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Sep 01, 2004
5:25 AM EDT
Quoting: People who use Mac OS X and think about such things consider it to be "Linux done right." Of course, it's Unix, not Linux, but that's a minor point. As Linux fragments, as it must, the distinction will become even more academic that it is already.

What a load of crap. Mac OSX is Linux done right? Mac OSX is a Mach/FreeBSD hybrid OS with an ultra proprietary GUI on top (iTunes patent anyone?). Its not even UNIX, its just one of the many Unix-workalikes out there, not more (or less) special than e.g. Linux or OpenBSD.

Linux is fragmenting? As far as I know the kernel still has one main tree only and all the others are developmental forks. They will be merged back when the new technology is out of it's incubation period. UNIX was the real fragmented OS, with its many different and incompatible flavours.

Quoting: Mac OS X has a better user interface than Windows, better security and is more stable.

Let me answer with a question. What OS isn't and hasn't?

Quoting: It's all the operating system most users need. It doesn't have the application support Windows enjoys, but there are many more excellent commercial OS X apps than there are Linux apps.

More commercial Apps then all the thousands of FOSS and CSS GNU/Linux Apps together? Or is it just an attempt to confuse the total amount of GNU/Linux Apps with the few (mostly superflous) CSS Apps for GNU/Linux? The wealth of software in the GNU/Linux community makes the Apps on Mac seem paltry.

Quoting: If the desktop Linux people really cared about using a great operating system, they would stop trying to reinvent the wheel and rally around Mac OS X. It would be great if the contest were between two worthy operating systems, like Mac and XP/Longhorn. But Linux vs. Longhorn? You've got to be kidding.

Let's turn the tables. GNU/Linux compared against two notoriously proprietary OS'es with strings attached? You've got to be kidding.

This guy Coursey has his head so far up his ass, he just has to open his mouth to be able to see the outside world.

So he is suggesting to drop a truly succesful, usable, Free Operating System, so we can say goodbye to high quality, good performing commodity hardware and pay Steve Jobs to make us a computing lunchbox with blinking lights run by a proprietary Unix-workalike that hides the real power of the Unix philosophy. Are we gonna do that? Naaahhhhh!!!!

Desktop Linux people do care about using a great Operating System. Its why they use GNU/Linux in the first place.

Sep 01, 2004
8:05 AM EDT
Some great points r_a_trip

Sep 01, 2004
8:55 AM EDT

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