Mozilla Links Newsletter - 22 - September 6, 2004

Posted by dave on Sep 6, 2004 11:23 AM EDT
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With this issue the newsletter project is turning 1. We want to thank you for your interest and support during this first year and would like to ask you to let us know what you like or dislike about the newsletter. We know there is plenty of room for improvement and we look forward to offering more in coming months.

Mozilla Links - English Edition
Issue # 22 - September 6, 2004

With this issue the newsletter project is turning 1. We want to thank you for your interest and support during this first year and would like to ask you to let us know what you like or dislike about the newsletter. We know there is plenty of room for improvement and we look forward to offering more in coming months.

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new Italian edition of Links. To subscribe go to

As a big crowd of the Mozilla community impatiently waits for Firefox 1.0, a new roadmap update has been released. The new target release has been pushed to October 11 for Linux and Windows, with intermediate release candidates on September 20 and October 4. MacOS X versions will be released later. Firefox 1.0PR (pre-release) was announced for August 30 and should be going out any moment now. Since our review on our last issue, last in development versions show new History, Go, Download and New Tab toolbar button icons, "Work Offline" feature has been removed because of some bugs that may not get fixed by the expected release date, a new "Promote Firefox" item has been added to the Help menu, and Livemarks were renamed to Live Bookmarks.

Some readers have expressed their concerns about the password reminders the Mozilla Links list server sends the first day of the month in plain text. We can only advise to avoid using a valuable password (such as from banking or e-mail accounts) for your newsletter subscription. We will keep this issue in mind and will try to find out an alternative.

Thanks for reading and please send any comments to [] .

Percy Cabello Mozilla Links


In this issue:

1. BETTER MOZILLA - Review: SpellBound 0.3.3 - Review: Scribe 0.2 - Tip: Master Your History - PowerTip: Save Your Search Plugins






1. BETTER MOZILLA ________________________________

Review: SpellBound 0.6 ______________________

Developed by Robert Strong

Based on Mozilla Composer spell checker, SpellBound is an extension that adds spell checking in web forms (like web mail or forum posts composing screens) capabilites to Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox.

To install, go to select your operating system (Windows, Linux, MacOS), a dictionary language and (optionally) a language pack* and click Install SpellBound. In Firefox, Extension Manager will list three extensions to be installed. Click "Yes" to proceed and restart Firefox after installation.

Linux users must perform a two step installation that is also described in the installation web page.

Once installed, the next time you need to spell check a (specially) long message, right click on a text area, and select "Check Spelling" to open the spell check window. It works similar to spell checker found in word processors like Write or Microsoft Word.

In the upper are you will see your text with words not recognized marked with a red underline. You will have the option to replace an unrecognized word with a suggested one or another manually entered, ignore it or add it to your personal dictionary**. To edit your personal directory click the "Edit..." button.

You can also add another dictionary. Click on the "Language" drop down menu and select "Download More". You will be taken to where you can choose a dictionary for about 50 languages and regions. Click on the desired language and it will be installed. It is not required to restart Firefox. Just close and reopen the Check Spelling window to have the new dictionary listed as an option.

SpellBound website:

* A language pack is a component that provides a user interface in the selected language. ** Your personal dictionary entries are stored in your profile folder as "persdict.dat". For help finding your personal profile, check Henrik Gemal's Psyched Site at

Review: Scribe 0.2 __________________

Developed by Jeremiah Golden

"Why doesn't someone develop an extension so it saves your post for you?", asked Jeremiah Golden, talking about several people he knew who have lost long forum, blog or web mail posts. "Well, why don't you make it?", was his wife's answer. So he sat and created Scribe.

Scribe is extension that allows to save a web form to an XHTML file and load it back later. Once installed, to save a form click on the "File" menu and select "Save entry as...", enter a name for the file to be saved and you are done.

When you go back to the web form, open the "File" menu, select "Open Entry..", browse for the file you saved and all the saved information will be loaded back. It proves to be useful also for helping others fill a web form. You can fill the "hard" fields (like in loan applications), save the form and e-mail the file to your troubled pal to complete the missing ones.

I have read some reports about problems handling long files, however in my tests Scribe handled 100KB+ entries with no glitch.

