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Nov 02, 2004
8:26 AM EDT
Anyone doing web design care to comment on what kind of instructions they get from the business managers. I think conventional wisdom is 20% alternative before the majority of IE only designed sites will have to change but maybe it is lower.

Nov 02, 2004
8:03 PM EDT
Hope you're right... but experience tells me that the folks that have MSIE specific sites are NOT aware of it... and if you tell them, they are too ignorant to be able to respond to the issue. This is certainly true within my own company.

Chris: Can we change our websites so that they work with browsers other than Explorer.

Web Dude: I just browsed to our website, everything seems to work fine. What problem are you having?

Chris: It won't work except with Internet Explorer.

Web Dude: I tell you, it is working fine. Perhaps you should reboot your machine.

Chris: Aarghh! The website was created with some kind of tool that put in a whole lot of proprietary html!!

Web Dude: No problem here. Perhaps you should file a support ticket for your problem. You may just need to get the latest version of MSIE installed, perhaps yours got hacked.

Chris: Nevermind. Forget I called. I should have known better.

Web Dude: That's ok, glad I could help.

Nov 03, 2004
7:54 AM EDT
I have complained to various "news" sites about using Word-style "smart quotes". At least once, I've gotten cc'ed a chain of emails from the editorial staff and management where some lonely techie ends up explaining that, yes, the complaint is valid, if you put "smart quotes" in UTF-8 encoded XHTML, it's technically an invalid characters, and yes, it looks dopey in non-IE browsers.

The problem here is that business types don't even believe that anything other than Windows exists, and most of Windows is Word, Excel (because even business types perceive that Word's tables eat manure), and IE. Hey, and business types are "knowledge workers", and so are you, so you don't need antying other than Word, Excel and IE.

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