The LXer Team

Dave Whitinger - Founder
Dave has a long history in the Linux community, having begun work at Red Hat in 1997, co-founding Linux Today in 1998, working with in 2002 and finally launching LXer in 2004. Today he spends his time running the National Gardening Association. He continues to participate at LXer as time allows.

Bob Whitinger - Publisher
Bob has been involved in web publishing since 1997. He is an active Linux and Open Source advocate and user, currently operating and administering Linux servers on three continents. In this interesting twist to tradition -- Bob is pleased to accept the passing of the publisher's hat from son, Dave. He has spent the last 34 years in the software industry and is the force behind Web Market. He is also a pilot and flies his Mooney wherever and whenever he can, having logged over 5,000 hours of flight time. Go Bob! And welcome to LXer.

Scott Ruecker - Editor-in-Chief
Scott Ruecker lives in Phoenix, Arizona. He works at a large Financial Firm and plays the Drum-kit in an alt-rock band every Saturday night. First exposed to FOSS when he heard about "This Linux Thing" in 2004. Got his start on Fedora Core 1, SuSE and Kubuntu. He currently uses Debian, PCLinuxOS and his all purpose favorite, DSL for his really old machines.

Tony Young- Senior Asia/Pacific Editor
Dr Tony Young is a retired mycologist and has published numerous papers on macrofungi as well as two books for their identification. He has also been the author of two software user manuals: the Lucid biological key program and the CLIMEX Tutorial package which models the effects of climate on biological distributions. He still does contract work for the QBIT centre at the University of Queensland and is also the honorary consultant on fungal poisonings to the Queensland Poisons Centre. His first computer was a Microbee with compact cassette input but after Win98SE, he shifted to Linux and by 2002 was a dedicated user of openSUSE and has remained firmly on that software package ever since. Tony lives on 5 acres in SE Queensland Australia, where he cultivates flowers and foliage for the Brisbane Flower Markets and he and his wife rub shoulders with a wide variety of native animals and birds - most of whom consider it is their domain, not his or hers..

Hans Kwint - Senior European Editor
Hans reads and translates English from Dutch, German and French. He's our senior European editor and lives in the Netherlands. His articles have gained in popularity since joining LXer as an editor in the fall of 2005. He has a solid background in system administration and prefers the use of Gentoo Linux.

Carla Schroder- Contributing Editor
Carla Schroder is a self-taught Linux and Windows system and network administrator who got her first computer, a Macintosh LC II at the age of 37. Then came an IBM clone with MS-DOS 5 and Windows 3.1 which was adequate for many pleasant hours of Doom play. In 1997 she discovered Red Hat 5.0 and soon found herself doing freelance consulting for small business and home users supporting both Linux and Windows and integrating Linux and Windows on the LAN. She is the author of the Linux Cookbook and Linux Networking Cookbook for O'Reilly Media, the Book of Audacity for No Starch Press, and hundreds of howto articles for various Web publications.

Paul Ferris - Contributing Editor
Paul Ferris (FeriCyde) is an IT professional with over 15 years of *nix experience, and over 7 years of that implementing Linux in enterprise-class situations. He has been discussing and advocating Linux for more than 7 years in various publications, on-line and in print. He's an engineer, Linux community member, husband, father and more.

Steven Rosenberg- Contributing Editor
Steven Rosenberg got his first taste of Unix in the late '80s, writing many an essay in vi and formatting them with nroff -- when he wasn't using talk or mail -- on adm3a terminals as a literature major at UC Santa Cruz. Now a copy editor for the Los Angeles Daily News, he began using Linux heavily in early 2007, and has been blogging about it ever since. His blogs include Click

Wolfgang Lonien - Contributing Editor
Wolfgang Lonien lives in Bremen, Germany and runs a blog. He has worked with computers since 1984 and has run only free (libre) software since before this millenium. Being a musician in a former life, he now works as a systems and network administrator in health care IT.