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Virtual Linux

This article explores the ideas behind virtualization and then discusses some of the many ways to implement virtualization. We also look at some of the other virtualization technologies out there, such as operating system virtualization on Linux.

Tip of the Trade: Citadel Groupware Server

Carla Schroder of ServerWatch discovers the open source Citadel groupware server and declares it "a genuine turnkey messaging suite — install it and start using it. No muss, no fuss; just a nice integrated package all ready to go to work."

Book review: 2 Guide expert Solveig Haugland has published a massive new manual called the 2 Guide. This 520-page tome will be useful both for OOo newbies and power users who are interested in learning arcane features of the office suite.

A new year, a new Knoppix

  • Heise Online; By Craig Morris (Posted by dcparris on Jan 2, 2007 12:37 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
Better late than never: Klaus Knopper, the maker of Knoppix, has released version 5.1.0 of his Linux distribution that runs from CD or DVD. In addition to regular updates and the usual bug fixes, this latest version of Knoppix also contains a few genuine innovations.

Intervista a Judd Vinet, fondatore del progetto Archlinux

Alcune settimane fa abbiamo chiesto a Judd Vinet, creatore e sviluppatore principale di Archlinux, di parlarci un po' del progetto in questione da lui creato alcuni anni fa. Di seguito vi proponiamo l'intervista completa (in lingua inglese), che speriamo possa essere di vostro gradimento.

[The actual interview with Archlinux creator/maintainer, Judd Vinet, is in English. - dcparris]

A word with you, please, Microsoft

If Microsoft's 1976 was all about "hobbyists" and "Altair," then its buzzwords for 2006 were things such as "connected entertainment," "interoperability," "Zune," and "Windows Vista.

[Bishop writes about a FOSS project the PI is using... Interesting. - dcparris]

infoRSS: An unobtrusive RSS feed manager for Thunderbird and Firefox

  •; By Dmitri Popov (Posted by dcparris on Jan 2, 2007 10:59 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Mozilla
With so many RSS aggregators to choose from, you can pick the one that fits your specific needs. If you don't want to install anything on your machine and you need to be able to access your news feeds from anywhere, you can opt for a Web-based solution like Netvibes. If you prefer a dedicated desktop RSS reader chock-full of features, then something like RSSOwl or BlogBridge is the way to go. But if you don't want to get used to a whole new application, you might want to give infoRSS a try. Unlike other RSS aggregators, infoRSS is a Thunderbird/Firefox extension that runs inside your email client or browser.

Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 for PS3 now available for free -- how is it?

It's been kinda sorta available since mid-November, but it wasn't since the past week or two that Terra Soft's Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 was freely available (i.e. you didn't have to pay $100 for the DVDs) to make all your open-source PS3 dreams come true.

Has Google reached the tipping point?

Once upon a time, Google was a small start-up run by a couple of bright graduate students and everybody loved it. Now it's a hugely-profitable multinational corporation run by three multi-billionaires, it has a monopoly market share of the search market, and almost life-or-death power over thousands of small companies -- a power it exercises in secret, with no accountability, in what some would regard as an arrogant and autocratic way. Google may still be loved, but it is also feared. Really really feared.

Eu streaming service Linux ban News:- "Welcome to the Streaming Service of the Council of the European Union," says the site. "Here you can select to view live transmissions of ongoing public events at the Council or browse in our archives."

[Obviously, we strongly encourage our European friends to LOUDLY protest the locking out of GNU/Linux users. - dcparris]

A Non-Techie Discovers Free, Legal Software

Though I'm reasonably comfortable with computers –- to use, not to sound intelligent about –- and I like the opportunity for playtime they provide, I'm not what the techies would call an early adopter. It was probably a year after my brother encouraged me to get out of my Internet Explorer comfort zone and try Firefox before I took the plunge. Then I kicked myself for not doing it sooner.

