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Story: Benchmark: Doom3 on AMD3000+ machine with a Gainward gfx card tested on Windows NT and LinuxTotal Replies: 2
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Oct 08, 2004
12:25 PM EDT
Are there better details of the hardware and software involved? The text only mentions "gentooo/linux, XP" and the CPU type.

Oct 08, 2004
1:25 PM EDT
A couple other issues: The video driver versions are different. 66 is supposed to be a reasonable amount faster than 61. Maybe not enough to account for the whole framerate difference, but still...

What services were running on the linux box? I run lots of services in the background and game performance really increases if I stop them.

I would expect Linux to have better performance in doom3, if only because the system requirements are lower. I would expect that id has lots of internal benchmarks, and they would have based the sysreqs on those.

Oct 10, 2004
5:52 AM EDT
I think such attempts are valid. And am surprised and somewhat happy noone flamed here.

It is important to see why then - Windows XP is winning in this case. I got a few stolen theories :)

* Sometimes the code is optimized more towards the Windows platform * Sometimes the driver itself is optimized more towards Windows * The latest driver 6111 is not the best/fastest * Gentoo could have been tweaked wrongly - try benchmark with other distros.

So perhaps you want to analize this article and benchmark results:

The study involves more than one benchmark and other applications. Which I think is fairer and more constructive too.

"Oh Doom3 so much slower on my spiced-up Gentoo" = Linux is **** for gaming?

Hardly ;)

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