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Oct 15, 2004
6:07 PM EDT
I've been a hard core vi user, command line bigot, and makefile lover since 1996. I switched to Eclipse for my C++, Java, and Python programming because it's really THAT good. Plus, I get to keep my makefiles. If you haven't tried it, you should.

Oct 18, 2004
5:05 AM EDT
I use Eclipse at work. The powers that be seem to like it quite a bit (as do I).

Oct 18, 2004
8:31 AM EDT
TechieMoe what did your company switch from and why? Would be interesting to see what the 4.000 daily visitors are using. Why not have a LXer poll?

Oct 18, 2004
7:30 PM EDT
I, too, am a vim user that couldn't resist the power provided by Eclipse. If you think about it, I choose vim because it is extremely powerful and terse (I can do a lot with very few keystrokes). Eclipse promises, and delivers on, all of these goals as well, and more. What vim will never have that Eclipse can offer is context-awareness (refactoring, dependency resolution, hinting).

Oct 19, 2004
12:19 PM EDT
Actually, my company has *always* used IBM Websphere (based on Eclipse) for my particular division, which was only created about 6 years ago. Before that we worked on legacy mainframe code in VSAM and M204, so all our programming was done via terminal.

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