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Debian delayed as community loses interest

The next version of the Linux distribution was due to be released by 4 December, meaning it is already over two weeks late at the time of writing. Now one of Debian's release managers has started pointing his finger at key individuals. In a blog posted on Monday, Andreas Barth wrote, "Some people who used to do good work reduced their involvement drastically. There was nothing I could do about that, and that happened way before I started full-time on release, but on the global picture that still counts."

Sample chapters introduce new OpenOffice 2 book

The 2 Guidebook was published this week, and author Solveig Haugland is sharing some of its contents. Haugland takes a matter-of-fact approach to all the tools within the application suite, as she explains how to create, amend, and save documents in various formats.

Ubuntu Christmas Edition Screenshot Walkthrough

Ho ho ho, Ubuntu Christmas Edition. Great news... I have bit the bullet & purchased a website to host the release please excuse the cheesie webpage better is coming you can learn more about the current release... I have built a version of Feisty Fawn (the release is based on Edgy) should work with all versions of Ubuntu, Edgy+ 100%, will do dapper etc the same way please post negative results so I can fix them; that has...

Review: Thunderbird 2.0 Beta 1 Adds New Look And Feel

Mozilla, the developer of the free Thunderbird e-mail client, has taken a good program and made it better with the release of the version 2.0 beta 1. It's rare that a beta release isn't buggy, clunky, and generally a mess -- especially when, as word has it, the developers are changing the code base -- but I was pleasantly surprised by its stability and the dearth of issues.

Sub-$10 ARM9 SoC runs Linux, boasts fast data transfers

Atmel is shipping a low-cost embedded processor claimed to offer more bandwidth than other ARM9 chips, thanks to parallel buses and distributed DMA. The AT91SAM9263 targets data- and graphics-intensive applications, and is available with an AT91SAM9263-EK evaluation board that supports Linux.

GNUmed 0.2.3 released

Today we are releasing a new GNUmed version. Version is up to 0.2.3 Version features and bug fixes are explained in our Wiki Packages available as usual for GNU/Linux and MS Windows Debian packages will follow soon I hope, MacOSX packages didn't make it yet due to unexplained problems with the Mac port. In general it looks like the code is getting much more stable and easier to fix and extent. Maybe one day we will even see an alternative GUI client :-)

You change the World 2.0

There is some significant symbolic and historical value in the gesture that the popular Time Magazine exercised this month. It may be remembered as one of the signs of historic change for decades to come. Time Magazine declared you the person of the year because you changed the world. Internet opened its doors to you and you dared to enter, raise your voice and cooperate on making the magic happen. You connected, sent the signal and the conversation ensued.

VoIP services vendor offers open source SIP softphone

Hosted VoIP (voice-over-IP) infrastructure provider Solegy is promoting its custom softphone development services by offering free downloads of a softphone (software phone). The Solegy Softphone is based on open-source software and codecs, is fully customizable, and can be integrated with Solegy's "ServicePDQ" hosted services framework, the company says.

Giving some Juce to cross-platform tools

Hands onLast month I looked at Qt, the popular C++ cross-platform framework which underpins the KDE desktop, and a whole lot more. This time, I'm continuing that same theme by taking a look at another cross-platform C++ library called Juce (OK, no jokes about Apple Juce!)

Linux based IP telephones

This LinuxDevices Quick Reference Guide includes pointers to our coverage of IP telephones that run embedded Linux. For Linux-based mobile phones and smartphones, click

Choosing Vendors: The Linux vs. Microsoft Red Herring

A few years back I wrote my very first column for an online publication called Linux Pipeline on choosing software wisely. The column was to begin a series of events that changed my life because I used, as an example, a CIO who had chosen Linux for the wrong reasons. Now, to be clear, Linux may have been the right choice. What I was challenging was that the analysis that was done was focused on things that had very little to do which her company’s needs. And the choice was, by her own admission, made because she believed deeply that Linux should be the way the world worked.

[Well, if it ain't our favorite analyst! We encourage our readers to keep their thinking caps on. - dcparris]

Disgruntled Debian Developers Delay Etch

Vexed that two Debian developers were getting paid for their work, other Debian programmers have either ceased or slowed down their work on the popular Linux distribution. (Linux-Watch)

Looking for Linux Tech-Support?

When I first ran my Linux distribution almost a decade ago, there weren't many places I could turn to for help. Whatever mailing list you tuned into, everybody seemed to be concerned with improving the Linux kernel or some other gibberish task. If ever, my newbie queries always returned back with a single word -- RTFM. That's until Jeremy Garcia fresh into his first full-time Linux job, decided to give something back to the community. His website,, soon became the one-stop source for all Linux-related user queries.

Open Source CRM Feature Article

  • TMCnet; By Stefania Viscusi (Posted by dcparris on Dec 19, 2006 3:17 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
Open source CRM provider SugarCRM and Scalix, a provider of Linux-based enterprise messaging software announced today a partnership to integrate their services and make available to their mutual customers, an advanced CRM / Messaging solution that offers both open source and Linux customers a rich environment for completing tasks.

[Hey, there's a new one! Linux and Open Source customers are two different animals now. Is it the journalists, or have we actually lost that much turf on the terminology front? - dcparris]

SugarCRM Announces 1,000 Customers and 1,000,000 Open Source Downloads as Momentum for Open Source Applications Grows

CUPERTINO, Calif., Dec. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- SugarCRM Inc. announced today that it has reached more than 1,000 paying customers since the first edition of its commercial open source customer relationship (CRM) software was released in September 2004. In addition, Sugar Open Source has been downloaded over 1,000,000 times, establishing a worldwide community of users who strengthen the product through contributions, quality improvements, extensions and language translations. SugarCRM began by serving small and mid-sized businesses but has quickly established large enterprise customers, including Honeywell, Yahoo, Starbucks, State of Oregon, NASA Ames Research, AXA Rosenberg, First Federal Bank, and BDO Seidman.

Software promises a better judiciary

The latest in e-governance implemented by the Kerala government is a web-based software developed on open-source model with Linux/PHP/PostgreSQL and flash XML to monitor legal suits.

More Greasemonkey scripts

Greasemonkey is a browser extension lets Firefox users write and install scripts that change Web page features on the client side. There are thousands of such scripts available; most of them are pretty trivial, but if you dig deep enough you can find some good ones. Recently I looked at some that help improve the Gmail experience. Recently, I found four more useful scripts: a couple for eBay, one for the Internet Movie Database, and one for online shoppers.

Glipper will make GNOME much more usable

  •; By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols (Posted by dcparris on Dec 19, 2006 12:07 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: GNOME
Analysis -- One key feature GNOME has lacked, in comparison to KDE, is a clipboard manager like KDE's Klipper. That's now about to change, thanks to the efforts of a project called "Glipper."

Kuliax 6.0 Screenshot Walkthrough

Kuliax Project is an effort to bring Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) to University education, especially in Indonesia. Many students and lecturers have been "addicted" to the closed-source and expensive software that they couldn't afford or not suitable with their needs. Universities encouraged to do something important to the _real_ meaning of education by using and developing FOSS.


The Itway group specialising in the sector of information technology and quoted at the Milan stock exchange extended the agreement for the distribution in the whole south of Europe of the Red Hat solutions...

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