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Software Freedom Day Is Coming

Mark your calendars: this year's Software Freedom Day is September 20 (the third Saturday in September). If you're looking for an occasion to help out with the spread of free and open source software, that's a great one.

Portrait: Pia Waugh

Pia Waugh is a leading advocate for FLOSS in her home country, Australia, and all over the world. In addition to running a consultancy in partnership with her husband, she is the vice president of Linux Australia, the president of Software Freedom International (sponsor of the annual Software Freedom Day events), and on the board of directors of the OLPC Australia program. Perhaps because her activities are born out of a love for open source software, or maybe because her husband Jeff is also a major figure in global FLOSS, Waugh says the balance between work and life for her right now is "nonexistent. But we love what we do."

Document Freedom Day is more than a single day

Today marks the first Document Freedom Day. Inspired by Software Freedom Day, which is now is now in its fifth year, DFD is intended as an annual series of grass root events worldwide "to educate the public about the importance of Free Document Formats and Open Standards in general," according to the About page on the DFD Web site. The day is planned not as an end in itself so much as the highlight of year-round efforts, many of which predate DFD itself.

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 58

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #58 for the week September 16th - September 22th, 2007. In this issue we cover the Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 beta release, new MOTU members, new Launchpad release, Software Freedom Day organized by the Ubuntu Nicaragua Team, and, as always, much much more!

Govt minister goes geek for FOSS day

Armed with a One Laptop Per Child computer and kitted out in a Geek Freedom League t-shirt, South African deputy minister of science and technology, Derek Hanekom, opened Saturday's Software Freedom Day event at the departmental offices in Pretoria. On this note, he spoke of the importance of developing free software for the country's development, noting the difference between free as in costs nothing and free as in freedom to share and do with it what one wants without restrictions.

FOSSFA calls for use of open hardware

In conjunction with Software Freedom Day, the Free and Open Source Software Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA) has made a call for governments to purchase hardware that will not limit its choice of what software to run. The foundation, which promotes the use of free software and open source methods within Africa, said that during all the debates about FLOSS (free, libre and open source software) it was often forgotten that in many cases the hardware was locked into some proprietary operating system. The use of non-restricted hardware would benefit both governments and citizens, it argued.

Zenoss Added as Global Sponsor of Software Freedom Day 2007

Open Source Systems Management Leader to Support Worldwide Education and Awareness Event

Celebrate software freedom this Saturday

Viva software freedom viva! Software Freedom Day takes place this Saturday. A worldwide celebration, there are several events taking place around the country.

Open News Podcast Episode 26 Released

This week on Open News OOXML Fast-track Rejected, NetApp Sues Sun, and An Interview With Jono Bacon.

Software Freedom Day and the open source way

Mark this Saturday, September 15th, in your diary. It’s Software Freedom Day and it’s coming to you. That's "free" as in "free lunch" but also "free" as in liberty. Software Freedom Day is described by its organising body as a global, grassroots effort to educate the public about the importance of software freedom and the virtues and availability of free and open source software (“FOSS”). Previously, Software Freedom Day garnered 200 teams around the world and is sure to well exceed that figure this time around in 60 different nations.

DST to celebrate Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day the worldwide celebration of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), will take place on September 15. The South African event will take place at the department of science and technology (DST) in Pretoria.

Software Freedom Day: Taking open source to the streets

Thousands of open source advocates and enthusiasts from around the world are expected to take the message of free and open source software to the streets on September 15 for the fourth annual Software Freedom Day.

Software Freedom Day 2007 - Bigger than ever!

September 15th marks Software Freedom Day, the world's largest celebration and outreach effort about why transparent and sustainable technologies like Free & Open Source Software are so important. Community groups in more than 80 countries organise local activities and programs on Software Freedom Day to educate the wider public about free software: what it is, how it works and its relationship to human rights and sustainability. We already have over 140 teams around the world registered: join them in spreading the word! Registrations for Software Freedom Day teams that want to receive a free SFD team pack close in two weeks, so register now!

Microsoft sponsors FOSS event in Sri Lanka

Despite the resent FUD campaign that Micro$oft has launched against Free and Open Source Software they seem to be supporting FOSS at the same time by sponsoring FOSS advocacy events such as FOSS-ed, look for the "Gold Sponsors" at the end of the page.

Software Freedom Day - Charlotte Pics

LXer Feature: 17-Sep-2006

Here are the pics for Software Freedom Day - Charlotte. We held our event yesterday afternoon at the Cone Center at the University of North Carolina - Charlotte. Enjoy!

Idaho Linux users will celebrate software freedom

The Idaho State Linux Users Group will host a Software Freedom Day celebration Saturday in Pocatello. There will be a presentation on open-source software, raffle prizes, free operating system CDs, and an "install-fest."

Software freedom in Burundi

Around the world Software Freedom Day is celebrated by free and open source enthusiasts with demonstrations, parties and conferences, many of which attract hundreds or even thousands of fans. For some, however, free software is still new and unknown and getting just a handful of people to come together to join in the celebrations is considered a success. In Burundi, in the heart of Africa, a handful of activists is doing just this.

Software Freedom Day Is Fast Approaching

LXer Feature: 11-Sep-2006

Software Freedom Day is fast approaching. What are you doing in your area?

Software Freedom Day: Not just for geeks

The third annual Software Freedom Day (SFD) will take place worldwide on September 16. Project organizers say the event, designed to raise awareness about the benefits of using free software, is drawing more interest this year than ever before, with participation from 150 countries.

Australia to celebrate Software Freedom Day 2006

September 16 is SFD, a global day for Free & Open Source Software. Pia Waugh, newly-appointed president of organising body SFI, told LinuxWorld about her plans, which include "mustering political backend support to give it credibility outside of the geek circles".

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