Mozilla Links Newsletter - 20 - July 8, 2004

Posted by dave on Jul 9, 2004 4:31 AM EDT
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Finally, Firefox 0.9 came out on June 15 and, as anticipated, it caused a massive run from Mozilla users to download the latest version of their favorite browser. Undoubtedly, the most visible and controversial change was the new Winstripe default theme that replaced Qute. Since it's a matter of taste, we'll never know for sure which one is "better", but what seems to be obvious is that it doesn't matter very much since Firefox 0.9 has proved to be a success according to reviews all around the web.

Mozilla Links - English Edition
Issue # 20 - July 8, 2004

Finally, Firefox 0.9 came out on June 15 and, as anticipated, it caused a massive run from Mozilla users to download the latest version of their favorite browser.

Undoubtedly, the most visible and controversial change was the new Winstripe default theme that replaced Qute. Since it's a matter of taste, we'll never know for sure which one is "better", but what seems to be obvious is that it doesn't matter very much since Firefox 0.9 has proved to be a success according to reviews all around the web. And an article ( at Slate, a Microsoft owned website, praising Firefox over Internet Explorer, really means all "around the web".

New in this release, Extension Manager is a simple interface where you can manage currently installed extensions, configure them (click on the check icon), visit the extension home pages, check for updates in the new Mozilla Update site or look for new extensions at the same place.

Theme Manager is very similar, you can select and preview the installed themes, switch between them and visit Mozilla Update ( for new themes to download.

Among other improvements, Firefox presents a new Mail button, Copy Image option in the context menu, confirmation window for closing Firefox wiht more than one tab opened, Help with a section for previous Internet Explorer users explaing the minor terminology differences with Internet Explorer and corresponding hotkeys; great profile importing capabilities from Opera, Internet Explorer, Netscape and previous Mozilla and Firefox versions.

Get Mozilla Firefox 0.9.1 here:

We are also pleased to announce the immediate availability of Mozilla Links, Spanish Edition. Spain, Phillipines and Latin America Mozilla users can now get the newsletter on their own language.

Thanks for reading and please send any comments to [] .

Percy Cabello Mozilla Links

---------------------------------------------------------------------- In this issue:

1. BETTER MOZILLA - IE View - Start Firefox in Safe Mode - Configure Update Manager



4. PROJECTS - Independent Status Reports



1. BETTER MOZILLA ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Featured Extension: IE View (developed by Paul Roub)

It's very likely you may need to visit one or two sites that just don't play fair and won't display correctly in any Mozilla browser or any other web standards based product, and so, you have to launch Internet Explorer and navigate to the faulty site.

IE View is a nifty extension that will add an item to web pages' context menu for opening the current misbehaving page in Internet Explorer. Pretty simple and pretty effective.

Learn more about and download it at: vid=145


Tip: Start Firefox In Safe Mode (contributed by Percy Cabello)

When restarting Firefox to complete an extension installation you may have seen a window with the message "Finishing installing extensions" that just never goes out.

It's more likely to be due to an extension installation error (like installing the same extension or theme twice). While this problem is in the works ( you can work around this and other similar problems related to bad behaving extensions with Firefox "Safe Mode" start feature. On this mode, Firefox will start with all the extensions turned off.

To do this, in Windows, click the "Start" button, select "Programs", "Mozilla Firefox", and click on "Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)".

You can also start in Safe Mode from a command line. Go to the folder where Firefox was installed and run:

firefox.exe -safe-mode

Once Firefox starts, you can go to Theme or Extension Manager and uninstall the extension or theme you suspect may be causing the problem. Usually it will be the last one you installed.


Tip: Update Manager Configuration (contributed by Percy Cabello)

You can configure how Firefox manages update checks. In the "Tool" menu, select "Options". Click on the "Advanced" and look for "Software Update" item. You'll find the options enable/disable if Firefox should check for Firefox and/or installed extensions updates and whether it should download them automatically or just notify you for manual download.

Press "Check now" to check for the selected updates.

Press "Allow web sites to install software" if you want to allow the installation of extensions.


You can also visit for more fun tips for your favorite browser.

Have a Tip or a PowerTip? Let other users know about it by sending it to [] .

2. MOZILLA COMMUNITY ----------------------------------------------------------------------

On this issue, Jason Kersey, one of's administrators gives a brief insight into one of the most relevant Mozilla related website. Not only about news, but community, the knowledge base, support and Mozilla staff blogs, mozillaZine is at the top of the list when it comes to know what's going on in the Mozilla project.

Here is an excerpt of the interview:

Jason Kersey, "Mozillazine was founded late in 1998, to cover the recently released Mozilla code from Netscape. It started as basically a simple news and advocacy site, with one person running it, Chris Nelson. It quickly grew over the years into one of the larger software community sites on the net, doing millions of hits a month."

"We are 100% funded by donations currently. We've tried a variety of different funding options, and actually stumbled upon donations when we became too large for our current ISP's plan. It costs roughly 5 grand a year (US) for system costs. We've never figured out how much it costs in time."

"We do upwards of 10 million hits per month, possibly more, it's pretty hard to tell right now because of the various load balancers we have in place. We currently have almost 40,000 members of the forums, close to 10,000 talkback members, and almost 500,000 posts in the forums. We do over 500GB of traffic a month, and almost all of that is text. With the popularity of Firefox really taking off, the site also has been quickly growing."

For the complete interview, visit:

3. NEWS ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Firefox 0.9.1 Released ---------------------- On June 29, two weeks after Firefox 0.9 a minor upgrade has been released. It includes several theme/extension manager bug fixes and an updated version of Winstripe.

