Canadian studio releases new MMORPG, Aerrevan.

Posted by aerrevan7 on Aug 9, 2011 12:13 PM EDT
CubeForce Media
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After more than 4 years of production on their latest free to play MMORPG, the independent game studio CubeForce Media offers up Aerrevan. Set in a fantasy world and boasting many unique features, Aerrevan is sure to captivate and enthrall players from all over the world.

Winnipeg, Manitoba - As computing technologies continue to advance, the line between computer-generated graphics and reality has reached near symmetry. Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games, (MMORPG) are the epitome of this continual advancement, featuring highly interactive environments where thousands of players can simultaneously interact within a persistent world. Canadian game developer CubeForce Media brings forth another contender in the highly popular MMORPG market, named Aerrevan. Aerrevan boasts a unique NPC interaction system, captivating storyline, classless advancement, and unprecedented roleplaying opportunities.

Aerrevan takes players to the fantasy continent of Lurris, where its people are faced with the imbalance of a magical essence known as Aer. In correct quantities, Aer fosters life and growth; but under extreme exposure, Aer becomes a deadly force. When the Baehoman meteor fell from the skies four years ago, it brought with it excess amounts of Aer, causing many residents of Lurris to be killed or horribly mutated. Aer continues to play a large part in the daily lives of Lurrians, and is a central element in the story of Aerrevan.

Aerrevan features a compelling PvE experience designed with the roleplayer in mind. The dynamic NPC conversation system, unique to Aerrevan, allows players to interact with NPCs in ways that far exceed the scope of most MMOs. NPCs are intelligent, self-aware beings, with vast repositories of knowledge about the world around them. Players can type to NPC’s in plain English, and they will respond accordingly. Players can ask NPCs about anything; from global events, to occurrences within the NPC's own life. Through this expansive system, players can gain skills, items, quests, and knowledge about the world around them, all in a way that is extremely immersive. Explore every cave, house, inn and castle with no loading screens; travel without boundaries in a world full of hidden gems, waiting to be found. Engage in epic battle with hundreds of unique mobs and bosses, all while advancing your characters within a completely classless leveling system. Expand and grow in your own way, without annoying limitations. In Aerrevan, every choice is yours to make.

CubeForce Media is an independent game production studio with a strong commitment to bringing new ideas to the MMORPG genre. Featuring a novel quality gaming experience, Aerrevan is poised to offer gamers a fresh approach to the MMORPG. Come and see Aerrevan at

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