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Open Source Parking Spoofing Headers to Benefit Apache

An open source initiative to reverse gains for Microsoft web server software appears to be using edited server headers to try and improve the showing of the Apache web server. Sites using the Open Source Parking service report that they are running on Apache, but appear to actually be hosted on lighttpd. Both Apache and lighttpd are open source web servers, but Apache leads in the Netcraft survey with a 59 percent market share, while lighttpd is a newcomer with just 1.2% share.

Shaping the future of secure Ajax mashups

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Brent Ashley (Posted by solrac on Apr 4, 2007 6:43 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: IBM
Current Web browsers weren't designed to easily and securely get content from multiple sources into one page. Discover how developers have stretched the available tools to fit the task and how doing so has put strain on the resulting applications with respect to security and scalability. Also, learn about several browser improvements being proposed to remedy the situation and how to become part of the conversation.

Creating hackergotchis using the GIMP

A hackergotchi is a picture of a person's head that's used as an avatar for identification on a blog. Any region below the neck is cut out, as are any portions of the picture that don't include the head. You can create a hackergotchi easily with a digital camera and the GIMP.

France caters to market for the most simple of computers

The Minitel, a French government-sponsored minicomputer that was wired into 14 million French homes at its peak in the mid-1990s, had a limited service offering, a black-and-white screen and slow connection speeds that doomed it to near-extinction in the face of the Internet. Now, a French Internet service provider, Neuf Cegetel, has taken inspiration from the Minitel to develop a computer based on a similar low-cost model, aimed at people who are unable or unwilling to buy a computer. In a gesture to high-technology enthusiasts, however, the system uses the open-source software beloved by many engineers and programmers.

How to install OTRS (Open source Ticket Request System) in Debian

  • (Posted by gg234 on Apr 4, 2007 3:52 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Debian
How to install OTRS (Open source Ticket Request System) in Debian

Galternatives - Graphical setup tool for Alternatives Configuration in Ubuntu

  • (Posted by gg234 on Apr 4, 2007 3:07 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Ubuntu
Galternatives - Graphical setup tool for Alternatives Configuration in Ubuntu

FSF releases new draft of LGPL

The Free Software Foundation has released the second draft of version 3 of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). In addition to general editing, the new draft ties the LGPL more closely to the GNU General Public License (GPL), introduces the concept of a "linked version," and adds a new option for distributing combined works.

VistA Market - Today and Tomorrow

A fairly detailed article entitled"VistA Electronic Health Record (EHR) System: The Market Today and Tomorrow" was recently published in Virtual Medical Worlds. See the articlehere.

Eskom sponsors open source centre

South African state power utility Eskom backs open software as it sponsors a new open source centre under the Joburg Centre for Software Engineering.

The "Nixed Report" Vista Challenge

One Linux Advocate, finally tiring of his friends "helping" him, issues a challenge. "You think I'm missing out by not running Windows Vista?" "You say it's superior even though one nanobyte of Linux code has never touched your hard drive?" "OK, I'll try it...but one one or two conditions..."

Meraka takes up LPI reins

The Meraka Institute has been appointed the official South African affiliate for the Linux Professional Institute, ending months of speculation after the Shuttleworth Foundation ended its relationship with the LPI.

Sun backs SuSE on x64 workstations

Company will provide and support certified SuSE Linux Desktop 10 operating system on its x64 workstations.

Montavista tunes Linux OS for smaller memory

MontaVista Software of California has cut the size of and improved real-time support in its embedded Linux operating system. Called Pro 5, “it has 3Mbyte flash memory requirement”, product director Patrick MacCartee told EW. “Version 4.0 needed 12Mbyte.” Based on open source components, this is “the first embedded OS to provide integration of the latest real-time patches from Ingo Molnar, a leading contributor to Linux kernel development,” said MontaVista. “These patches will provide enhanced user space options in real-time.”

Installing Beryl On An Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Desktop With An ATI Radeon Graphic Card

  • HowtoForge; By Falko Timme (Posted by falko on Apr 4, 2007 8:41 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Ubuntu
This tutorial shows how you can install and configure Beryl on an Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) desktop with an ATI Radeon graphic card. With Beryl, you can make your desktop use beautiful 3D effects. We will use the open-source ATI driver that comes with Ubuntu plus AIGLX to achieve this; the other way to do this would be to use the closed-source ATI driver together with XGL which seems to be a bit unstable.

Installation Screenshots of the last VirtualBox 1.3.8 released

On March 14th VirtualBox 1.3.8 was released, this is a Virtualization software Like VMWare but this one is open source.

How to script songs lyrics retrieval

I recently wrote a simple bash script to incorporate a lyrics database into some of my music-handling scripts. I took advantage of one of the benefits of open source software by finding an existing application that performed this task and inspecting the code to see how the developers did it.

Windows Vista marketing 'deceived' consumers

Microsoft has been accused of deceiving US consumers by marketing PCs as "Windows Vista Capable" when they could only run the most basic version of its latest operating system.

Al Gore: Embedded Tech Can Help Heal the Earth

Former Vice President Al Gore told Embedded Systems Conference keynote attendees in San Jose, Calif. today that energy-efficient IT systems of the future -- many containing embedded processors -- will be a major factor in helping overcome the major climate problems the Earth is now facing.

Eclipse: Empowering the universal platform

This technical briefing will take a deep dive into some of the most important, feature rich projects that the Eclipse community is developing.

Defense kicks off open-source encryption program

The Defense Department has launched a new program to encourage the use of open- source encryption software within DOD systems. The Open Source Software Institute of Hattiesburg, Miss., will support the OpenCrypto Management Program, which is part of DOD’s Open Technology Development road map initiative. The goal of that program is to provide DOD with greater system development and acquisition flexibility through collaborative software development.

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