Security is more than ACLs

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Sep 04, 2004
8:07 AM EDT
Short summary: the author is quite clueless about the subject.

Security is not only about having Access Control Lists. Windows has had them for a long time now.

Security is about constantly auditing your code for problems. It is about providing safe defaults. It is about making it easy for the user and administrator to work securely.

OpenBSD has done much for those causes. E.g: promoting IPSec, openssh.

There are a number of "secure" linux distros. One of them is the free OpenWall Linux (Owl) by Solar Designer. Solar Designer does a great job there. But it is certainly not intended for any newbie. There is also Trustix (non-free) and a number of more specialized firewalls (Astaro?).

SELinus is just one possible alternative security policy for Linux. SELinux is not even a complete distribution. It is just a modification to the Linux kernel. See (is Immunix itself discontinued?)

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