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  1. Want to easily deploy an open-source LLM? Anyscale’s Aviary project takes flight
  2. Red Hat releases Service Interconnect to help connect applications securely
  3. Open source LF Connectivity effort takes flight, thanks to Meta
  4. How the Linux Foundation's Dent project is bringing open source innovation to networking infrastructure
  5. Surprise! The most popular distribution of Java doesn't come from Oracle, it comes from Amazon
  6. Open-source Ray 2.4 upgrade speeds up generative AI model deployment
  7. Big changes coming to Kubernetes cloud native networking
  8. Upbound Eases Platform Engineering with Managed Control Planes based on Open Source Crossplane
  9. Anaconda Aims to Democratize Python with Open Source PyScript
  10. Open source Kubeflow 1.7 set to ‘transform’ MLops
  11. Why Carriers Are Powering Telecom Cloud Services With Open Ethernet and the SONiC Linux Distribution
  12. OpenStack Antelope Builds Out Open Source Cloud Infrastructure
  13. Open Source Wireshark Network Protocol Analyzer (Finally) Gets its Own Foundation
  14. StarlingX 8.0 Targets Telcos, O-RAN With Open Source Cloud and Edge Platform
  15. Linux 6.2 Brings Network-Related Updates, Adds 800 Gbps and WiFi 7 Support
  16. Red Hat gives an ARM up to OpenShift Kubernetes operations
  17. Open source Ray 2.2 boosts machine learning observability to help scale services like OpenAI's ChatGPT
  18. Drupal cranks open-source CMS tech to 10 as the need for modular digital experiences grows
  19. Open-source security successes, learnings and new money reported by OpenSSF’s Alpha-Omega
  20. New Kubernetes 1.26 release boosts security, storage, teases dynamic resource allocation
  21. Ubuntu 22.10 drops plans for Azure AD support as it get rescheduled for 23.04
  22. PostgreSQL 15 advances open source relational database
  23. OpenStack Zed Brings New Release Cadence to Open Source Cloud
  24. Linux 6.0 kernel enhances security with Runtime Verification, improves CPU energy efficiency
  25. Red Hat advances Enterprise Linux with improved Podman containers
  26. Java 19 Brings New Patterns to Open Source Programming Language
  27. Open-source Acorn takes a new approach to deploy cloud-native apps on Kubernetes
  28. Apache Beam users detail stream data processing applications
  29. Rocky Linux 9 brings security enhancements and better performance for enterprise users
  30. Red Hat’s new CEO to focus on Linux growth in the hybrid cloud, AI and the edge
  31. OpenSSF details advancements in open-source security efforts
  32. Linus Torvalds: After 30 years, Linux is not a dead project
  33. Ubuntu Core 22 brings real-time Linux options to IoT
  34. SUSE bolsters security in Linux Enterprise 15 update
  35. OpenCost Open Source Kubernetes Cost Monitoring Project Takes Shape
  36. Apache Whisk LIves! as DigitalOcean Functions Enables Serverless Cloud Infrastructure
  37. How much will it cost to secure open-source software? OpenSSF says $147.9M
  38. Open Source GitHub Desktop 3.0 Improves DevOps Collaboration
  39. Node.js 18 JavaScript Framework Improves Security, Adds Fetch API
  40. OpenStack Yoga Stretches Open-Source Cloud with LOKI
  41. Java 18 Brings New Features to Accelerate Software Development
  42. 2022 State of Open Source Report Details Challenges, Opportunities
  43. Onehouse emerges with managed Apache Hudi data lake service
  44. Open Source Apache CloudStack Extends Reach of India’s Government Services
  45. The Apache Log4j vulnerability explained: Everything you need to know
  46. Apache Kafka 3.1 opens up data streaming for analytics
  47. Apache Hop data orchestration hits open source milestone
  48. MongoDB 5.2 database improves time series capabilities
  49. Apache Hudi powering data lake efforts at Walmart,Uber and Disney+ Hotstar
  50. Litmus Chaos Engineering Open Source Project Advances in CNCF
  51. Rust Programming Language: Security, Efficiency Driving Growth
  52. PHP Foundation Breathes New Resources into Open Source Language
  53. Apache CloudStack 4.16 Advances Open-Source Cloud Platform
  54. Linux 5.14 set to boost future enterprise application security
  55. Apache Cassandra 4.0 advances open source database
  56. Apache Kafka users detail real-time data benefits
  57. Redis Labs previews future open source database and caching features
  58. Open Source Dgraph Graph Database Continues to Improve
  59. OpenStack Wallaby Extends Open Source Cloud Infrastructure
  60. Why an Open source GitOps Model Is the Future of DevOps
  61. Aiven set to grow open source database-as-a-service platform
  62. CrateDB 4.5 takes distributed SQL database open source
  63. Apache Daffodil advancing Data Format Description Language
  64. Open-Source Rust Programming Language Gets Its Own Foundation
  65. Kubernetes Cloud Native Ecosystem Set to Advance in 2021
  66. Open Source Apache Iceberg rising for new cloud data lake platforms
  67. Open-Source Apache CloudStack 4.15 Gets New Look
  68. Open Source ScyllaDB NoSQL database to improve with Project Circe
  69. Open Source Networking in 2020, Dent Gets First Release, OPNFV Gets its Last Release
  70. At 25, JavaScript Programming Language Is Still Progressing
  71. Enterprise Java Transformation Continues with Jakarta EE 9
  72. Open Source Service Mesh Projects Offer Promise for Cloud Native Networking
  73. PHP 8 Keeps Open-Source Programming Language Moving Forward
  74. Bloomberg Embraces TypeScript Language to Improve JavaScript Code
  75. DataStax optimizes Cassandra for Kubernetes with K8ssandra
  76. Why eBPF is the Future of Linux and Cloud Native Networking