs Linux

Four companies in Japan have created a low-cost, user-programmable humanoid robot targeting educational and research applications. The HRP-2m Choromet uses technology from Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), and is user-programmable thanks to open software running on a user-space real-time Linux implementation.

Croatian Government Adopts Free Software Policy in State ...

Last week, on July 12, the Government of Croatia adopted an official document titled Directions for Development and Use of Open Source Code Computer Programmes in Bodies and Institutions of State Administration. In the document, the Government accepts the responsibility to develop, prepare and procure open-source software solutions in the development of information systems of state administration bodies.

PHP is dead. Long live PHP!

  •; By Jason Norwood-Young (Posted by dcparris on Jul 18, 2006 6:01 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: PHP
A friend recently told me that PHP is on its way out, Ruby on Rails is where it's at. I scoffed. I chuckled. Then I gave it some thought. Could PHP have had its day?

Nagios and Oreon (Nagios web front end) installation and Configuration

  •; By (Posted by gg234 on Jul 18, 2006 5:29 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Debian
Nagios and Oreon (Nagios web front end) installation and Configuration

Verizon & T-Mobile Minutes Used Firefox Extension

Lifehacker's found a very useful Firefox extension for our Verizon and T-Mobile readers.

Kick the Windows habit

There are some refuges from Windows’ frustrating flood of spyware, worms and security problems. You could buy a Mac, use a free version of Linux such as Ubuntu, or you could purchase a Linux product such as Xandros desktop 4.0.

[Better yet, you could get Debian, SUSE Linux OSS, or Ubuntu - or a number of other GNU/Linux systems that do not restrict your freedom. The article does mention Ubuntu though. - dcparris]

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