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Sep 03, 2004
5:58 AM EDT
Who wrote this, anyway? And what do they really expect to accomplish? This reads like it was written by a bunch of wit-less 12-year old grammar drop-outs. To wit:

Firstly, the chip which ATI makes is the /Radeon/ ("ray-dee-on"), not "Raedon". If this petition is truly aimed at coercing better drivers from the the makers of the "ray-don" chip, then the authors must have the maker of that chip confused with ATI.

Secondly, a "petition" is a plea, a "request of a solemn or formal kind" or, as it should be in this case "a /formal/ written /request/". This, however, reads more like a "ransom demand" or a "threat of duress". I see no reason why "ATI" should feel compelled to give in to the "demands" of this... er, um... "letter". Especially, considering that ATI shares a market of much greater demand (er, in the economic sense), with few competitors and compared to which market, those "who use Linux to power our [desktop] computers" (including myself), represent little more than a tiny niche.

You want to voice your disappointment at ATI for not seeing the future better, "the writing on the [silicon canvas]", so to speak, then by all means do so. Though, I suggest a bit of tact in doing so... insulting a manufacturer you seek to entreat with comments suggesting they are "incapable" of producing adequate drivers for their products is likely not the best approach. Nor do I see any reason they should feel ashamed at themselves for being so "incapable" and consequently just hand over their IP to a bunch of ungracious bombastic declarers who are apparently "incapable" of even correctly spelling the name of the product for which IP they "demand".

However, take heart. As the tide of desktop Linux rises, ATI will finally come to the same realization that NVidia, SiS, and S3/VIA, have come to already... that it is better to [better] support a blossoming "niche" market, one which by some estimates already exceeds that of Wintel's traditional competitor, than to continue trying to wring ever more pennies out of a market already peaked.

The desktop is dead, long live the desktop! Viva la NVidia!

Sep 06, 2004
7:03 PM EDT

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