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  1. eBook Reader and Editing Software Calibre 1.33 Finally Gets Spell Check
  2. Debian 6 “Squeeze” LTS Period Extended Until February 2016
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  8. eBook Reader and Editor Calibre 1.32 Now Supports OPML Files
  9. Zorin OS Lite 8.1 Is the Perfect OS for Users with Old PCs Running from Windows XP
  10. NVIDIA 331.67 Stable Linux Driver Officially Released
  11. NVIDIA Releases First Linux Driver with Overclock Features
  12. The Internet Goes Nuts with OpenSSL Bug Today, Linux Systems Were Fixed Yesterday
  13. elementary OS "Isis" First Details Revealed, It Looks Unbelievably Good – Video
  14. Canonical Shows Off Unity8 (Mir) and Unity7 (X11) Running at the Same Time on the Same PC
  15. Microsoft Copies Canonical's Convergence Idea, Cripples It
  16. Canonical to Shut Down Ubuntu One, Start Saving Your Data Now
  17. April Fools' Linux-Related News That Was Crazy, but True
  18. Humble Bundle: PC and Android 9 Features Five Great Linux Games
  19. elementary OS Gets a Development Version
  20. Calibre 1.30 eBook Reader and Editor Gets Book Cover Improvements
  21. Windows 8 Update Might Delete GRUB2 and Set UEFI to Secure Boot
  22. Next Three Linux Mint Releases After “Qiana” to Be Based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  23. Debian Could Get PPA Support
  24. Linux Mint 17 to Be Called “Qiana,” Release Date Announced
  25. NVIDIA, Intel, and AMD Join Forces to Improve OpenGL Performance Up to 15 Times
  26. eBook Reader and Editing Software Calibre Gets Even Better with New Release
  27. “Operation Windigo” Attack Infects 10,000 Unix Servers, Millions of PCs at Risk
  28. Debian 8 "Jessie" Alpha 1 Officially Released
  29. Debian Developers Are Preparing an LTS Version for "Wheezy"
  30. Canonical Explains Why Linux Mint and All Other Distros Must Sign a License Agreement
  31. Fake Debian Developers Are Trying to Get Steam Keys from Valve
  32. KDE and Linux Were Used in the Production of the Movie “Gravity”
  33. Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS (Precise Pangolin) Officially Released by Canonical
  34. Ubuntu Developers to Drop Nautilus Soon and Replace It with Their Own File Manager
  35. Linux Kernel 3.13 Gets Its First Update
  36. openSUSE 12.2 Is Officially Dead
  37. Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) Might Drop OpenJDK 7 (Java Support)
  38. Linus Torvalds Says All Contributor License Agreements Are Broken
  39. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to Implement the Bleeding Edge GRUB 2.02 Beta 2 Boot Loader
  40. Calibre 1.20 Is the Ultimate eBook Reader and Editor
  41. Meet Korora 20 – It's like Fedora, but Better
  42. First Ubuntu Phone Leaked Images Spotted Online
  43. eBook Reader and Editing Software Calibre 1.18 Is Almost Perfect
  44. Ubuntu Is Storing Wi-Fi Passwords in Clear Text by Default
  45. Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 LTS Alpha 1 (Trusty Tahr) Officially Released – Screenshot Tour
  46. Calibre 1.16 Greatly Improves the EPUB and AZW3 Book Editing Function
  47. Ubuntu Might Replace Windows XP in South Korea
  48. Calibre 1.15 eBook Manager Now Features a Native and Complete Book Editor
  49. Linux Mint Xfce 16 RC “Petra” Still Looks Beautiful and Minimalistic
  50. Convert and Manage Your eBook Library with Calibre 1.14
  51. Linux Is the Only Way to Protect Against Potential Sound-Transmitted Malware
  52. Ubuntu Used to Design and Control the Atlas Humanoid Robot for a DARPA Challenge
  53. Valve and Linux Could Beat Microsoft and Sony at the Console Game
  54. Canonical Confirms Mir Will Be Default in Ubuntu 14.10
  55. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to Get Stunning Icon Theme and It's Not Flat
  56. Search and Read Books from Calibre's Library in Ubuntu 13.10 with Unity Calibre Scope
  57. Playstation 4 Runs FreeBSD Kernel
  58. Ubuntu for TV Is Not Dead, Canonical Still Working on It
  59. You Can Trick Steam for Linux to Think It's Running in SteamOS
  60. Mark Shuttleworth Regrets the “Tea Party” Remarks and Other Canonical Mistakes
  61. Pear OS 8 Screenshot Tour - Beautiful and Unoriginal
  62. Mark Shuttleworth Apologizes for the Trademark Infringement Letter Sent to
  63. Excellent Calibre eBook Conversion Software Reaches Version 1.10
  64. Ubuntu 13.10 Hit by Annoying Unity Freezing Bug
  65. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Will Have New GNOME-Style Apps
  66. Valve Confirms That SteamOS Is Not Based on Ubuntu, It's Custom-Made
  67. Say Hello to Linux Kernel 4.0 and Say Goodbye to 3.x
  68. KDE and Canonical Conflict Over Mir Finally Bursts into Open
  69. Sabayon Forums Hacked, All Usernames, Passwords, and Emails Compromised
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