This thing with SCO has NOTHING to do with patents!.

Story: SCO still planning to post new lawsuit information siteTotal Replies: 1
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Nov 02, 2004
6:56 PM EDT
SCO uses the stupid ambigiuos buzzword Intellectual property. All this bull**** is about copyrights, trade secrets and in general about contracts desputes. It has however, nothing to do with patents.

Nov 03, 2004
6:02 AM EDT
1) Who brought up patents? On this story, and the three referenced stories, 'find in this page' only found patent in a comment, like this one, that says 'this all has nothing to do with patents'. And why Groklaw was cited as a source is odd, as it only referenced the infoworld article.

2) And by the way, it really is about patents too since infringement on IBM patents is one of the counterclaims.

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