Mozilla Links Newsletter - 13 - February 17, 2004

Posted by dave on Feb 17, 2004 12:40 PM EDT
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This week: News, tips and tricks, poll, projects information, and more.

Mozilla Links - English Edition
Issue # 13 - February 17, 2004

Welcome back to Mozilla Links!

It's all about the brand new Mozilla brand. Mozilla Firefox is the final name for the standalone browser and 0.8 is the new version number. With this change, the Mozilla Foundation is honoring its commitment to the Firebird Database open source project to drop the name to avoid confusion among open source software users. Among several improvements, perhaps the most welcomed is the availability of a Windows installer which not only eases the setup process but also simplifies the installation of popular plug-ins like Macromedia Flash and the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

Firefox 0.8 is such a highly anticipated release that,, and the Mozilla Firefox Help site had problems handling the wave of users looking for the latest information, downloading extensions or participating in forum discussions covering the always controversial topic of naming.

Along with the new name and version, a definitive logo for Mozilla Firefox was released. A new image featuring an agile firefox (red panda) surrounding a globe, a product slogan ("The browser, reloaded") and a marketing slogan ("Take back the web") were unveiled, as well as buttons you can use to let your web visitors know about this terrific product. Grab them at:

Thanks for reading and please send any comments to .

Percy Cabello Mozilla Links

---------------------------------------------------------------------- In this issue:

1. BETTER MOZILLA - WML Browser - Hidden Tricks With Bookmark Drag and Drop - Set Your Translation Engine

2. THE NEWS - Mozilla Firebird Renamed Firefox, Version 0.8 Released - Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5 Released - Nvu 0.1 Released - MozillaZine Launches Knowledge Base - Introducing the Mozilla Visual Identity Team


4. MOZILLA PROJECTS - Project of the Week: Dictionary Search - Independent Status Report



1. BETTER MOZILLA ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Featured Resource: WML Browser (developed by Matthew Wilson)

If you have ever hesitated exploring the web-browsing capabilities of your cell phone because of wasting precious minutes or megabytes in just getting to know the mobile web, fear no more.

WML browser adds to Mozilla Browser and Mozilla Firefox (preview technology) the capability to browse WML files (web pages for mobile devices). Just install this small extension (13 KB), restart your browser and type a mobile web address in the Location Bar.

A new window will open displaying the -usually- small web page.

For starters, you can visit

Visit to give this nice extension a try.


Mozilla Links Tip: Hidden Tricks With Bookmark Drag and Drop (contributed by Daniel Wang)

You may have noticed that in Mozilla Application Suite, you can't drag bookmark folders within bookmarks or to the Personal Toolbar. In fact, it is possible; just press Alt or Shift while you drag and that's it.

Bug warning: If you drop a folder to the Bookmarks button and release the mouse button before the Bookmarks menu opens, the entire content of your folder may be lost. To avoid this problem, remove the Bookmarks button from the Personal Toolbar in Edit/Preferences/ Navigator.

Other similar tips about bookmarks: - To copy a folder or bookmark, press down Ctrl and drag it. - To set a new home page, drag a bookmark or the site icon in the Location Bar to the Home button. (However, you can't do the same with bookmark folders). - To switch between tab groups fast, put your tab group bookmarks on your Personal Toolbar.


Mozilla Links PowerTip: Set Your Translation Engine (contributed by Percy Cabello) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Following our previous issue's PowerTip, we'll now show you how to further customize the translation functionality Mozilla 1.6 brought back.

By default, Mozilla Browser directs the current webpage address (URL) to the Google Translation Tool which returns the translated web page. So the trick consists of getting Mozilla to direct the URL to the desired translation engine instead of Google's. There could be many reasons for doing this: from the fact that Google offers a limited number of languages, to improved correction another translation engine could provide.

For this Power Tip, we will use the Systran free translation engine.

- Type "about:config" in the Location bar - Search for the parameter "browser.translation.service" - Change the value from:

to en&systran_charset=utf-8&systran_lp=en_es&systran_url=

It's important that the parameter for the URL to be the last one, since Mozilla will append the current URL to this string.

You may also notice a parameter called systran_lp in this example with the values "en_es". It means, for Systran, that we want to translate from (en)glish to spanish ((es)panol). The specific parameter names and values are particular for each translation engine.

