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Manjaro Linux Windows 10 dual boot

  •; By Korbin Brown (Posted by LinuxCareer on Sep 21, 2020 7:26 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux
Wouldn't it be great to run Manjaro Linux on your system without having to give up Windows 10? Well, you can! As a matter of fact, you have two options for doing this. One option is to create a dual boot system, which gives you a prompt when your computer boots up, asking you which operating system you'd like to load into. The second option is to install Manjaro on a virtual machine.

EndeavourOS Review: A Beginner's Arch Linux Based Distribution

If you are looking for an Arch-based beginner's Linux distribution and easier to use and install, offers all possible desktop environments for all of your needs, EndeavourOS is the one.

EndeavourOS Releases September 2020 ISO with Linux 5.8, Improved Installation

Besides launching the EndeavourOS ARM operating system for ARM devices, the EndeavourOS team also released today the September 2020 ISO, which includes all the latest software updates and some much-needed improvements.

Linux Jargon Buster: What is a Rolling Release Distribution?

  • It's FOSS; By Abhishek Prakash (Posted by abhishekpc on Sep 21, 2020 12:51 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux
What is rolling release? What is a rolling release distribution? How is it different from the point release distributions? All your questions answered in this jargon buster article.

Lightweight Linux distribution 4MLinux 34.0 Released with WebP Support

The super lightweight Linux distribution 4MLinux released the latest stable version 34.0 with new features and latest app updates.

Now and Then: The Fate of 7 Promising Free Linux Web Browsers

  •; By Steve Emms (Posted by sde on Sep 20, 2020 8:28 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Roundups; Groups: Linux
In late 2014 and 2015, we published a couple of articles promoting 7 up-and-coming web browsers. All were in a very early stage of development. Definitely not stable, feature complete or remotely ready for a production environment. But they all were very promising for different reasons.

Fair Code vs Open Source, Which Wins The Future?

Fair code is a new software development model which aims to replace the long-ruling open source model.

Fix “Encountered a section with no Package: header” Error In Ubuntu

This guide explains how to fix “Encountered a section with no Package: header” error in Ubuntu and other Debian-based systems.

Arch Linux-Based EndeavourOS ARM Launches for ARM Devices

The wait is finally over! EndeavourOS ARM was officially launched today for Linux smartphones, tablets, ARM laptops, and other mobile devices that are powered by an ARM processor.

How to Install Memcached on Debian 10

  •; By Karim Buzdar (Posted by vitux on Sep 20, 2020 11:42 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Debian
Memcached is a Linux in-memory cache application. It works as a key-value store that stores the information in-memory only to speed up applications. In this article, we will learn how to install Memcached on Debian 10.

Rethinking Security on Linux: evaluating Antivirus & Password Manager solutions

Recently I had an experience that let me re-evaluate my approach to Security on Linux. I thought I was being hacked! This incident forced me to rethink my security. I didn’t have a virus scanner installed. I was on the verge of using a password manager. However, the thought of needing to change over 100 passwords, caused me to wait for ‘the right time’. I have waited for over 2 years. Now was the time to change. I decided to look for solutions that were native to Linux.

Mozilla Shuts Down Firefox Send and Notes Service

Mozilla announced that they shut down two products - Firefox Send and Notes.

4MLinux 34.0 Released with New Default Media Player, Mozilla Thunderbird 78.2

4MLinux creator Zbigniew Konojacki announced today the release and general availability of 4MLinux 34.0, a new stable series of his independently developed GNU/Linux distribution for personal computers and servers.

How to integrate ONLYOFFICE editors with Moodle on Ubuntu

  • Howtoforge Linux Howtos und Tutorials (Posted by bob on Sep 20, 2020 2:56 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux, Ubuntu
In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to connect ONLYOFFICE online editors and your Moodle instance using the activity plugin available in the Moodle library.

Linux Foundation launches new entry-level IT certification

  • ZDNet | open-source RSS; By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols (Posted by bob on Sep 20, 2020 12:44 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
Like it or not, certifications are important for getting ahead in technology. The Linux Foundation wants to help by launching a new, entry-level certification: The Linux Foundation Certified IT Associate (LFCA).

KDE Plasma 5.20 Beta is out. Final Release Next Month.

The next installment of the Plasma desktop environment, KDE Plasma 5.20 Beta released. The final release is expected on October 13, 2020.

Benefits Of Using Odoo For Small Businesses

  • Rose Hosting Blog; By Jeff Wilson (Posted by RoseHosting on Sep 19, 2020 8:21 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux
As times have progressed, businesses big and small have become more complex in their operations. With several departments having to function and share information to one another, the need for an integrated system has grown by leaps and bounds. In this tutorial, we will be showing you how using Odoo can benefit a small or medium-sized business.

Install Ubuntu 20.04.1 as Virtual Box Guest on Fedora 32 Server

Install Ubuntu 20.04.1 as Virtual Box Guest on Fedora 32 Server

Edge AI box powers up with Jetson AGX Xavier

  •; By Eric Brown (Posted by bob on Sep 19, 2020 3:58 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Intel
Neousys’ compact “NRU-120S” edge AI box runs on a Jetson AGX Xavier and provides 4x screw-lockable PoE+ GbE, 2x hot-swap SATA trays, 3x USB, 2x DP, isolated CAN and DIO, and M.2 and mini-PCIe slots. Neousys has introduced a variety of Intel-based edge AI systems with PCIe slots that support Nvidia graphics cards, such as […]

Taming the tar command: Tips for managing backups in Linux

Put tar to work creating and managing your backups smartly. Learn how tar can create, extract, append, split, verify integrity, and much more.

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