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  1. Motorola G2 Detects When Rooted, Reinstalls Stock OS
  2. Fedora 14 Beta Goes Live
  3. WordPress Becomes Windows Live Default Blogging Platform
  4. MeeGo Ported to Nexus One, Dell Streak
  5. Popular webOS RSS Reader Goes Open Source
  6. Mozilla Joins the OIN
  7. Nokia Releases Qt 4.7
  8. Diaspora Contributor Agreement Troubling
  9. Samsung Drops Telephony From Galaxy Tab
  10. Diaspora Open Sources Social Networking
  11. Adobe Security Hole Affects Android
  12. Palm webOS design VP Defects to Nokia heads up MeeGo UX
  13. Android 2.2 Continues to Grow
  14. Broadcom Delivers Open Source WiFi Driver for Linux
  15. Mozilla Labs Announces Gaming Platform
  16. Ubuntu 10.10 Goes Beta
  17. ApacheCon Registration is Now Open
  18. Samsung Galaxy Tab Gets Official
  19. Ksplice Now Free for Fedora
  20. Palm Reveals New webOS 2.0 Features
  21. Drupal Adds New Code of Conduct
  22. Software Freedom Law Center to Open India Branch
  23. Mozilla Brings Fennec Alpha to Android and Nokia N900
  24. Ubuntu 11.04 Developers Summit Announced
  25. Fedora 14 Alpha Released
  26. Call for Proposals Extended for MeeGo Conference
  27. No Steam For Linux
  28. Canonical Announces UTouch Framework
  29. Jolicloud 1.0 Released
  30. One Laptop Per Child Founder Offers to Help India Realize $35 Laptop
  31. Red Hat Leads GNOME Contributions
  32. Android Deployments up 868%
  33. MeeGo Selected to Power In-Vehicle Infotainment Devices
  34. OpenGL 4.1 Spec Finalized, Released
  35. Firefox Home Comes to The App Store
  36. Motorola Security Measure Bricks the Droid X
  37. Open Source Hardware Gets Defined
  38. Make your own Android apps with Google App Creator
  39. Android Pummels iOS 4 in JavaScript Performance Tests
  40. Rumors Swirl Around Android 3.0
  41. MeeGo Launches Handset User Interface
  42. Palm Tosses Cash at, Waives Fees for webOS Developers
  43. Linux Mint 9 Gets KDE Release Candidate
  44. Thunderbird 3.1: Now with Filter Bar
  45. Canonical Becomes First Associate Member of Open Inventions Network
  46. Nokia Makes MeeGo the Default OS for the N Series
  47. MeeGo Conference Announced
  48. Android 2.2 Open-Sourced and Available to All
  49. Skype Releases Open SDK for Linux
  50. HTTPS Extension Adds Default SSL Browsing to Firefox
  51. Google Engineer Calls Upon The Open Source Community for VP8 Codec Optimization
  52. Adobe Drops 64-bit Flash From Linux
  53. OpenVBX Provides Open Source Telephony For Business
  54. OpenCL 1.1 features backward compatibility, enhanced performance
  55. GNOME Desktop Comes to One Laptop Per Child
  56. Google Chrome Frame Brings HTML5 to Legacy Browsers
  57. Mozilla Evangelist Mocks Apple for HTML5 Demonstration
  58. OpenOffice.org Passes 150 Million Downloads
  59. UK Non-profit Aims to Reduce Embedded Linux Fragmentation on ARM Devices
  60. Intel Press Release Reveals MeeGo Future in Netbooks
  61. Meego 1.0 for Netbooks Announced