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Jun 30, 2024
6:38 AM EDT
No.2 Install Linux on it.

I've done that more times than I can count. Any computer that isn't good enough for the latest version of Windows is good enough for a hundred different versions of Linux these days, especially laptops. And as good as they have all gotten with hardware detection they all pretty much work.

You can install Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora, PCLinuxOS or whatever you want. I've done that for a ton of people who had otherwise good laptops but couldn't upgrade them and gave them back "brand new" computers that will continue to work for years to come.

No.3 Part Them Out.

For years I took old PC's I found, was given or bought at Goodwill and took them home and disassembled them, parted them out for the good stuff in them (HDs, Video Cards, Motherboards etc.), put them back together for better, installed Linux on them and gave them to friends and others that couldn't afford computers of their own. I kept a couple for myself as extra computers in my library and such. I must have given away 50 or more in my time just for fun. And I showed them how to use them every time I gave one away..another Linux user out in the wild. Bang! :-)

No. 4 Set Them Up As Network Storage, etc.

I took one of the PC's I put back together and put an extra couple of Hard Drives in it for storage and set it up on my home network to access from there. I did it mostly to see if I could do it because I didn't have nearly enough files to come anywhere near filling it, but it was fun to do.


These days with everyone owning laptops option No.2 and then setting it up for home network storage is the easiest in my opinion. But there are a hundred things you can do with an older laptop in your home if you think about it.

Jun 30, 2024
11:30 AM EDT
It can be handy to use an old machine as a secondary PC in tandem

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