[Aw, c'mon! Take the plunge! At least go dual-boot for a while. - dcparris]

OK, Heads Up Linux, You're on in 5..4..3..2 (cue music)...

helios is always worth a read. this entry is a bit long, so if you don't have the patience to read all of it, here are the highlights (search for the strings in quotes): * how linux is ready for the desktop, and what microsoft has to do with it. (first part) * what keeps linux from being popular on the desktop? ("Truth Happens") * "where is the corporate support for advertising?" (a tale of helios encounter with his boss, my favorite part)

PCLinuxOS Magazine January 2007 Released

It is my privilege to announce on behalf of the team members of the PCLinuxOS Magazine Project sponsored by, the January 2007 issue (#5)  is available for download!  Our previous issues can also be downloaded.

We are simultaneously publishing the HTML Version of the Magazine as well for our low bandwidth users.  The HTML Site is W3C standards compliant for easy browsing.

Some highlights include:

  1. How-To Create a DOS Boot Diskette
  2. Rip CD Audios the Simplest Way
  3. How-To Screenshot your Screensaver
  4. How-To Create an Update CD or DVD
  5. Install Diablo II LOD with PCLinuxOS and Wine
  6. As always, plenty more is packed inside 

Systhread Year in Review

It is that time again, a look back at the site over the last year, where the site is going and where material is going. 2006 did not measure up to 2005 for the site, however, it seems nothing else really did either. The upside is most material on a whole is pretty good - if sparse.

TUX Magazine ceases publication

One of my favourite Linux magazines - TUX - has ceased publication. Last year, the magazine announced that it would be taking paid subscriptions and expanding the magazine. Publisher Phil Hughes made the announcement on the TUX Web site.

How to protect buggy programs from security vulnerabilities/buffer overflows under Linux and UNIX

A Buffer overflows is a serious security problem. It allows an attacker to inject executable code of their choice into an already-running application. This ability to run arbitrary code at certain memory addresses is dangerous as attacker being able to execute the instructions from anywhere in memory.
This howto explains use of DieHard software to protect popular application such as Mozilla firefox. It protects applications from as-yet unfixed bugs and security vulnerabilities that exploit them. Think of DieHard as a new line of defense against hackers, together with anti-virus protection and firewalls.

Happy New Year - What's Ahead?

Are you glad that New Year only occurs once a year? Who wants to look back and forward on the same day? It's inevitable, I suppose.Lately, I have reflected a lot on my Linux career in contrast to other IT work and environments. Linux started in 1997 for me and encompassed about nine years. I have looked back and have looked forward to the year ahead. I certainly have plans and hope you do also. But before looking ahead at our plans, we might examine our personal history to give ourselves a context in which to view a future with full knowledge that the best laid plans often go astray.

Elive 0.6 Screenshots

A bug-fix update of Elive "Revolution" has been released. Here is a brief list of some of the changes: "Fixed SCSI emulation CD-ROM driver; fixed Czech boot option; fixed special character problems in menus; added new sounds to the 'Elive look'; installer updates which will fine-tune a new installation on first boot; new drivers for wireless networking; added Flash 9 beta browser plugin; removed from the ISO image due to space reasons; added Java; added Transmission - a small, fast, simple and effective BitTorrent client; added Torus trooper - a game; made Thunar the default file manager; updated Cinelerra to version 2.1; added KQEMU, a KDE front-end from QEMU; added measures to prevent root login into graphical desktop...." - DistroWatch. Screenshots of Elive 0.6 are available at

Xbox 360 closer to homebrew? PS3 exploited?

The title of this article touched on two questions that have caused a stir in the last few days. To begin, we'll take a look at a video that can be seen on YouTube that apparently shows an Xbox 360 exploited into running code (specifically a Linux coming soon message) while running Peter Jackson's King Kong. The video has got a mixed reception from the community; some believe it is real, some believe it is just another bluff.

KNOPPIX 5.1.0 Screenshots

Klaus Knopper has announced the release of KNOPPIX 5.1.0 live CD and DVD: "Finally, it's done. Just in the past couple of months, there has been quite a lot of new and exciting development in the GNU/Linux world, which of course should also be present in the current KNOPPIX version, even if some of the new and optional features (like the 3D desktop with Beryl) are still experimental. New kernel, KDE and releases have spoilt our planned release dates, but now all these are available in the new release. New: update to Debian Etch; Linux kernel + FUSE 2.6.1; Cloop 2.05 real-time decompression; replace Unionfs with Aufs...." - DistroWatch. Screenshots of KNOPPIX 5.1.0 are available at

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