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"A Pig(Snort), A Moon (Lua) and one very happy developer (Bill)"

About one month ago, Snort 3.0 Alpha was released for testing in the community. If you want to be on the cutting edge of intrusion detection, packet sniffing, and keeping your system safe, check out this introduction to preparing for the future of i...

A month on the command line, Day 6: Blog posting without a GUI

Blogging from the command line without a GUI -- and no e-mail gateway -- can be done ... almost. Using the command-line, text-only Elinks browser to post blog entries -- or to complete Web forms in general -- is a lesson in trial, error and frustration. But disciplined use of keystrokes -- and a little dumb luck -- allows these browsers to post to Movable Type blogs such as this one.

Red Hat crafts new OS for the small and poor

It's Global in a non-global sense. Summit Between 9 a.m. and noon, Red Hat developed a new desktop operating system strategy.

Red Hat Summit 2007 opens strong

The third annual Red Hat Summit is underway in San Diego. This year's show already has a different feel to it than the first two. The crowd is larger, for one thing. The event is a complete sell-out -- so much so that Red Hat had to stop taking registrations. Attendees have booked all the available rooms at the Sheraton and are spilling over into two additional hotels, and Red Hat is running shuttles between the hotels. Unofficially, the crowd is between 1,200 and 1,400, up from less than a thousand last year.

Downloading evolved with Metalink

Anyone who has tried downloading a popular software or Linux distribution on or just after release day, knows of the pain of the phrase ″connection timed out″. Getting the software can be quite a struggle, despite all the mirrors and BitTorrent Samaritans. Anthony Bryan's Metalink is an open standard that makes downloading easier, faster, and more reliable by helping users extract the last drop of juice out of their connection.

Customers Realize Benefits of Microsoft-Novell Agreement?

Microsoft Corp. and Novell Inc. today announced that 12 new customers have signed up to take advantage of the companies’ collaboration. These customers, from around the globe, are 1blu, Arsys, Fujitsu Services Oy, Gordon Food Service, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp., hi5 Networks Inc., Host Europe, Nationwide, PRISACOM SA, Reed Elsevier, Save Mart Supermarkets, and state of California, Department of Fish and Game.

This week at LWN: A think tank's view of free software

Back in early March, a company called the Olliance Group held a gathering of about 100 corporate manager types at a resort in California's wine country. This "Open Source think tank" has now produced a 16-page report. It is, indeed, an interesting look at how a certain part of the corporate world views free software - though, perhaps, not entirely in the ways its authors intended. When a self-appointed "think tank" gets together to talk about free software, one is right to be cautious. When one of that event's top-level sponsors is Microsoft, an extra degree of nervousness seems appropriate. The other top-level sponsor, naturally, is Novell; the remainder of the list is NEC, Unisys, Jasper Soft, OpenLogic, and SugarCRM. Not the most community-oriented bunch one could have come up with.

Talking security with Red Hat's Mark Cox

IT professionals spend a lot of time thinking about security, and ways to make sure their systems are patched as quickly as possible. However, what goes on before they hear about a vulnerability is mostly a mystery. To get a clearer picture, we talked to Mark Cox, director of Red Hat's security response team, about trends in Linux security, who discovers vulnerabilities, how they're rated, and what's being done to minimize security problems.

Linux: Big IO Commands

Jens Axboe posted a series of ten patches that add support for large IO commands. He began by defining the problem..

Tshwane University training OSS

Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) recently conducted a successful open source introductory course. With 40 people certified so far, there are plans underway to scale this up to as many as 1000 students in June.

Libuntarian - Ubuntu at the Library

  •; By jessamyn (Posted by NoDough on May 9, 2007 5:28 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: ; Groups: Linux, Ubuntu
This is a cool little video of a librarian installing Ubuntu on donated computers.

Setting up the Java Environment on AIX 5.3

Develop a Java application on AIX and learn how to extend it by using a PHP interface to look at the underlying Java code.

Microsoft is not the boss, we are

"Was this really where Microsoft thought it would be ten years ago? Is this really Microsoft's idea of making the rules and leading the industry? Being forced to *deal with GNU/Linux* by making fuzzy deals with vague patent implications?"

Ericsson and Sun to Develop Open Source-Based Server

The collaboration deal also included plans to develop a support program for the developer community.

Red Hat, IBM form mainframe partnership

Yahoo Finance reporter Jim Finkle has a story on Red Hat and IBM signing a deal for Red Hat Linux software on Z series mainframes. Up until now SuSE Linux, a Novell company, has been the main supplier of Linux on mainframes.

Porting for a Heterogeneous UNIX Environment

Use a componentized build system to automatically port Java projects with native extensions on heterogeneous UNIX platforms. To guarantee porting for many heterogeneous UNIX platforms, a build system should be pluggable.

The Slippery (and Colorful) Business of Standards

  • Standards Blog; By Andy Updegrove (Posted by Andy_Updegrove on May 9, 2007 1:46 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
The recent announcement of a new standard for "slipperiness" reminded me not only of the seemingly infinite, and at times surprising, types of standards we find we cannot live without, but also of the linkage between language and standards.

Book chapter: Making Ubuntu Usable

A chapter of a new how-to book, Hacking Ubuntu: Serious Hacks, Mods and Customizations, has been published online at The chapter, entitled "Making Ubuntu Usable," explains how to tune Ubuntu to your personal tastes by changing startup music, background, fonts, icons, colors, and more.

Initial Version of Launches

The Mozilla Quality weblog has announced that an initial version of the site has launched. Described as "pre-alpha", the site (QMO for short) is intended to become a central portal for the Mozilla quality assurance community.

VMware follows paravirtualisation path

Silly name, but a good idea, VMware is joining the rush down the road of paravirtualisation already beingtrodden by the likes of Novell and Microsoft.

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