New story! GUADEC 2022 Conference Takes Place July 20–25 in Guadalajara, Mexico, for GNOME 43

GNOME’s annual GUADEC (GNOME Users And Developers European Conference) event is upon us and will take place between July 20th and July 25th, 2022, in Guadalajara, Mexico.

New story! How to Install Kali Linux on VirtualBox

In this tutorial you will learn how to install Kali Linux on Virtualbox on Linux

New story! How to Set Up a Firewall with UFW on Ubuntu 22.04

Here learn how to set up a Firewall with UFW on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. It is a command-line interface firewall designed mainly for Ubuntu.

New story! How To Upgrade To FreeBSD 13.1 From FreeBSD 12

  •; By Senthil Kumar (Posted by ostechnix on May 28, 2022 2:25 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial
FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE is officially released. This tutorial walks you through the steps to upgrade to FreeBSD 13.1 from FreeBSD 12.3.

New story! Coffee Lake based rugged PC offers flexible display support and extensive storage capacity

Taiwan based Cincoze, released a compact and robust PC that is powered by 9/8th Gen Intel Core CPUs (i7, i5, i3) and up to 128GB of DDR4 memory. The company claims the DV-1000 PC has a footprint of half a sheet of an A4 paper but it packs several interfaces to meet demands in industrial, robotics, in-vehicle computing and many other applications.

New story! How I automate plant care using Raspberry Pi and open source tools

Automation is a hot topic right now. In my day job as an SRE part of my remit is to automate as many repeating tasks as possible. But how many of us do that in our daily, not-work, lives? This year, I am focused on automating away the toil so that we can focus on the things that are important.

New story! Top 10 GNOME Themes for Your Ubuntu Desktop

A list of nice and clean GNOME themes with screenshots for your Ubuntu desktop in 2022 which you can download and install.

New story! Use Tag Editor to tag resources across regions on AWS

Amazon “Tag Editor” comes under “Resource Groups”. Tag Editor is used to querying and tag resources in one go. We can choose up to 20 individual resource types, or fetch all resource types.

New story! 3 practical tips for agile transformation

Agile transformation happens at three levels: team agile, product agile, and organization agile. Helping your team convert to agile is the first and fundamental step in agile transformation, and with good reason. Until you get your people on board with agile, the product of all their hard work can't be agile.

New story! Apache Whisk LIves! as DigitalOcean Functions Enables Serverless Cloud Infrastructure

  • ITProToday; By Sean Michael Kerner (Posted by tk21 on May 28, 2022 1:16 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Cloud
Cloud provider DigitalOcean brings open-source-based serverless capabilities to SMBs.

New story! Fwupd 1.8.1 Linux Firmware Updater Brings More Hardware Support and New Features

  • 9to5Linux; By Marius Nestor (Posted by hanuca on May 27, 2022 11:04 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
Mario Limonciello released today fwupd 1.8.1 as the first point release to the latest fwupd 1.8 series of this open-source and popular firmware updater utility for Linux-based operating systems.

New story! Looking into the future of collaborative commons

The contributions of all three sectors (government, the social economy of the commons, and the market) will continue in a hybrid form. Eventually, the collaborative commons sector is likely to define much of economic life in society.

New story! Open19 V2 Keeps Pace With Data Center Evolution

  • Data Center Knowledge; By Christine Hall (Posted by brideoflinux on May 27, 2022 6:41 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
The second iteration of of the Open19 specification helps prep data centers for much higher rack power densities.

New story! How To Install FreeBSD 13.1

  •; By Senthil Kumar (Posted by ostechnix on May 27, 2022 4:30 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial
This step by step guide explains how to create a FreeBSD Bootable USB and how to install latest FreeBSD 13.1 with screenshots.

New story! 4 cool new projects to try in Copr for May 2022

Copr gives you the opportunity to install third-party software that is not available in Fedora Linux repositories. Check out these new projects!

New story! Create an IAM User on AWS using Terraform

  • Howtoforge Linux Howtos und Tutorials (Posted by bob on May 27, 2022 12:07 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux; Story Type: News Story
In this article, we will see how to create an IAM User. Before proceeding, I assume that you are familiar with the basics of Terraform and AWS IAM Users.

