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Video Editing Options for Linux

We know our video editing applications for Windows (read Adobe Premiere, AVID, Ulead Video studio etc) and Mac (Final Cut Pro!), but what about video editing on a Linux powered system? Well here's a list of video editing applications for your Linux PC. A look at Kdenlive, Open Movie Editor, Blender, Cinelerra and PiTIVi.

PCLinuxOS gaining more popularity than Ubuntu?

This may not be as absurd a claim as you may think, especially when you take into consideration the minor backlash that Ubuntu has experienced. So is PCLinuxOS the next poster-child of usable Linux? It's only natural that something that gains a massive amount of popularity in a relatively short period of time receives some criticism.

Microsoft vs. Google – the open source shame

Somebody toss me a Che Guevara T-shirt. Google and Microsoft have gone to war over open source software. On Aug. 10, Redmond submitted the Microsoft Permissive License to the Open Source Initiative (OSI). Should the license be approved, Microsoft would receive the "open source" seal of approval that only the OSI – by self-proclamation – can okay. Of course, one could argue that Microsoft – once blessed with the open source label – will only abuse its status. The company could claim to be a huge open source supporter, derailing critics' arguments by displaying nothing more than the OSI logo when needed. Chris DiBona, Google's open source manager, seems to fall into this cynical camp.

Let your RSS feed speak to you

This article shows you VoiceXML applications, built on a number of different solutions to generate the VXML required to listen to an RSS feed. You'll start with a simple XSL transform and then move to more advanced Perl- and Java-based solutions to generate the output. Learn how to use the interactivity in the VXML and dynamic scripts together to produce quite complicated voice-based applications with relative ease.

Balancing simplicity with complexity

A top ten complaint that we have received is directed at our user interface. Many people feel like the current interface doesn’t address their exact needs. The organization is not “intuitive”; the colors are not pleasing; there is no simple way to navigate “exactly” where you want, exactly when you want. We went back to the drawing board with OpenedHand — lead by their vast experience with GTK+, Matchbox, and mobile user interfaces — and redesigned an incredibly promising new interface. Today I’m extremely excited to announce that everyone can find this, right now, in our subversion repository, under the name OM-2007.2.

GNOME 2.20.0 UI Preview

Last week marked the release of the first GNOME 2.20.0 beta, which also defined the user interface freeze for GNOME 2.20.0. With the UI freeze we have taken some screenshots from GNOME 2.19.90 for your viewing pleasure of the subtle changes. GNOME 2.20.0 Beta 2 (2.19.91) is due out at the end of this month with the release candidate falling in early September followed by the final release of GNOME 2.20.0 on September 19.

Why XSserver 1.4 won't make it into Ubuntu Gutsy

If everything goes well, Ubuntu 7.10, Gutsy Gibbon, the next community version of the popular Linux distribution, will appear in October. It will not, however, include the latest and greatest X window server and utilities: Xserver 1.4 and X.Org 7.3. The reason for this, as Bryce Harrington, a Canonical developer who works on Ubuntu's X windowing system, explained is that at a developer's meeting on August 16th, the Ubuntu programmers decided to "opt for leaving xserver 1.4 for Gutsy+1.

Tighter budgets mean more Open Source

I just read two really interesting articles (Giving proprietary vendors a run for their money & Could Linux become the dominant OS?). These articles and a discussion I had yesterday about budget constraints for the next calendar year makes me think that Open Source Software (OSS) is on the verge of becoming mainstream over the next few years. I have already seen the statistics where 51% of companies are using OSS in mission critical applications. This is starting to look very similar to the days where everyone was fleeing the mainframe for client server technology. The client server craze was driven by lower cost and greater flexibility. Does that sound familiar?

Pain-free disk space management with LVM

Managing disk space used to be a royal pain for admins and users. Running out of disk space often meant reinstalling Linux or spending a few hours with tools like Parted to resize partitions. However, using the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) tools, you can grow, shrink, and manage disk space with very little hassle.

Linux - Generate Funding For The Job At Hand

Insomnia and stress can put the mind into altered states of thought and I believe "thinking outside the box" came from just one stressed-out soul. It was so easy in concept, I laughed aloud when I realized it could be done. ANYONE needing to fund a project or even start a business can use or modify this model to meet their personal needs. This is how I did it.

