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Jun 20, 2024
6:56 AM EDT
Yeah the umpteenth article that is absolutely correct, but where a commenter is still banging the drum that Linux isn't easy. That you need driver compatibility (well duh) and insinuating that not all desktop distributions have graphical software installers. Where the bald faced lie is that the OOTB experience on Linux desktop distributions is bad.

What most of these people forget is that they cut their teeth on Windows and that they didn't have a choice in the matter. Windows is standard and if you get into computers, you have to master Windows, whether you want it or not. So you pick up the ways in Windows, because you need to, to able to use your computer. Hours of learning its ins and outs.

Then you switch to Linux, a completely different operating system. You need to learn its ins and outs, but now we refuse, because we know Windows and "it shouldn't be this difficult!" So we badmouth Linux and gloss over the niggles with Windows. So Linux stays "difficult", while Windows gets a pass on everything.

Jun 20, 2024
12:54 PM EDT
Linux comes down to wanting to learn something new or not. In my experience in showing people the new computers I built for them, once I showed them the browser and got them surfing that it was just a matter of the icons on the desktop looking different was the biggest factor most of the time. Once you get most people online everything else is downhill.

90%+ of what people do on their computers these days is on the internet. If you can get them comfortable with that, the "acceptability factor" in their brain increases immensely and they are much more open to "things being different" on the rest of the computer. Programs may be called slightly different things, things may be in different places but if you can get them into their E-mail and Facebook, most of the time you've got them hooked. :-)

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