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Oct 15, 2004
1:04 AM EDT
Ubuntu is a really nice distro, this is not even their version is not even 1.0 and already they can compete with distros like fedora and maybe even suse. Off course it is (just, if you could use the word) an addon to Debian, but still, it still in beta and already really nice to work with. I really enjoy using Ubuntu and recommend, to both newbies and more experienced users. Ubuntu combines Debian (apt-get etc) with a good out-of-the-box experience. Off-course it is build around Gnome (a lot of Gnome maintainers work on it), so if Gnome is not your thing then you might not like it, but otherwise: give it a try! This is Linux as good as it gets, at the moment.

Oct 15, 2004
4:38 AM EDT
I've heard they use modified Debian packages, therefore making it not 100% apt-get compatible. Is this true?

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