Rugged, fanless vehicle PC runs Linux

Acrosser has introduced a compact, fanless computer aimed at the harsh environments found in trucks, taxis, and other vehicular applications. The AR-ES0831FL runs Linux on Pentium and Celeron M processors, and meets IEC-68-2-6 vibration and IEC-68-2-27 shock standards, according to the company.

Why people don't switch operating systems

The topic of Linux on the desktop is one that raises its head every couple of days somewhere on the web - and here it is again. I was a bit amazed last week to note that someone who wrote that the continued piracy of Windows was affecting the spread of Linux on the desktop was described as raising an "unusual" argument. It has been known for at least the last 10 years that Gates & Co have a public stance on piracy - which is: "shoot the buggers down" - and a private stance - which is, "it's helps to spread usage of Windows, do nothing."

Making money The Redhat way

We all believe that open source is associated with free, as in free speech, software. Any open source software can be downloaded free of cost and without paying any money and we have plenty of those softwares; I believe the most commonly used free open source software is Firefox browser. I did a little check on the popular open source companies, to find out their source of income, and it turned out that these open source zealots have a very sane mind in their heads. Open source companies are indeed making huge money. In this article I'll give a brief of the money Redhat is making.

Best of many worlds

  • Manilla Standard Today; By Chin Wong (Posted by Sander_Marechal on Aug 21, 2007 6:18 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups:
WHEN I switched from Windows to Linux last year, a decision I had to make as a technology writer was what to do with readers who were still on Microsoft’s proprietary operating system. On one hand, I felt a responsibility to help them see that for many computing requirements, Linux is the superior and more cost-effective choice. On the other hand, I realized that 90 percent of all computers still run on Windows, and that many new programs appear first on this platform, precisely because of its huge user base. Still, I learned quite a bit trying to get there, with a free and open source program from Innotek called VirtualBox, which runs on Linux, Windows (2000, XP or Server 2003) and OS X (Intel-based) computers.

Standard needed for Standards voting

The technical debate around whether OOXML (ECMA 376) should be approved as an ISO standard (fast track or otherwise) has been raging for a while. Numerous organizations and individuals have expressed technical and legal concerns. The latest summary of the objections I noticed is from the New Zealand Open Source Society. Vikram weighed in with his objections to an Indian approval of OOXML. The last two months however have seen reports from various countries questioning the basis on which their votes are being decided. The constitution of the committees and the manner in which the national position is decided seem to me to be flawed.

So THIS is why people want Windows!

  •; By wjl (Posted by wjl on Aug 21, 2007 5:12 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Humor; Groups: Community
Today - after a long time without running any proprietary software - I decided to go and install Windows once more. Why? I just wanted to see our own web pages in Internet Explorer. And what did IE show me right after it started? Nothing less than Heidi Klum naked!

Stallman survives Peruvian quake

More than 500 people were killed when Peru was hit with by an enormous earthquake last week. When we learned that Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation and author of the GPL under which the GNU/Linux operating system is licensed, was in Peru during the quake, we asked if he would share his experiences with us. Here's his report.

Radio Talk Show Blitz Progress Report: The Power Hour

In this *NIXEDBLOG post, I talk about how it went when I called into The Power Hour radio broadcast to ask them if they would start talking about Linux and Free and Open Source Software in the future. Read on for more details on how it went.

New Sauerbraten Summer Game Release

Sauerbraten, the game known as "Cube 2" and being based upon the open-source Cube engine, has its 2007 summer edition out. Sauerbraten 2007-08-19 features a number of improvements to the Sauerbraten editor as well as to the Cube 2 engine.

Fine-tune RSS feeds with ListGarden

Most Web publishing systems on the market can automatically generate RSS feeds, but there are situations where you might want to have fine-grained control over your RSS feeds. For example, you might want to provide alternative RSS item descriptions, or to manually select which RSS items to publish. While you can code an RSS feed by hand, you'd be better off using a dedicated tool like ListGarden. It can help you to not only create and manage RSS feeds, but also to do more advanced tasks like publish the feeds on a remote server, back up the feeds, generate an HTML page, and much more.

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