Solairs really perfoms on x86

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Oct 12, 2004
12:37 AM EDT

This is all very interesting reading and one of the topics mentioned something about "Solaris performance on x86 is bad". They probably haven't looked at Solaris Express recently which ships as Solaris 10. The performance on x86, specially Opterons based machines really rocks. More details are available on my blog . I will try to keep it updated with more information about Solaris 10 networking in general so come back often.


Oct 12, 2004
12:57 AM EDT
from what i know linux on opterons rocks too (search benchies on google) ps: humble penguin

Oct 12, 2004
3:36 AM EDT
LXer runs on an opteron. :)

Oct 12, 2004
7:27 AM EDT
Sunay's link corrected

Oct 20, 2004
5:23 AM EDT
I want to see the configurations and how the applications were compiled and some charts pls

ps: there are already some flames on osnews

and i want to be a little bad penguin : why not comparing it with gentoo with full optimisations ?

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