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Openvz Project Releases Software for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 ...

OpenVZ Project Releases Software for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, Plus Additional Capabilities

Firefox 2.0 release put on ice

The release of Firefox 2.0 has been delayed until 24 October, with a Beta 2 release scheduled for 23 August, according to Mozilla. The entire release schedule was shifted to deal with last-minute fixes.

Trustix Secure Linux 3.0.5 Beta 1

We are proud to announce the first Beta release of the long awaited Comodo Trustix Secure Linux 3.0.5.

Xensource CTO Simon Crosby Talks Up Xen Virtualization

"There is no product on the planet that has ever gone from first-shipment to the heart of the data center in one go," said XenSource CTO Simon Crosby. "This fuss about enterprise readiness is a storm in a teacup, and mostly about the Linux vendors positioning against each other. Xen is in its earliest days of product shipment, and the standard model for getting software into production in the enterprise will apply."

Hp To Support Debian Linux

Hewlett-Packard has announced that it will be the first major server manufacturer that will offer support for a non-commercial community-based OS. The company has made a general announcement that it plans to begin supporting the Debian Linux distribution for customers around the world by the end of this financial year.

Windows Vista vs. Mac OS X: The Copycat Olympics

  •; By Brandon Watts (Posted by gsh on Aug 17, 2006 12:47 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Microsoft
Now that we know more about Mac OS X Leopard, the battle lines are clearly being drawn between Apple's offering and the one that's sitting in Redmond somewhere.

[Interesting perspective in the ever-running debate on MS vs Apple. GNU/Linux is mentioned only incidentally - dcparris]

Creative Commons uses SA language tool

Alternative licensing advocacy group Creative Commons is using Pootle, a SA-led web-based software translation tool, to translate its software into local languages.

FOSS project management training

Grassroots and NGO computer training organisation CECS is running two one-day training courses on Open WorkBench, a free and open source software project management application.<br />

ZABBIX monitoring System installation with screenshots

ZABBIX monitoring System installation with screenshots

OOoBasic crash course: Creating a lookup macro

Learning OOoBasic can be a bit like learning a foreign language. If you have the time and ambition to communicate fluently, you can spend months or even years studying grammar and expanding your vocabulary. But sometimes you just need some basic skills to get you through daily situations. In this case, a crash course that introduces you to some basic principles and building blocks of the language would do just fine. The same is true for OOoBasic -- if you need to write a simple macro that makes your daily computing life a bit easier, you don't have to spend time reading about methods, routines, and object properties.

Linux phone seeks to lock down users

Mobile phone developers are scrambling to ensure that the openness of the Linux operating system doesn't irate regulators. Consumers who run Linux on a PC are used to having full control over the operating system, but shouldn't expect that same level of control on a Linux powered mobile phone, cautioned Mike Kelley, senior vice president Engineering with Palmsource. The company is in the process of developing a Linux version for mobile phones to replace its current Palm OS.

Xandros to hold "installfest" at LinuxWorld Aug. 17

Xandros will offer do-it-yourself free installs of the new Home Edition of its desktop Linux operating system on Aug. 17, the final day of the LinuxWorld Installfest sponsored by Open Country, Inc., providers of the OCM Universal Systems Management Suite.

Linux jobs abound, tech job service says

Online IT job clearinghouse Dice Inc. has some interesting statistics to accompany LinuxWorld. As of August 1, there were 7,000 jobs opportunities on for technology professionals with Linux experience. This is up 35.6 percent from the beginning of the year and 55 percent higher than 12 months ago, the service reports.

New Sun Portal Tracks Open-Source Java Progress

Sun Microsystems took another step toward its promised open-source Java this week, launching a portal site to talk with the Java community about the process of setting Java free.

Splendidcrm 1.1 Now Available for Novell Suse Linux

SplendidCRM has created what it says is the ideal "compile-once, run everywhere" cross-platform application with its release of SplendidCRM 1.2 for Microsoft TechNet and SplendidCRM 1.1 for Novell. The company used Novell's Mono open source Latest News about open source toolset to leverage Microsoft's .NET tools, according to president Paul Rony. "It is the same binary that you would install on Windows," he told CRM Buyer. "It copies Linux and then it runs."

Readers Chime In On The Greatest Software Ever

Our article on the Greatest Software Ever stirred many reader responses, from a variety of sources, including one from a writer who has a picture of himself next to a running Colossus machine--the machine that cracked the Nazi codes--at Bletchley Park, England.

grep 'Reboot The User' FOSSBiz

LXer Feature: 18-Aug-2006

Reboot The User is a small shop located in Omaha, Nebraska. Jay Swackhamer, the man behind the company, was willing to take time out of his hectic schedule to answer our questions. Despite the numerous fluctuations he sees in his business, Jay says he sees interest in GNU/Linux picking up, generally.

Yet more LinuxWorld videos

  • NewsForge; By Robin 'Roblimo' Miller (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Aug 17, 2006 5:49 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Today we have the winner of the (un)coveted NewsForge "best swag" award (for propellor beanies), a visit to the LTSP booth, a chance to meet Ross Turk, one of the folks behind, and a moment of brilliance and hilarity with Marty Connor of EtherBoot.

Mandriva rolls out new 2007 beta

French Linux distributor Mandriva on Aug. 16 released the second beta of the next version of its Linux desktop -- Mandriva Linux 2007, codenamed "Thor." This new beta is based on a 2.6.17 kernel and comes with a choice of either the KDE 3.5.4 or GNOME 2.16 Beta 2 desktops.

News: rPath's Linux Stack Hits Real Production with Ingres, Other ISVs

rPath, a start-up founded by two former Red Hat execs, used the forum of LinuxWorld this week to talk up the first major release of its product, a Linux-based software stack and toolset that ISVs are now using for building real appliances that cut application development time and support costs.

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