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Aug 12, 2004
8:40 AM EDT
certification is one way to make sure your workers have the skills they need

Certification is most certainly not a way to make sure your workers have the skills they need. I have seen more "certified" people who couldn't trouble-shoot their way out of a paper sack if their life depended on it. I am one of the few people in my shop who holds a Cisco certification, yet when it comes to networking I am one of the dumbest in the shop (and I'm no dummy when it comes to networking). Likewise, I hold no Linux or UNIX certifications but that is what my life has been all about for the last 15 years and I would go head to head with just about anyone in that area, especially anyone "certified". Certifications only prove that you can read and are good at memorizing things. The people who are the best at what they do don't have time to go get their certification. Gee, I wonder if Linus holds a Linux certification? :) It's too bad that certs are used as a factor in the hiring process for many companies. Just my two cents.

Aug 27, 2004
6:45 PM EDT
Hi there,

I am a linux user since 1996. A friend of mine, a C programmer, came to my place and did a full install of Slackware 3.3 on my 5x86. I was so amazed about that. After that, I start to use it all day.A lot of people are complaining about not being user friendly. It is ! You need only 30 minutes to spend reading "how-to" that came with its distribution. It is not like M$, saying yes->next-> and so on...

I have a great respect for people who contributed to open source. In my opinion, I think, they put their passion first, and their precious time.

It is too bad when you see big companies who are trying to take advantage of open-source. And also, I put to myself the same question. Why linux users need certifcations? to prove themselves that they are good?


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