New story! Banana Pi announces alternative to Raspberry Pi CM4

Banana Pi announced they are developing a computer module similar to the design of the Raspberry Pi CM4. However, instead of the Broadcom BCM2711 processor, the Banana Pi BPI-CM4 will pack the Amlogic A311D CPU.

New story! Linux Candy: projectM - music visualizer originally based on Milkdrop

projectM is an advanced music visualizer which uses 3D accelerated iterative image based rendering. Experience psychedelic and mesmerizing visuals by transforming music into equations that render into a limitless array of user-contributed visualizations.

New story! Open Mainframe Project Announces Major Technical Milestone with Zowe’s Longer Term Support V2 Release

The Open Mainframe Project announced today that Zowe, an open source software framework for the mainframe that strengthens integration with modern enterprise applications, marks a major technical milestone with the Long Term Support (LTS) V2 release. The second version, which comes 2 years after the first LTS release, will offer vendors and customers product stability, security, interoperability as well as easy installation and upgraded features.

New story! CentOS Linux lives on in the new AlmaLinux 9

If you already know how to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux like a pro, AlmaLinux may be the no-cost Linux for you.

New story! 7 Useful Cron Alternatives For Linux

  • Make Tech Easier; By Ramces Red (Posted by damien on May 26, 2022 10:10 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Roundups; Groups: Linux
Cron is simple yet effective task scheduling program that dates back to UNIX. Learn about some of the modern alternatives to it today.

New story! KDE Devs Adding Flatpak & Snap Permissions to Discover

  •; By Scott Bouvier (Posted by joeysneddon on May 26, 2022 8:49 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: KDE
KDE Discover is a great way to find and install apps from different sources. Now a dev wants to make it more useful by surfacing sandboxed permission controls.

New story! Tails 5.0 Linux users warned against using it "for sensitive information"

Tails developers have warned users to stop using the portable Debian-based Linux distro until the next release if they're entering or accessing sensitive information using the bundled Tor Browser application. Tails (short for The Amnesic Incognito Live System) is a Linux distro focused on protecting the users' anonymity (e.g., activists and journalists) and helping them circumvent censorship by forcing all connections to and from the Internet through the Tor network.

New story! AlmaLinux 9 Officially Released, Based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9

The AlmaLinux OS Foundation announced today that AlmaLinux 9 is now available for download as the newest version of this popular CentOS alternative derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux’s source code.

New story! Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 splashes down on Win Server 2022

Windows Server 2022 now supports Windows Subsystem for Linux 2, as long as you don't mind installing a preview patch. Less than a week after users posted glum comments such as: "I don't think it's going to happen," it did, with the news coming from Microsoft Program Manager Craig Loewen last night.

New story! AlmaLinux 9 Is Now Available for Download, This Is What’s New

  •; By Bobby Borisov (Posted by bobolin on May 26, 2022 3:51 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
AlmaLinux has emerged as a popular replacement for Red Hat Enterprise Linux’s free version since CentOS’s entry into the “stream.” One week after RHEL 9, based on Kernel 5.14, AlmaLinux 9 “Emerald Puma” is the first release of AlmaLinux that stems from CentOS Stream through RHEL.

New story! Minimal, systemd-free Alpine Linux releases version 3.16

Version 3.16.0 of Alpine Linux is out – one of the most significant of the many lightweight distros. Version 3.16.0 is worth a look, especially if you want to broaden your skills.

New story! How to Install qBittorrent on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

qBittorrent is a cross-platform free and open-source BitTorrent client. The following tutorial will show you how to install the desktop GUI or the headless server versions using the latest PPA version on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

New story! The Benefits of Bug Bounty Programs

Ethical hacking might sound contradictory, but leveraging the skills of the ''white hat' hacker community has done a great deal for safety and security on the internet. Nowhere does this show more than through so-called bug bounty programs created to tackle different issues within the code. Many bug bounty programs focus on identifying issues within software or applications. However, others like ExpressVPN's Bug Bounty focus on server or website vulnerabilities.

New story! Document your source code with Doxygen on Linux

When trying to familiarize yourself with someone else's project, you usually appreciate the comments left behind that help you understand the meaning of their code. In the same way, whenever you are programming, whether for yourself or for others, it is good practice to comment your own code. All programming languages offer a special syntax to mark a word, a line, or a whole section as a comment. Those areas are then ignored by the compiler or interpreter when the source code is processed.

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