Do all European cities have approx. 15K Windows desktops?

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Oct 13, 2004
9:55 AM EDT
Two complaints: first it is getting hard to believe that the diverse cities mentioned all have 14-15 K Windows desktops that may be replaced by Linux. Second, the article summary just seemed to be a rehash of an old story. Had I not associated the City of Lights with Paris I would not have guessed by the summary that this had anything to do with that city.

Oct 13, 2004
3:11 PM EDT
Just like Red Dwarf has the Spacecore Directive the EU not do be eclipsed has issued the first Beta of EU-IT-Directive Paragraph 42.24.42 Clearly states that all cities and municipalities within EU are required to have 14-15K Windows Desktops, regardless of size

Oct 13, 2004
4:38 PM EDT
RE: "Paragraph 42.24.42 Clearly ..."

One more period and digits would give an excellent ip address!

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