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A dystopian future - looking beyond Windows Vista

If the thought of Microsoft Vista's DRM restrictions, restrictive EULA, version confusion and user lock-in has you scared then you definitely do not want to know what the lads from Redmond have in store for the next version. If Microsoft's latest patent application is anything to go by then the next version of Windows, Vista+1 is really going to give you nightmares.

Need Sunscreen? You'll Know When You Finish Here.

Ken tells us of a smart and tough little girl. Its tough when your on the Honor Roll but your family doesn't make much.

Ubuntu confab set for Feb. 16 in NYC

Users, administrators, and developers of Ubuntu are invited to attend the second UbuCon on Friday, Feb. 16 -- the day after the LinuxWorld Open Solutions Summit -- at the new Google office at 76 Ninth Avenue, New York City. The first UbuCon was held last August in Mountain View, Calif.

FFII opposes Fasttrack adoption of Microsoft OOXML format as ISO standard

Brussels, 29 January 2007 -- The FFII has sent an open letter to all delegations of the International Standardization Organization (ISO) to oppose with contradictions the "fast track" adoption of the Microsoft's 6000-page OOXML specification (ECMA-376) before the deadline of February, 5th. Microsoft's proposal damages the adoption of the existing ISO 26300 standard (OpenDocument) that covers almost the same functionality in just 600 pages.

Open News - Episode 1 - January 29, 2007

The Open News podcast is pleased to announce its first official episode. Tune in every week to hear more.

Fedora's metrics have ripple effect

Fedora announced this month that by using a tracking tool to monitor unique IP addresses, it was able to determine that Fedora Core 6 now has more than one million users. What does all this metric gathering mean for future Fedora releases? Moreover, what does it mean for the Linux community at large? The answer on both counts: plenty.

Head First Object-Oriented Analysis & Design

The question asked on the back cover was intriguing: "Tired of reading Object Oriented Analysis and Design books that only make sense after you're an expert?". Does this mean I don't have to be an "expert" to read and understand this book? How much of a "newbie" can I be? Ok, according the the book's intro, you need to know Java or C# in order to get anything out of this book. You don't have to be a guru but this should not be the first programming book you've picked up. This is the first "Head First" book I have reviewed so I have no way to compare it to others in the series. Guess it'll have to stand on its own merits.

LDAP: Replacing Exchange Revisited

LDAP can occupy numerous places in an IT infrastructure. For example, you can migrate Network Information Services (NIS) to LDAP and many Legacy UNIX centric organization have done just that. While the NIS migration model serves as one excellent example, many others exist. Most recently, I saw LDAP used as a simple white page - name and address - directory service. I consider that under utilizing LDAP.

How to debug a Shell Script smartly

This article shows you how to write your shell scripts smartly to make them easier to test and debug. You can use traditional set command. There is drawback of using set command. Before moving a script to production environment you need to remove all debug lines. This tip shows you how to solve this old problem without introducing any new errors.

Report: Zimbra Pursues Microsoft, Novell With Revamped Software, Red Hat Pact

Open source-based messaging and collaboration specialist Zimbra is picking up more steam in its bid to compete against Microsoft Exchange and Novell GroupWare, with the release of Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) 4.5 today and intentions to roll out a 5.0 update--plus an expanded deal with Red Hat Software--later this year.

Zimbra Crosses Six Million Paid Mailboxes, Achieves 50% Growth in Three Months

Launch of Zimbra Collaboration Suite 4.5 Expands Reach to a Wider Audience

Going Fishing for a WinSCP Replacement?

  • Yet Another Linux Blog; By devnet (Posted by devnet on Jan 29, 2007 10:16 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: KDE, Linux
So you've got insert_linux_distro_name_here installed and you're ready to get started with your standard computing day. You've only recently converted to this Linux thing. You know enough about Linux to install it and have it up and running for your main desktop. You've slowly begun easing yourself into this new Linux role by replacing the applications you used in Windows with free and open source ones installed or installable on Linux.

Interesting developments in open source user-centric identity

A couple of interesting stories related to open source user-centric identity came my way, courtesy of CNET. The first concerns a donation to the Higgins Project from IBM and the second is about some important interoperability announcements to come at this week's RSA Conference.

Open source scaling app stack

The evangelism phase is over; analysts agree that open source no longer has to fight to be viewed as a sound option in corporate IT deployments. The next step, they say, is to widen open source’s footprint further into the corporate application stack.

BT says 'enough' on GPL

No more to say

BT says it has done enough to make its wireless Hub comply with the General Public License despite criticism from that it is still in breach of the license.

[I guess we'll have to find out what the Courts say - dcparris]

Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 1.1 Screenshots

Welcome aboard Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 1.1. You will find all the features of Christmas Edition plus much more, however due to licensing agreements, we have removed Google Earth, Java, Flash and Acrobat reader. You can however download each of these programs using our built in Repository. - Screenshots of Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 1.1 are available at

Microsoft in BlueJ patent U-turn

We didn't mean to do it

Microsoft has pulled a patent application for "Object Test Bench" in Visual Studio after it was accused both of copying the idea from the BlueJ community, and of filing the patent application in the full knowledge that prior art existed.

[Busted! - dcparris]

3com embraces open source

3Comis moving away from proprietary solutions by creating what it says is an open platform for its enterprise-class switches and routers.

Terra Soft teaming up with Themis on Linux-based single-board computer

Linux distributor Terra Soft, makers of the Fedora-based Yellow Dog Linux (YDL) distribution for the PPC platform, recently announced plans to provide a complete Linux distribution for the TPPC64, a single-board computer developed by Themis. Terra Soft, which once specialized in Linux support for Apple computers, has found several new PPC Linux niches since Apple's unexpected transition to Intel processors.

Zenoss Releases New Version of Open Source Enterprise IT Monitoring Product

Major Upgrades Include Automatic Change Tracking and Remediation

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