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Sep 08, 2004
12:34 PM EDT
Xfree86 had two things going wrong for it. Updates didn't really come into being, and when the licensed change the rest died off.

I remember arguements back in 2001 shortly after OSX came out, about trying to get decent hardware acceleration, and shadows built into the x server and having the XFree86 team ignore those people.

A long time coming. In a few short months X.org has jumped ahead tremendously. Now all we need is a good stable release .

Sep 08, 2004
6:22 PM EDT
"Amen, brother, amen" rumbles from the choir stalls. (-:

I think with a bit of momentum behind it, hardware manufacturers will be more inclined to contribute. Maybe we should make a point of sending around a set of screenshots to every manufacturer's forums and tech contacts every month: this is how your card compares right now using FOSS drivers, and we'd like you to help make it even better.

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