Visit a translation website that supports typing in a web address to be translated, and try it. In the resulting web page, check for the URL displayed in the location bar and you should be able to figure out which parameter is which and set the specific string for browser.translation.service in about:config to your convenience.

Need to find a translation engine? Visit Google Directory: Linguistics/Translation/Tools/Translation_Engines/


Need more tips? Try the TipBar Extension to get the Tip of the Day in Mozilla Firefox. Grab it at

You can also visit for more fun tips for your favorite browser.

Have a Tip or a PowerTip? Let other users know about it by sending it to .

2. THE NEWS ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (contributed by MozillaZine, your source for Mozilla news and advocacy. )

Mozilla Firebird Renamed Firefox, Version 0.8 Released ------------------------------------------------------ The standalone Mozilla Firebird browser has been renamed to Firefox and received an upgrade to version 0.8. This latest release features a new download manager, bookmarks enhancements, better support for extensions and several thousand other improvements. Windows users can benefit from a new installer, while Mac OS X users will enjoy the new Aqua-style theme, Kevin Gerich and Stephen Horlander's Pinstripe.

Firefox is the browser's third name. The last name, Firebird, drew strong objections from the Firebird database community when it was announced in April. The database community's supporters and commercial backers waged a high-profile campaign against and affiliated parties until announced that Firebird would only be used as a codename. The new Firefox moniker is intended to be used as a permanent product name and a strong brand identity will be built around it. The new name was chosen after extensive international trademark searches and consultations with lawyers. The process of registering Firefox as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office began in December last year.

Download Mozilla Firefox 0.8:

Mozilla Firefox 0.8 Release Notes:

Full story:

Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5 Released -------------------------------- The Mozilla Foundation has released the latest preview release of its new email and newsgroups application, Mozilla Thunderbird. This release features Palm address book synchronisation, IMAP performance improvements, better LDAP support, enhanced Netscape 4.x migration, spell check/dictionary improvements, and many other bug fixes and minor tweaks.

Download Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5:

Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5 Release Notes:

Full story:

Nvu 0.1 Released ---------------- Version 0.1 of Nvu, the open-source Web development tool based on Mozilla Composer, has been released. The application, developed by Daniel Glazman's Disruptive Innovations for Linux distributor, is available for LindowsOS, other Linux distributions and Microsoft Windows from the Nvu download page.

Download Nvu 0.1:

Full story:

MozillaZine Launches Knowledge Base ----------------------------------- Mozilla news and community site MozillaZine has officially launched its new Knowledge Base (KB), which was previously available in beta form. The KB uses the same software as the popular Wikipedia open-source encyclopedia, MediaWiki. A Wiki allows anyone to not only view it, but also add, edit and remove information. In the coming months, MozillaZine hopes that enough people participate so that they can use the content to build an enterprise version, which will help the Mozilla Foundation to land more licensing and support deals, and secure further funding for the Mozilla project.

MozillaZine Knowledge Base:

Full story:

Introducing the Mozilla Visual Identity Team -------------------------------------------- One of the most striking aspects of the Mozilla Firefox 0.8 release is the browser's new logo. This graphic is the work of the Mozilla Visual Identity Team, part of the Mozilla Marketing Project. The Visual Identity Team is headed by Steven Garrity of silverorange, who was contacted by Mozilla Marketing lead Bart Decrem after writing document of Mozilla branding suggestions last year. Steven began to assemble a group of designers, including his coworkers Daniel Burka and Stephen DesRoches, to improve quality and consistency of the visual elements of the Mozilla products. The creators of Firefox's default Mac OS X theme, Kevin Gerich and Stephen Horlander, are also part of the team.

The actual Firefox logo itself was created by Jon Hicks of hicksdesign, who was recruited by Steven Garrity when he saw a set of Camino icons Jon had designed. The concept for the Firefox logo came from Daniel Burka and the final image is based on a sketch by Stephen DesRoches.

Full story:

3. MOZILLA INSIDER ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (contributed by Alex Bishop)

Even though the most recent milestones of Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird were only released a few days ago, development continues unabated. There's a new test build of Thunderbird with an enhanced junk mail detection algorithm available for Windows users who like to live at the cutting edge (bug 181534) and Firefox will soon be gaining powerful new migration abilities. The Firefox feature will allow users of the Mozilla Application Suite, Netscape Communicator 4.x, Internet Explorer (Windows and Mac), Opera, Safari and OmniWeb to transfer their settings and data to Firefox automatically, smoothing the transition.

