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  1. Prioritizing System Services with Systemd - Run a Process Permanently in the Background
  2. Speeding up your ownCloud on small systems such as the Raspberry Pi with Sqlite
  3. Bug Hunting with Linux (The story of the Samsung Ultrabooks lid close / AC status bug)
  4. A Smear Safe Android Lock Screen
  5. Automatically Resume from Suspend to Ram and Suspend to Disk to Save Battery in Linux
  6. Firefox 18 no longer backward compatible
  7. Google Talk Video Review (Nexus S)
  8. Create Side by Side or Top-Bottom 3D Video With ffmpeg and Imagemagick or Mencoder by Converting Alternate-Frame Sequencing 3D Video
  9. Putting a Group of Processes into a CPU and Memory Jail -- First Steps with Control Groups in Linux
  10. Guess the Size of an Lrzip Archive of all 2.6 Linux Kernel Sources
  11. Logging and Graphing Power Consumption of Embedded Linux Systems -- Busybox and GnuPlot analyzing the Kindle 3
  12. Update: Power Performance of Pulseaudio + Alsa with Disabled Period Wakeups
  13. Power Performance of Pulseaudio + Alsa with Disabled Period Wakeups (IRQ-less)
  14. XBMC with VAAPI on Poulsbo (Intel GMA500) or other VAAPI Systems
  15. Saving 2 W power by Making Sure Laptop_Mode oesn't destroy your HD
  16. Make your Android power efficient in any situation (for free!)
  17. Why I'm *not* Signing Up for Google Chrome OS Pilot Program
  18. Reducing Power Consumption on Almost Any Android with CPUfreq Governor Tweaks
  19. Understanding the Necessity of Wayland
  20. What I like about Android - and what I don't -- My Android Review (including my Favorite Apps)
  21. Full of Bugs - First impression of the OYO
  22. Atom Power Usage Reduced with kernel 2.6.36
  23. Disabling Fsync in Laptop_Mode
  24. Introducing ĀµTorrent for Linux (native)
  25. Syncronized Folders across Windows and Linux - Free Encrypted Cross-Platform Synchronisation with Unison
  26. Comparing Kernel Dmesgs: Remove Timing Info and Diff Side by Side
  27. What Linux means for the Consumer - Drivers, Open Source and Support
  28. Setting Up VAAPI Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding for Ubuntu 10.04
  29. Fixing Mplayer's Terminal Abuse, esp. for KDE and Windows
  30. Creative X-fi Surround USB Guide for Ubuntu 9.10 or Newer
  31. Crashes and Blue Screens are Normal and a Processor Fan has a Lifetime of 1 year..
  32. The Devil's in the Bitrate - A Crazy Detail about Recording FullHD Video with the Canon EOS 500D
  33. Moblin 2.1 IVI FC Release tested on the MSI Wind U110 (GMA 500/Poulsbo)
  34. Help with Stopping Software Patents in Europe
  35. A new approach to China
  36. Transcoding 50 fps Interlaced AVCHD to 50 fps Progressive x264 with MEncoder..
  37. How to get VAAPI Accelerated HD Video on the MSI Wind U110 (GMA500 - Poulsbo) and Ubuntu Karmic 9.10
  38. Pretending a Package is Installed by Creating an Empty Package with Checkinstall (for Debian-based Distributions)
  39. "Never use the second pass encoding again" - Using 'Constant Ratefactor' Instead of Average Bitrate in x264
  40. How To: Make your own WINE Bottles Comfortably
  41. Fixing High Latency with KDE4 - Display Flickering - Freezing Videos
  42. Automatically switch to connected External Display on Boot with XRandR