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Oct 09, 2004
5:57 PM EDT
One of the points Dave made about this site intrigued me: It's interactive. In my Linux Journal column, for example, I write a case study and then people comment. It's not like a letter to the editor, it's usually some flame or defense of a flame or someone calling someone on a flame. Similarly, at Linux Today, O'Reilly and DesktopLinux I get to see people's comments. If a story gets picked up at OSNews, I can read those, but don't have the ability to answer. At Forbes, I never see what people say. I do get email and people write a common theme: they think the articles have merit, they don't want to comment because they don't like being jumped on by flamers.

Another interesting aspect of writing article on sites that comment, I may see as many as 60 comments (and many of those are redundant) and I'll see 20,000 or so reads. What do those 19,940 or so readers think? I'll never know.

For those who have commented, keep in mind we live and work in the same community. So, no matter what you write, that doesn't sour me. I've been doing this for a few years and I've seen some great comments and some of the rudest remarks imaginable. Still, I'd rather people make mean, horrible remarks than none at all.

I will use the comments here in a white paper I'm writing for one of the companies mentioned in the article. I'll use some comments from other articles also. I don't believe either company understands how the community regards them. People don't understand why I write about Linux and why I have written so much. One benefit for us all comes out of the bottom up information I see. As you would say, the executives and employees just haven't got a clue what people think. And they don't know why their products sell or don't sell. And they don't know why people think they're nuts or sane or arrogant or what.

This is personal and it's not. It's up close and personal but I'm not offended. A rational person cannot take any of this personally because people do not know you. Just because someone believes something about someone else doesn't make it true. The only person that gets to go where I go is me. I take myself with me everywhere I go. And I know what I know and haven't a clue what I don't know. (As Plato wrote).

So when you ask me to defend myself and/or a position and I don't - you should not take that personally, either. I'm not ignoring you, I'm just not compelled to defend myself because you say I should. If I make a point and you counter it, so be it. Also, those who criticize my writing style or the way I make my arguments - thank you. But remember, I have veteran editors critique my work on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. I majored in writing as an undergrad and I've been writing for a couple of decades. I know the craft. It may not fit your sense of logic, but that doesn't mean much to me. George Colony is one of the finest writers I have ever seen. His technique is impeccable. His manner of writing doesn't get in the way at all. I still took issue with what he wrote.

With regard to writing articles to sell books, that's a lame comment. Guess what, I write books and they still sell after 20 years. One of my books is a collectors item on Amazon and sells for $195 a copy. So what. Take that and two dollars and we can get a tall coffee at Starbucks. If anyone wants to write a book, I'd be happy to support them. Just know that it's blood, sweat and tears and technical books sales rarely, if ever cover their advances. If you don't know that and you're the editor of a news site at, then you should read Doc Searls "Clue Train Manifesto". Because, you ain't on the clue train.

I'm pleased that I live and write in a time where we have the Internet and the Web. We're so lucky because it doesn't matter how far away we might be phsically; we can communicate and work and do things that people have never been able to do before -- at least in written history on this planet. This is a great thing and I'm thankful for it. I'm also thankful for Dave because he's made this exchange possible. Of all the Linux sites on the web, I really like this one the best - and I'm not marginalizing any other. I just like the way we can interact. Besides, the people that congregate at Lxer are really great people.

Now, we can see what kind of trouble this post stirs up. Ladies and gentlemen, have at it!

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Oct 09, 2004
8:29 PM EDT
I love me.

Oct 10, 2004
12:47 PM EDT
Besides, the people that congregate at Lxer are really great people. except for Void_Main.

Oct 10, 2004
3:09 PM EDT
Keep Lxer a civilized place.

Remember not everyone has the same opinion. Each person's opinion has value. You are going to argue, and disagree. If you can not change the other person's mind let it go. It' not worth an endless arguement.

I don't agree with tadelste on the future of Sun vs Red Hat, though the fight today he is correct on. We shall see were tomorrow goes.

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