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Story: HP offers Linux-based Centrino laptopTotal Replies: 2
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Aug 03, 2004
9:00 PM EDT
I was pretty exited about this until I realized that the DVD driver does not work and a Centrino Wifi driver is missing. They suggest you buy the Centrino Laptop incl. the Wifi chipset but then use a separate PCCard based Wifi.

What kind of product is this. The Suspend mode does not work either. It's just a standard HP laptop with a standard Suse 9.1 stuck on.

I was ready to maybe ease up on my HP / Fiorina dislike but this pseudo announcement is right in line with the New "Innovative" HP

Aug 03, 2004
9:08 PM EDT
I was wondering about the Centrino support because last time I attempted to get it working the driver wasn't even close to being done. I just don't understand it. You would think Intel could pump something out in no time. Oh well, my Atheros based cards (madwifi) all work like champs in my non Centrino laptops.

Aug 03, 2004
11:25 PM EDT
Again, I wonder what is wrong with these, once brilliant companies (HP & SUN)? Not too long ago they had a serious and competent board of directors, then it seem something went wrong. Aggressive (psyco^H^H^H^H^H empathy impared) execs made their way to the top, and everything started to fall.... Passionate people got in trouble and resigned (or was forced to go), and the ones who stayed, just focused on the paycheck. Maybe its something wrong with my memory, but it didn't use to bee like this... or did it?

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