According to Golden, A new release, 0.3 is very close to release with better support for Gmail and international character sets. Auto-save and save on close can be expected in future releases also.

Try Scribe here:

Tip: Master Your History _________________________

Contributed by Percy Cabello

As you very probably know, the History is a browser feature that keeps a record of all web pages you have visited. It becomes very handy for example when you just visited a useful website and didn't have the chance to bookmark it. So, you just press Ctrl + H and the "History" sidebar will appear.

By default, visited websites will be listed sorted "by date", grouped in folders named Today, Yesterday, Last week, and so on. But there are other sorting options you may find useful at other times:

- By Date and Site, in addition to grouping by day visited, it will group by domain name (the part of a web address before the first "/") - By Site, grouped by domain name only - By Most Visited - By Last Visited, most useful if for example you just accidentally closed a tab with a just found web page

To change between different sort options, press the "View" button and select accordingly.

Additionally, you can look for some word in the titles of visited web pages, type some words in the "Search" textbox and press Enter.

By default, Firefox will "remember"the sites you visited in the last 9 days. If you want to change it, go to the "Tools" menu, select "Options..." and then the "Privacy" page. Click on "History" and enter the desired number of days in "Remember visited pages for the last __ days".

PowerTip: Save Your Search Plugins __________________________________

Contributed by Percy Cabello

If you have a large collection of search plugin, you may want to save them before installing a new release of Mozilla or Mozilla Firefox to avoid having to reinstall them.

To do so, go to the "searchplugins" folder in your installation directory (tipically, "C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxsearchplugins" in Windows). For each plugin you have installed you will see a couple of files with the same name. One with a SRC extension (a text file with the required definitions for the search engine) and the other is the logo image with an extension like PNG, GIF or JPG.

Copy all the files to a backup location out of the "Mozilla Firefox" folder. To restore the plugins later, just copy them back from the backup location to the "searchplugins" folder.


Check for more fun tips for your favorite browser.


2. NEWS ________________________________

Mozilla Based Encyclopedia Released by Hachette Multimedia __________________________________________________________

On July 26, Hachette Multimedia announced (through AFJV, French Association for Video Game) the availability of Hachette Multimedia Encyclopedia 2005. Developed by IDM ( and published by Hachette Multimedia, the electronic encyclopedia is a stand-alone application based on Mozilla 1.2.1. "It's a very old version, but we were obliged to use this one to be able to use scriptable Flash plugin on MacOS X, and for historical reasons also" commented Damien Krotkine, an IDM project leader of the product. "IDM has some experience with Mozilla based products. With this experience, it took IDM 6 months to develop entirely the product, once the product design were decided and specifications written", he added.

Currently, the product is only available in French but Hachette Multimedia's Eric Kalasz let us know they are open to work with foreign publishers in localized editions.

Hachette Multimedia Encyclopedia Press Release (in french, with some screenshots):

Nvu 0.41 Released _________________

On August 10, Disruptive Innovations and Linspire, Inc. released version 0.4 of Nvu, a Gecko-based web site authoring tool. Based on Mozilla 1.7 code, it features new horizontal and vertical rulers allowing to resize all element with the mouse, including table columns and rows.

Version 0.41 is a minor release that fixes a problem in the Publishing settings and adds a Fonts preference panel.

Download Nvu 0.41:

Mozilla Foundation, Novell and IBM to Implement XForms 1.0 in Mozilla _____________________________________________________________________

On August 10, the Mozilla Foundation announced the formation of a project to implement W3C's XForms 1.0. W3C (for World Wide Web Consortium) gathers some 350 organizations around the world to review, approve and promote common protocols for the web evolution. XForms allows more powerful web forms with validation capabilities and connection to web services, that could mean for example, less data exchange with a server and faster and more correct forms filling.

Mozilla Foundation press release:

User Friendly Cartoon on Mozilla Security Bugs Bounty Program _____________________________________________________________

On August 11, User Friendly, a tech oriented cartoon by J.D. "Illiad" Frazer, released another Mozilla related strip. In this case, related to Mozilla Security Bugs Bounty Program.