Thunderbird 0.7 Released ------------------------ On June 16, Thunderbird 0.7 came out, featuring a smaller Windows Installer, new Themes and Extension Manager, Crash Analysis Tools (Talkback), new user interface for viewing vCards, new Profile Manager which also supports running from a USB device, color quoting for quoted message parts and a user interface for creating multiple identities per e-mail account.

* On June 29, Thunderbird 0.7.1. Like Firefox 0.9.1 it features several fixes to themes and extensions manager bugs.

Mozilla 1.7 Released -------------------- Released on June XX, the new stable version of Mozilla browser features a new set of icons for files that are associated with Mozilla on Windows, the Talkback crash reporting utility and support for basic FTP upload. Mail brings improvements to Palm Sync, support for multiple identities on the same mail account, when composing mail, you can now use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through the To/Cc/Bcc list. Chatzilla now supports zooming of fonts with keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + + and Ctrl + -) and the "/ignore" command. Mozilla 1.7 is 7% faster at startup than 1.6, loads pages 9% faster, and is 5% smaller in binary size.

Download Mozilla 1.7 here:

Camino 0.8 Released ------------------- On June 22, Camino, the MacOS browser was released featuring a new look and icon set, Gecko rendering engine based on Mozilla 1.7, a more compact download manager user interface, a new bookmark system, importing Safari, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla bookmarks, with Rendezvous and Address Book integration and multi-level undo support, "Top Ten" bookmark collection, based on your ten most-visited sites, Google Search field in toolbar and a lot more including hundreds of bug fixes.

Get Camino 0.8 here:

Read the complete Release notes, here:

Nokia to Fund Minimo Project ---------------------------- Minimo, a Mozilla project to create a web browser for mobile devices, has allegedly received funding from the Finland cell phone behemoth, Nokia. This could mean that in a the future you may have Mozilla in your handheld or cell phone too.

Minimo Project site:

Minimo Screenshots:

CNet coverage on the topic:

Sunbird Looking for New Theme ----------------------------- Mozilla Sunbird, the stand-alone calendar project, has requested proposals for a new theme for Sunbird. There has been a warm reception to the call and there are several nice proposals already in the table, with more expected to come.

Mozilla Sunbird project website:

Follow the Sunbird theme development here: &postsperpage=15&start=0

4. PROJECTS ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Independent Status Reports (contributed by Brian King)

The independent status reports include news and updates from Mozilla application and extension projects hosted on and elsewhere in the Mozilla community.

There have been many exciting recent developments in the Mozilla Community, that affect extension authors and end-users alike. These include: - New Releases - Mozilla 1.7, Firefox 0.9, Thunderbird 0.7 and Camino 0.8. - A Web plugin alliance between Mozilla and other major technology groups. - New Extension and Theme managers in Firefox and Thunderbird. - Launch of At, we feel that this will be a valuable service that will compliment the services that we provide for extension authors, and will provide a solid way for users to manage their extensions and themes.

So now more than ever is the perfect time to switch to Mozilla, to write your extension, and to invest in Mozilla technologies.

The latest report was posted on July 05, 2004 and includes:

deskCut - 0.4.0, desktop shortcuts in Linux and Windows. For: Mozilla, Firefox Platform: Windows, Linux Updated installer to new API; Firefox 0.9 compatible.

Launchy - v2.8.0, open links with external programs like Internet Explorer, Opera. For: Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX Notable Highlights include adding of Mozilla Firefox 0.9 installation support and many small fixes.

DictionarySearch - v0.6, looks up words in an online dictionary. For: Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX Added support for Firefox 0.9 and translations for german and french.

Citations - v0.1.7, tools to bookmark quotings and other. For: Mozilla, Firefox Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX Citations now works. It allows to select a text in a Web page and to right-click to save it in a RDF local database together with the URL and the author. It is like a bookmark aimed to "quotings" and special phrases one wants to keep for future reference.

Mnenhy - v0.6, MailNews-Enhancements and more for Mozilla, Thunderbird and Firefox. Mnenhy returns the sidebar to MailNews! Mnenhy now provides the ability to use folder dependent thread pane column sets! It's now possible to e.g. see certain columns for News only. As an alternative, the dependent storage can be limited to accounts instead of folders. Other features include: - Custom mail/news header configuration for Mozilla and Thunderbird. Yes, with clickable references! - Text encoders and decoders like ROT-13, Unicode converters or Kenny for Mozilla, Thunderbird and Firefox. - Chrome Manager for Mozilla, Thunderbird and Firefox: Move, deactivate or deinstall addons and extensions! - Registry Viewer for Mozilla, Thunderbird and Firefox:View the contents of Mozilla registry files like mozver.dat or registry.dat.

Read more about each of these projects in the full report at

5. POLL ----------------------------------------------------------------------

In our last issue, we asked if you plan to switch to Mozilla Thunderbird. Here are the results:

- I already have 61% |]]]]]]]]]]]] - As soon as it reaches 1.0 status 8% |]] - As soon as it includes a feature in the roadmap 3% |] - I am fine with Mozilla Mail and don't plan to switch 16% |]]] - I am fine with my non-Mozilla e-mail client 7% |] - I am stucked with my current e-mail client and can't switch 3% |]

Note: Numbers may not add up to 100% due to rounding.

This issue poll: What kind of application do you use the most?

- Web browser - E-mail client - Word processing - Spreadsheet - Development tools - Other applications Let your voice be counted at

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