and sa-blacklist are deprecated, use

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Jul 25, 2004
12:33 PM EDT
The SpamAssassin rulesets and sa-blacklist have essentially merged and have since become very large. They are so large now that on machines with moderate memory, bigevil in particular can now crash SpamAssassin due to running out of memory.

The authors of those rules recommend using SURBLs instead, in particular, which contains all of the same domains as, sa-blacklist and some other lists, in SURBL form. runs with a much smaller memory footprint and also uses less CPU since all that's needed is a simple RBL-style DNS lookup instead of running through tens of thousands of regular expressions for every incoming message.

Other SURBL lists, all highly effective against spam since they list the domains from spam message body URIs, are described at:

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Jul 25, 2004
3:41 PM EDT
Excellent information; thank you Jeff! I'll be updating my own system with this information.

best, dave

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