Take a look and a smile at

AOL Released Netscape 7.2 _________________________

On August 17, improved popup control (it now blocks popup windows raised when moving the mouse over certain objects in web pages), support for electronic business cards (vCard), improved Palm synchronization and faster startup and rendering speed since it's based on the latest Mozilla 1.7.

Get it here:

Camino 0.8.1 Released _____________________

On August 15, a security update for Camino, Mozilla's MacOS native interface browser was released. Besides fixing these vulnerabilities, it is based in Mozilla 1.7.2 and provides better support for localization.

Get Camino 0.8.1 here:

Mozilla 1.8 Alpha 3 Released ____________________________

Featuring improvements for Eudora import, support for opening a new tab with Ctrl + Click or Middle-Click, an option to disable style definitions (CSS) and several other minor enhancements were unveiled with the release of Mozilla 1.8 Alpha 3 on August 18.

Mozilla 1.8a3 Release Notes:

Mozilla Japan Launched ______________________

On August 18, 2004, the Mozilla Foundation announced the launch of Mozilla Japan, the second international affiliate, following Mozilla Europe launch earlier this year. It's initial board of directors is led by Hideo Aiso (President of the Tokyo University of Technology), and includes Professor Hideyuki Tokuda (Keio University), Nobuo Kita (CEO of Ten Art-ni Corporation), Satoko Takita (formerly of AOL/Netscape Japan), and Motohiro Egota (of Ten Art-ni). Ten Art-ni is a publicly traded provider of open source solutions in Japan.

Press release:

Mozilla Foundation, To Join Forces _________________________________________________

On August 26, OpenOffice.Org's Daniel Carrera announced Ryan Singer from OOo marketing project has been in conversations with the Mozilla Foundation to forge an alliance between the two projects. As a start, future Mozilla CDs would include software. is a successful open source project for the development of a suite of office applications including Text (word processor), Calc (spreadsheet) and Impress(presentations). This story couldn't be confirmed on the Mozilla side, but could very well represent the most requested and strategic move in the open source side of the industry.

Daniel Carrera's post at [] mailing list:

MacOS Versions of Firefox, Mozilla Suite and Netscape Affected By Java Vulnerability ____________________________________________________________________________________

On August 27, Secunia released a security advisory for MacOS versions of Firefox, Mozilla Suite and Netscape. "The problem is caused due to errors in the displaying of Java applets in a window when multiple tabs are used. This can be exploited to spoof the content of a HTML document from another HTML document being in a different tab.", reads the security bulletin.

And adds, "It has been reported that this issue relates to a known behaviour in Apple's implementation of Java. Therefore, only applications using the Apple Java plugin [are] affected by this vulnerability.

Netscape 7.2, Firefox 0.9.3, Mozilla Suite 1.7.2 and Thunderbird 0.7.3 on Mac OS X 10.3.5 are all reported to be affected. As a temporary workaround, you may either disable Java support or open untrusted sites in separate windows instead of tabs.

Netscape Security Bulletin: Mozilla Suite and Firefox Security Bulletin:

New Website _______________________

On August 31, a new face for was released. Developed by the Mozilla Visual Identity Team, the new style named Cavendish is dark blue and highlights better all Mozilla products, and experimentally, Mozilla people blog posts.

Mozilla Visual Identity team is formed in large part by contributing people from Canada-based web design firm silverorange. In the past they have been resposible for important Mozilla design improvements like the Firefox and Thunderbird logos and Firefox's Winstripe default theme.

Steven Garrity's announcement: The new look:


3. MOZILLA PROJECTS ________________________________

Contributed by Brian King

The independent status reports include news and updates from Mozilla application and extension projects hosted on and elsewhere in the Mozilla community.

There is an enormous push at the moment on the grassroots level in co-ordination with to increase the number of Firefox/Thunderbird downloads and get folks to switch from other browsers and email clients. This push includes one thousand reviews of Firefox on the product listing page (, compiling a list of 2000 sites that should have Get Firefox buttons but don't have them yet, and fortherecord ( -- an attempt to recruit people to help Mozilla to get more press coverage.

Some websites have sprung up to encourage and inform users on making the switch. All don't focus exclusively on swithing to Mozilla clients, but they are included. See zillivisation (, Browse Happy (, Switch2Firefox (, and FirefoxIE ( And of course, one of the best reasons for switching is the great choice and quality of extensions available. Enjoy these latest reports from some of the projects!

