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Aug 06, 2004
12:57 PM EDT
Unlike Knoppix, Kanotix uses the latest Debian/sid packages. The newest ISO of Kanotix includes Linux 2.6.6 compared to the 2.4 series found on Knoppix, and many of the desktop applications are similarly updated. Kanotix also includes Captive for improved NTFS read/write capabilities.

Hmmm, good article but I don't understand what's different between it and Knoppix. The differences they mention above are not true. Knoppix 3.4 includes both the 2.4.26 kernel as well as the 2.6.6 kernel (although unless you specify at boot it defaults to 2.4.26). It also includes all of the latest Debian software. And it looks like KNOPPIX 3.5 is about to be released any time, it's actually obtainable at certain places on DVD with over 5GB of software:


I'm sure it's good though, anyone know what the *real* difference is?

Aug 12, 2004
10:22 AM EDT
One difference I noticed when I tried it a couple of months ago is Kanotix's full screen grub boot menu that offers boot choices with various combinations of ACPI, APIC, & APM on or off. Pretty good feature, I'd say.

I'm getting tired of the cluttered, unfocused KDE menus, though, so how about some Gnome for a change? I wonder how Gnoppix is coming along.

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