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The Pre-Installed Linux Vendor Database

Welcome to the Pre-Installed Linux Vendor Database! You can use this database to find a desktop or notebook with GNU/Linux pre-installed. This is especially handy if you are inexperienced at installing an operating system, or are simply too busy to do it yourself. Technical enthusiasts can even find a computer with no OS at all, allowing them to install whatever they want.

You can browse the whole database (currently with 112 entries) if you want to. Once you see a vendor that seems to fit your needs, click on the Vendor's link to see more details. You will find a link to the vendor's website on the details page.

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  • LXer does not endorse the vendors listed in the database. Vendors are listed solely because they advertise computers with Linux pre-installed or a "No OS" option, and as a convenience for our readers. Users are advised to take great care in choosing a vendor.
  • Currently, all submissions must be routed through the editorial team. Please send us an e-mail.
  • Support Refers to Linux OS support. Most of the vendors listed here offer some sort of hardware support. Support contracts can frequently be obtained for business users. We refer to "Community Support" as being specific to that vendor (if they offer forums, etc.), or if the vendor links to the OS distribution community.
  • Vendors missing a GNU/Linux OS distribution option typically only offer 'No OS' as an alternative to Windows. Many of the Linux vendors offer No OS options as well.
  • In a few cases, the specific Linux OS distribution offered was not advertised. You will need to enquire with the vendor.
  • Not all options are always advertised. Some vendors are willing to offer further customization, even if for a small fee. Check with the vendors.
  • If you find a dead link, or inaccurate information about any of the vendors, please let us know.

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