LookAhead - v0.7, which uses Google web service to fetch URLs in multiple tabs. For: Firefox Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX Notable recent highlights are: - Added dialog to configure usage - Added context menu with selected text for LookAheading - Added dialog to enter Google key - Fixed broken interaction with SearchButton To come is a fix interaction with "WebSearch" and to create "application" for identifying new Google results for search strings (like "GoogleAlert" Jr.?

Autofill - V0.2, a Firefox extension to automatically fill in forms. For: Mozilla, Firefox Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX Released V0.2 on 8/24 New Features included support for credit card attributes, validation of credit card numbers against Prefix, length, and LUHN Algorithm, and support for form field recognition based on labels. There are numerous bug fixes including: - Preferences Profile fields enabled on failed profile add - Fixed tab select behaviour to properly enable/disable autofill button when witching between tabs - Fixed options dialog popping up on top left of screen (now centered in opening window) - Fixed how add profile works to be more intuitive and less error prone

3iempost - v0.3, a Firefox extension for posting a webpage to For: Firefox 0.9+ Platform: Platform independent Version 0.3 has been released. New options added, and auto post url into forum added. Notable Highlights: - Post a webpage to with one click - Options to customize posting

bioFOX - v0.2, a bioinformatics tools on Mozilla browsers. For: Mozilla, Firefox Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX Notable Highlights: - Fixed blastn, blastp URLs - Fixed frame bug

biobar - v1.2, a power browsing toolbar for bioinformatics database searches. For: Mozilla, Firefox Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, All platforms where mozilla/firefox compiled Biobar is a toolbar for biologists and bioinformaticians. Version 1.2 of biobar allows searching for information from 26 different biological databases from EBI, NCBI, plant, animal, scientific literature, functional and genomic collections. Notable Highlights - New Options menu - Choice of specifying default database - Allows dynamic control of search database list - NCBI Library Linkout for customizing literature searches - Choice of mirrors for ExPASy, OCA, Flybase and RCSB databases - List of Databases, searchable using biobar

MozManual - v1+, a Mozilla Manual - Introduction to Mozilla. For: Mozilla Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX New translations are available! Notable Highlights: - Dutch Version 1.0 is now available - French version 1.35 (some minor corrections) - Web version 1.1 (some minor corrections)

Habari Xenu - v0.8, a Cool XUL News Aggregator. For: Mozilla Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX Parses most syntactically correct feeds. Notable Highlights: - Improved parsing of feeds - Supports RSS, RDF and Atom news feeds - Improved UI

ConQuery - v1.1, a context sensitive web query extension. For: Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird Platform: All Notable Highlights: - FireFox 0.9 - 1.0 compatible, on-line update supported; - Thunderbird 0.6 - 0.7+ compatible (plugins with GET method only);

Read more about each of these projects in the full report at ________________________________

4. POLL ________________________________

On our last issue, we asked if you have got some people to switch to a Mozilla product. Here are the results:

Yes, more than 20 8.85% Yes, more than 10 10.03% Yes, more than 5 27.43% Yes, less than 5 43.66% Nope, I am selfish and evil 10.03%

This issue poll: Have you participated of some of the Marketing initiatives weeks yet?

Yes, all of them Yes, some of them None, I told you I am selfish and evil

Let your voice be counted at


ADVERTISEMENT ________________________________

Just released: Mozilla CD and 1.7 Guidebook featuring Mozilla 1.7, Firefox 0.9 and Thunderbird 0.7, get it at $14.95. Mozilla CD: $5.95; Mozilla 1.7 Guide $12.95.

Mozilla T-shirts and polo shirts from US$ 16.95 and the Firefox plush at US$ 15.95 (yes, you can finally hug it!).



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5. CONTACT INFO ________________________________

Mozilla Links(TM) is a monthly electronic newsletter published by the Mozilla Newsletter project.

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YOUR PRIVACY : Only a valid e-mail address is required to receive this newsletter. It will not be used for any purpose other than those related to this newsletter operation and administration such as delivery, support, removal or similar.


Mozilla Links is currently translated into Traditional Chinese, Czech, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

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