Mandriva Community Newsletter #118

Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Apr 7, 2006 9:14 PM EDT
Mailing list; By Adam Williamson
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Hi guys! I stopped sending these to you for a bit, sorry about that, but here's the latest one for consideration for your publications. Thanks :)



Mandriva Linux Community Newsletter

Issue # 118 April 7, 2006


Welcome to the Mandriva Linux Community Newsletter - dedicated to keeping you up-to-date with the latest Mandriva-related news & info. Inside this Issue:

* Top Story - Mandriva wins Editor's Choice in TUX Magazine's distro smackdown * Mandriva News - Warly speaks to the Mandriva Club * Mandriva in the news - Transgaming signs agreement with Polish Mandriva partner * Mandriva Security - Fixed, patched and up-to-date

Top Story ---------------------------------------- Mandriva wins Editor's Choice in TUX Magazine's distro smackdown

The pugnacious April issue of TUX Magazine, one of the leading online Linux magazines, featured a 'Linux Distribution Smackdown' comparing seven of the leading Linux distributions, including Mandriva, SUSE, Fedora Core, Ubuntu and others. Guess who ran out the winner? Yes, despite the fierce competition, Mandriva leads the pack. As the article put it, "Mandriva says =C2=93Shut your mouth and know your role=C2= =94 to the other distros and snatches the Distribution Smackdown championship belt." They rated Mandriva highly for its ease of use, multimedia support and particularly for its support for notebooks. You can read the whole article by downloading the April issue from the TUX Magazine website - a subscription to the magazine is required, but subscribing is free.

Mandriva News ---------------------------------------- Warly speaks to the Mandriva Club

In response to some of the worries expressed over the future of Mandriva, Warly - the release manager for Mandriva Linux and all the products derived from it - made a post to the Mandriva Club explaining his perspective on the past and future of Mandriva and Mandriva Linux. You can read Warly's perspective here.

The life of the security team

The security team is a vital but sometimes forgotten part of any software company. Vincent Danen, the leader of the Mandriva security team, made a fascinating blog post about the work of the security team, which serves as a reminder of how vital their work is. Did you know that, on average, the Mandriva security team issues 26.5 security advisories per month? To learn more about the vital work they do, take a look at the blog. b-Hell-yeah!.html

More pictures of the Mandriva team

The Mandriva Club article featuring pictures of the Mandriva team has been updated to include pictures of most staff members based at our offices in Brazil. In Brazil, it's not just developers who skip wearing a tie to the office; it's business casual for everyone from the Brazilian department's CEO on down!

Mandriva in the news ---------------------------------------- Transgaming signs agreement with Polish Mandriva partner

Transgaming, the developer of the Cedega application which enables Linux users to run many cutting-edge Windows games under Linux, has signed an agreement with, the Polish distributor of Mandriva Linux products. Under the agreement, Amazis will sell copies of the Mandriva Linux 2006 Powerpack in Poland with a bundled copy of Cedega, giving users a complete platform for running many popular games under Linux. You can read more about the agreement in the Transgaming press release.

Newsforge features Mandriva community package site

The popular open source technology news site, Newsforge, recently featured an article on one of the biggest third party Mandriva software repositories, SeerofSouls. Run by Cliff Wade - aka Hawkwind - SoS features a wide range of new and updated software packages for Mandriva, built by Cliff and other members of the community. The article features an interview with Cliff about his motivation for building the site and for using Mandriva in the first place. To find out the whole story, read on.

smart-urpmi goes international!

smart-urpmi is a web page provided by the German community site to help configure the Mandriva package management tools, urpmi and rpmdrake, and also the alternative smart package manager. Previously smart-urpmi was only available in German, but it is now available in German, English, Italian, French, Romanian, Polish, Arabic and Japanese. Just visit the site and pick your language code from the drop-down box labelled "Sprache". You can send feedback on smart-urpmi in English to wolfgang AT mandrivauser DOT de, or in German to the forum.

Mandriva Security ---------------------------------------- Fixed, patched and up-to-date

As always, we take this opportunity to remind you to keep your system safe and secure by running MandrivaUpdate regularly. Since the last newsletter, there have been updates to critical packages including sendmail, and cairo. And of course, Mandriva Online is always available to provide convenient notification of new updates and, optionally, automatic installation, so you don't need to run MandrivaUpdate manually. Let's be careful out there!


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