dubious as of 8/5/2004, 2pm EST

Story: HP to Make Linux Pre-Installed on Notebook (AP)Total Replies: 0
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Aug 05, 2004
10:07 AM EDT
couple of things:

1. you can't find this item at shopping.hp.com...only via hp.com, under small business 'light' laptops. So, it doesn't (yet) look like HP has committed Linux oriented towards the populist/home user.

2. I just tried (2004-08-05 : 2:00pm EST) to configure (customize) an nx5000, but although Suse 9.1 _is listed_ as an option on the inital 'specs' page, it seems they don't have it as an _actual_ selection on there site yet - well, at least the site design folks haven't caught up yet and added into the web configurators (just a guess). You can only 'configure' systems which have preselected XP, and then do minor add-ons. No where do I see where you can actually _select_ Suse as an option. You'd think a company like HP could get their timing right on this stuff. They're not the same company I bought my 34C calculator (Red LED's !, still works ! - talk about quality) from years ago...Carly probably sees that as a 'good thing', I don't...

so sure, HP _says_ they're shipping Linux on notebooks, but they've 'buried' it so deeply, it doesn't _seem_ like they're promoting Linux at all...it's certainly nowhere to be seen on either home page (shopping.hp.com or hp.com)

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