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Story: Linux: How to Use RAM as SWAPTotal Replies: 1
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Aug 18, 2004
6:10 PM EDT
Jeesh! Isn't he missing the point? I mean, I read his logic, but he's ignoring the purpose of swap.

Aug 19, 2004
12:50 AM EDT
Im not sure he is, but then again im not sure he isn't as well.

I think their has to be more investigation into this area regardless of what the true purpose of swap is.

And he does say in the article that he's just experimenting, nothing wrong in trying to obtain performance gains through exploitation of the vagaries of memory management but in my experience of tweaking things and i love tweaking (its why i use linux its tweak heaven for me) their are always trade offs which is why i think it needs further investigation.

Disclaimer: I know sod all about linux memory management but its there so im going to tweak it :)

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