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Posted by dave on May 7, 2004 5:11 AM EDT
Mailing list; By Glynn Foster <Glynn.Foster@Sun.COM>
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The GNOME Foundation is looking for a host city for GUADEC 2005. Yes, we haven't even had this years GUADEC in Norway and we're already looking to next year!

The GNOME Foundation is looking for a host city for GUADEC 2005. Yes,
we haven't even had this years GUADEC in Norway and we're already
looking to next year!
What is GUADEC?
GUADEC is the GNOME Users and Developers European Conference, first
started by Mathieu Lacage 5 years ago in Paris, France. We've
come a long way since then, and GUADEC has become the center piece of
our calendar. With 4 successful conferences under our belt, and
GUADEC 5 in Norway well under way to success, we're better planned
than ever before and we're looking for hosts of GUADEC 2005.
Are you ready to host GUADEC 2005?
To help you along the way, we've prepared a list of recommendations for you
to think about.
1) Board Contact
  For future GUADECs, we'd like to delegate far more of the event planning
  and co-ordination to a local GUADEC organising team, with minimal noise
  and interruption from the Board. ;-) To do that, we need a good deal of
  trust in the organising team, and great communication.
  To help that along, we'd like to see a delegate from the organising team
  act as a point of contact with the Board and Executive Director, so we
  know where we can help out, how the planning is going, and so on.
  It would help if this person is well known to the community, but is not

2) Team The organising team needs to be a team! Ideally, there ought to be five to seven people, *on the ground* at the host city, who are keen to be part of the organising team. Of course, they will get lots of help from previous organisers, the Board, and other contributors, who will most likely be in different countries and inconvenient timezones. :-) The local organizing team will interface on event planning, sponsorship and logistics with GNOME Foundation's Executive Director. The most important thing is that there are people on the ground taking the major organisational role. They get to have the most fun and beer. 3) Helpers The organising team needs to be able to muster an army of helpers during the event, and potentially to help out beforehand if the workload is huge. Often enough, this will be a local user group or university club. GUADEC 3 is a great example; they had an amazing number of helpers from HispaLinux. GUADEC 2 had a great deal support from local volunteers and staff from SSLUG, similarly from the Trinity guys at GUADEC 4 in Dublin, and similarly from the large team of Norwegians at Agder University College in Kristiansand. More people helping out means that everyone - including the overworked organising committee - can enjoy the conference. 4) Venue It would be a huge advantage, financially and organisationally, to have lots of support from the proposed venue. Other conferences have been able to arrange venue sponsorship, especially from universities, which we ought to be able to do as well. Who wouldn't want to support the world's most prestigious Free Desktop conference, anyway? :-) There are only a few important pre-requisites; a large hacking room with good network connectivity, a selection of large and small lecture theatres [optional rooms for people to get together and discuss stuff would be a bonus] and be in close proximity to a wide range of restaurants and pubs. 5) Date With the last two conferences, we've unfortunately had to hold the event in June. While we get to enjoy the good weather of June, quite often this interferes with many students doing exams, clashes with other conferences and holiday plans. The GNOME Foundation is looking to hold the conference in March/April for 2005 if possible. GUADEC 4 spanned over 5 days, with a pre-conference weekend involved - this was a great opportunity for people to fly in and find their feet. We'd like to do this again.

6) Transport & Accommodation Because we have so many international attendees, the ideal host city ought to have a fairly major airport, to avoid rising transport costs and time to travel. The host team should investigate travel costs with a selection of countries, both from Europe and further afield to be able to provide a rough estimation for the conference attendees. Ensuring that cheap accommodation is available, and not in use by other major events (such as the Special Olympics!) is also important. Are you a GUADEC host? ====================== GUADEC is a fun event, but with its popularity over the last couple of years the conference is getting bigger and bigger! The potential hosts can gain a lot by having the conference in their region - not only increased exposure for free software, but also influencing key developments like the 80,000 computer deployment in Extremadura, Spain. With the increased size of the event we feel that it is absolutely important that any organization team know what is involved in such a conference before offering to host it. Organizing a conference of this size is great experience and an incredibly rewarding one, especially when the conference finishes ;-) We hope that the above isn't considered as a 'scare tactic', but rather a 'reality check' and greatly look forward to host applications filling our mailboxes. All host bids will be rated both on infrastructure, location and, most importantly, enthusiasm level! All queries related to the hosting of next years conference should be directed to board[at]gnome[dot]org.


- GNOME Foundation Board

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