Meanwhile, popup blocking continues to get better, with fewer events (occurrences such as the mouse pointer moving over an area of a page or a key being pressed) now able to trigger popups. In addition, a new limit to how many popups can be open at once should prevent users from being overwhelmed (bug 197919).

Finally, full support for Scalable Vector Graphics edges closer, with a backend rewrite landing, though the format is still not enabled in the regular builds (bug 182533).

Details about the Thunderbird junk mail test build:

Bug 197919:

Bug 181534:

Bug 182533:

Full status update:

4. MOZILLA PROJECTS ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (contributed by Brian King)

Project of the Week: Dictionary Search

Dictionary Search provides a very easy way to lookup or translate a word on a webpage in an online dictionary of your choice such as Simply select the word that you want to lookup, then context click and select "Dictionary Search for ...". A new tab will open with the meaning of the word you selected. It works for both the Mozilla Application Suite and Mozilla Firefox.


Independent Status Reports

The independent status reports include news and updates from Mozilla application and extension projects hosted on and elsewhere in the Mozilla community.

The latest report was posted on February 15, 2004 and includes:

* Firefox 0.8 and Thunderbird 0.5 were released earlier in the week. Despite the name change, Firefox is continuing to get positive reviews and set the standard for modern Web browsing. The name change may have broken some extensions, so if you suspect this is the case with one you have installed, contact the project owner or file a bug on it. Your continued participation will help Mozilla grow to a wider user base. *

MSDbar - v0.6, a Bioinformatics Toolbar to search the Protein Data Bank (wwPDB), has added an uninstallation procedure using jslib. Searches now include Lucene keyword searches and other features include a tidied up Options menu to make it more accessible.

DownloadWith - v0.0.6. DownloadWith is a Mozilla/Firefox extension to download files with external programs like wget, prozilla, Downloader for X, Download Accelerator Plus and GetRight. It features support for Windows, Linux and Unix and you can download sample downloader settings to get you started.

Mozilla-Delphi, a project with resources for working with Mozilla in Borland Delphi and Kylix, has made available JavaScript Bridge classes online! These classes allow you to use Mozilla's JavaScript engine to provide run-time scripting in Delphi and Kylix applications. A new article, Delphi 4 Lizard Taming, provides solutions to some current project problems and a reworked browser framework for Delphi 4.

MozManual - Final 1.0, a Manual for First Time Users; a brief overview and feature guide, has a draft preview of an HTML version now available.

mozCC - v0.7.7, is an extension which provides an easy way to view Creative Commons license metadata embedded in Web pages. This week saw the release of 0.7.7, with major bug fixes. It also adds support for non-HTML content, including SMIL and SVG (for SVG-enabled builds only) files.

Launchy - 1.7.0, which opens links and mailto's with external applications, has added support for more applications including Mozilla Firefox, MyIE2 and Eudora.

Reload Every - v0.2, which enables you to reload a web page automatically every so many minutes or seconds, was released on the 14th of February. This version adds the ability to enable/disable Reload Every on all tabs at once. Furthermore, a custom reload time can now be set by the user.

Dictionary Search - v0.3, is a context menu item which looks up words in a Web page using an online dictionary. The new version fixes a bug which can freeze Mozilla and Firefox and adds the ability to search for a phrase, for example "The King", instead of a word.

Read more about each of these projects in the full report at

5. MOZILLA LINKS POLL ----------------------------------------------------------------------

In our last issue we asked what Mozilla merchandise you would be more likely to buy, here are the results:

- Clothing 29% |]]]]]] - Accessories 6% |] - Mugs, glasses, coasters, etc. 27% |]]]]]] - Paper stuff 10% |]] - Tech related 21% |]]]] - Tools 2% | - Bags 5% |] - Car gear 1% |

(*) Results may not sum up to 100% due to rounding.

This issue's poll: Do you plan to make Mozilla Firefox your main browser?

- It already is - Yes, as soon as it gets some feature in the roadmap I am missing - Yes, as soon as it hits 1.0 - Yes, if it becomes part of a suite - No, I'm fine with Mozilla Application Suite - No, I'm fine with my current browser

Let your voice be counted at

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