Regarding to printers.

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Nov 13, 2004
1:19 AM EDT
I really don't think you've tried to use CUPS yet?

1) Install 2) Point browser at http://localhost:631/ 3) Configure

max 5 minutes.

Now it's even shared to other cups installations that dont have a localprinter, without doing anything..

I've had quite a lot more trouble making printers work under Windows.

Nov 13, 2004
7:00 AM EDT

I use CUPS as my own printing system. It's really nice. Windows 2000 even supports Internet Printing Protocol.

It's not workable in a Microsoft network if the architects don't put it up. In that case samba needs to be automated to browse and configure itself without having to log out, etc. and use the Win 32 printers.

If the infrastructure is Linux, then cups is fine. You just won't find medium to large size companies running a Linux infrastructure. The Chicago Mercantile is migrating to one. That doesn't solve the problem of "Desktop" Linux acceptance.

Great try!

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