Groups Migrating to Linux: 120 schools troughout Europe, and growing

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Organization, Country or Group 120 schools troughout Europe, and growing
More Info Skolelinux user experiences
Date of migration Month Unknown
Linux distribution used Skolelinux



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I'm sorry for that comment of me.
  pogson On Jun 21, 2006 1:47 PM, pogson wrote:

Moving from a K-8 building to a new K-12 building brought the challenge of building a brand new IT infrastructure. That other OS was not in the running when the costs were examined in detail. We have twice as many seats as that other OS would allow. Installing a five year old release on new machines was not in the cards either. We have this year's software on this year's hardware in a client/server network. We add LTSP-4.2 to Ubuntu Dapper to give all the features we need. The thin clients have proven to be trouble-free. We even have Groovix-based multiseat thick clients on gigabit/s lines for more fun in concentrated areas like the library and labs.

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