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Opera Jon weaves a brand new browser

The man behind the Opera browser has created a new one, he says, because power users are poorly served. The new Vivaldi browser launched today in a "Technical Preview" form, with customisation and speed taking it in a different direction to the mainstream, where minimalism rules the day.

Linux Top 3: 4MLInux 11.0, Debian Jessie Installer and Fedora 22 Features

Lots of development activity for big Linux community distribution releases

Scalable open virtual networking with MidoNet

Networking is an important part of any modern datacenter. As open source continues to grow in virtualization solutions, virtualized networking is an important part of the picture. MidoNet, an open source network virtualization platform for Infrastructure-as-a-serivice (IaaS) clouds like OpenStack cloud software, is gaining traction as a way to implement networking solutions.

Breaking out of the with open source

I'm joining DigitalOcean as a developer evangelist, where I'll work closely with the PHP community to help create amazing things! I'm really excited about this, especially because I never thought I would have such an amazing opportunity.

An introduction into Ceph storage for OpenStack

When you are considering building a cloud, there are many important decisions to make. Among the top decisions you'll want to make is how to implement your storage. One open source project which many have turned to as a solution to some of their storage needs is Ceph.

Ghost security flaw, Revolution Analytics is acquired, leadership at Docker, and more

In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at new leadership at Docker, Microsoft acquires Revolution Analytics, the Ghost security hole, and more!

Adapteva Parallella Desktop review

  • Linux User Developer; By Gareth Halfacree (Posted by bob on Jan 30, 2015 9:58 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Developer, Linux
With a 16-core coprocessor based on Epiphany architecture, is Parallella the single-board computer that developers have been waiting for?

Cloud 5: AWS's trillion dollar dream, Tesla's cloud lesson, Box IPO surge

This week, we look at AWS's trillion dollar ambitions, what Tesla opening their patent cache can teach the cloud industry and what Box's IPO surge means to the cloud.

CIOs: It's time to reinvent yourself and your teams, says Weather Company CIO

  •; By Bryson Koehler (Posted by openlife on Jan 30, 2015 8:23 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Community
Weather Company CIO Bryson Koehler says it's time for CIOs to have an "uncomfortable" conversation about open source software.

Google Drive for Linux screenshots leaked

In today's open source roundup: Google may be preparing to release Drive for Linux. Plus: Q*bert rebooted for Android, and will Blizzard finally support Linux users?

Seeing the cloud through Ubuntu-colored glasses

  • ZDNet; By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols (Posted by sjvn on Jan 30, 2015 6:48 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Cloud, Ubuntu
Ubuntu cloud users see OpenStack rising, Docker getting more talk than traction, and companies moving to the hybrid cloud.

Browse Anonymously with a DIY Raspberry Pi VPN/TOR Router

Surf the Internet securely with your very own portable WiFi VPN/TOR router. You can configure a Raspberry Pi with Linux and some extra software to connect to a VPN server of your choice. The VPN connection encrypts your internet traffic so that hackers and spies can't figure out what web sites you are visiting, and the web sites you are visiting can't tell which computer you are surfing from.

How to find a fastest Debian Linux mirror for your /etc/apt/sources.list

Having a slow Debian mirror can be frustrating and thus it is always best to choose closest mirror to your geographical location as possible. Even your best guess may not always bring good results. Fortunately netselect-apt command line tool is here to help you find the fastest mirror available.

Apache HTTP Server 2.4.12 Patches 4 Vulnerabilities

  •; By Sean Michael Kerner (Posted by red5 on Jan 30, 2015 3:26 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Apache
While some in the security community are chasing GHOSTs this week, there is another update that needs attention. The widely deployed Apache HTTP Server (httpd) is being updated to version 2.4.12 fixing at least four publicly identified CVEs.

Explaining the Big Data Productivity Gap

  •; By Chris Tozzi (Posted by Mcusanelli on Jan 30, 2015 2:28 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
The slow adoption and lack of productivity associated with Hadoop and other big data technologies likely stems from poor planning and lack of big data training and expertise, among other factors.

How I landed a job in open source

  • (Posted by bob on Jan 30, 2015 1:31 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux; Story Type: News Story
Open Source Careers A collection of articles about jobs and careers in open source. I have been working in the computer business for over 40 years, but the best years have been the last 17 or so working with Linux and open source software. I got into the computer business unintentionally and kind of sideways, but that is a whole other story. I'll tell you about how I got into open source and Linux semi-intentionally and also kind of sideways. read more

Bill Gates Inadvertently Shows Off Ubuntu on His Facebook Page

  • Softpedia; By Silviu Stahie (Posted by thesilviu on Jan 30, 2015 12:34 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Bill Gates is much more involved in philanthropy than Microsoft these days and he's done some great work regarding the eradications of certain diseases and to improve the quality of life in a number of third world countries. He's also inadvertently promoted Ubuntu, which is a Linux system.

The best open-source office suite, LibreOffice 4.4, gets new release

The top open-source office suite offers a new, improved version with better Microsoft Office file format compatibility.

SCALE Prep Continues; Will Dell Get It Right?

Ruth Suehle and a speaker to be named later (more than likely in the next 24 hours) will keynote at SCALE 13x. There are about 130 sessions in the four days, and just over 100 exhibitors.

Startup Applications: automatic execution of the most used programs during every user login

  • Howtoforge Linux Howtos und Tutorials (Posted by bob on Jan 30, 2015 9:42 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Ubuntu, Linux; Story Type: News Story
During every login or bootup, the OS performs a number of tasks in the background to get the OS up and running and ready to be used. Customizations in Linux OS like Ubuntu can be done very easily, that allows a user to add any number of "custom" tasks or programs to the system to be performed or executed every time the user logs in or boots up the OS.

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