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Nov 22, 2004
10:48 AM EDT
is i should ignore sun stories from now like the sco ones

Nov 22, 2004
10:59 AM EDT

Not necessarily. Sun does not equal SCO. That was the point.

Two important points to take from the story might be: 1) they didn't support SCO going after Linux -- they did that deal to solidify their Solaris X86 product and 2) the Linux team has some good guys in it.

After that, say what you will.

Nov 22, 2004
11:23 AM EDT
Tadelste I have a question for you directly.

What do you think of the news that Novell might sue Sun over open sourcing Solaris. Now it hasn't happened yet, and I thought the Sun/SCO deal was for x86 drivers anyway.

If Novell still holds the Unix Copyrights then Sun can't Open Source Solaris. Sun doesn't own all of Solaris, that is well known. MSFT doesn't own all of Windows either.

Now I am not sure on where I stand on this other than think it's incredibly funny twist if it comes out. On one side Novell should try and be a friend of Open Source, on the other Novell should defend it's Copyrights.

Of course copyrights may be why Novell doesn't want the BSDi case unsealed. There is some secret in that case that some will fear will trash Unix if it's released. Whether it will or not remains to be seen.

Nov 22, 2004
12:06 PM EDT

It seems complicated doesn't it.

I don't like it. I know the person who heads Novell legal. It's a throwback to the days when if you wanted to sell NetWare licenses you couldn't resell them. They were worse than BSA.

I don't think Novell can do it, because OpenSolaris is a project. SunOS belongs to Sun. They can port the whole thing to open source and leave everything else out. That's sort of the plan anyway: Create a community project around the things they own. Don't be surprised to see lots of GNU in OpenSolaris.


Nov 22, 2004
12:28 PM EDT
The other side of the coin is, Novell would /should sue MSFT over licensing unix for Windows Services.

You are quite right, though i did forget cpyrights can be rewritten from scratch.

The other option is Sun pulls an Apple. The base and parts are open Source, but there are Propertiry layers on top. Sun could very well do that easily.

I also see a CPL (IBM's O.S. license) Style license in Sun's Future. It combines the bulk of what Sun want's

Nov 22, 2004
12:57 PM EDT
tadelste: I would be shocked to see any GNU in Open Solaris unless it was released under GPL, which I strongly doubt will happen (c.f. OpenOffice, for example).

Nov 22, 2004
2:16 PM EDT

People are allowed to change. They GPL'd Looking Glass (lg3d). I think the tendency at this point is to GPL their code.

Also, the concept of a "distribution" helps them with the GPL. They once were concerned about GPL being viral, but that was a long time ago.

I guess we'll see eh.

Nov 23, 2004
5:00 AM EDT
Tendencies and trends do not a GPL release make. I will personally be absolutely shocked if Sun releases Solaris in a GPL or GPL-compatible license. I'd almost be willing to take bets.

Sure, people can change, but I'm highly skeptical of Sun doing anything of the sort.

Nov 23, 2004
7:31 AM EDT
My guess is that it will be a BSD-like license. Sun believes that the GPL is anti-business, they'll want to sway people away from GNU/Linux with a license that allows people to do whatever they want.... (this supports the idea that Sun wants to make sure that GNU/Linux DIES inside of corporations, if you tend to believe that).

OR... Sun does have an EXTREME arrogant side... it's possible it will be something with one or two strings attached. Strings that some companies will tolerate but might make incorporation into other FREE works more difficult (this of course allows GNU/Linux to continue in the marketplace).

OR... something else (?)

We'll have to wait and see....

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